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World Drug Report 2017

World Drug Report 2017 Pre-briefing to the Member States Vienna, 16 June 2017




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World Drug Report 2017Pre-briefing to the Member StatesVienna, 16 June 2017 Global trends in estimated number ofdrug users and people with drug user disorders, 2006-2015Global trends in the estimated prevalence of drug use and prevalence of people with drug use problems, 2006-2015Drug use12 million people inject drugsHepatitis C accounts for a great harmBurden of disease from hepatitis C and HIV from injecting drug use, 2013Health related harmNumber of deaths and healthy years of life lost (DALYs) attributable to drug use, 2015Tuberculosis and drug useHigh-risk factors for acquiring and progressing to active tuberculosis (TB) among people who use drugs8% in people who inject drugs vs in the general populationFrequent co-morbidity in drug usersMore barriers to access prevention and treatment for TBA minimum of 190,000 drug related deathsRegional variation in drug-related deaths, 2015Mostly overdoses, mostly opioid-relatedDrug-related deathsSources: United States, National Institute on Drug Abuse, National Center on Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Wide-ranging Online Data for EpidemiologicResearch; and United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Office for National Statistics, Deaths related to drug poisoning in England and Wales: 2015 registrations , Statistical Bulletin (Newport, 9 September 2016).Heroin and synthetic opioidsNumber of samples submitted to and analysed by laboratories, by type of drug identified, United StatesThe opioid market is becoming more diversifiedMisuse of pharmaceutical drugsPrescription forgery, diversion, illicit manufacture, counterfeit medicinesResearch opioids on the market (NPS)Global potential opium production and cocaine (100 % pure) manufactureTotal area under opium poppy and coca bush cultivationCultivation and productioncoca/cocaine, opium/heroinOpiates trafficking: new Caucasus branch Main opiate trafficking flows, 2011-2015Most opiates trafficking along the Balkan routePercentage distribution of quantities of heroin and morphine seized, by main trafficking routeaCocaine trafficking: expanding eastwardsMain cocaine trafficking flows, 2011-2015Cocaine market in expansion in North AmericaQuantities of cocaine seized in North America and annual prevalence of cocaine use in the United States and CanadaCocaine market: signs of expansion in EuropeQuantities of cocaine seized in Europe and annual prevalence of cocaine use in the European UnionBenzoylecgonine (cocaine metabolite) found in wastewater per 1,000 inhabitants in Europe (based on data from 80 European cities)Cannabis herb dominates seizuresGlobal quantities of cannabis resin and herb seizedCannabis use: diverging trendsAnnual cannabis prevalence: United States, European Union, Australia, global levelCannabis prevalence among 15-16 year-old, EuropeRegulations of recreational cannabis useJurisdictions in the United States allowing recreational use, medical use of cannabis and with no access to cannabis, May 2017Regulations of recreational cannabis use, USCannabis use patterns, risk perception, availability, medical cannabisCannabis use initiation in the past yearCannabis use disorders in daily or near-daily usersExpanding market: Amphetamine-type stimulants (ATS) Total ATS seizures: highest ever Amphetamine and methamphetamine constitute considerable share of burden of disease, rank second only after opioids Users of amphetamines increased, reaching 37 million globally Methamphetamine seizures up, East and South-East Asia overtaking North America Ecstasy seizures stable but greater variety of products on the marketATS seized worldwideMethamphetamine: interregional trafficking flowsExpanding market in East/South-East Asia, Oceania, concerns about growing use in North America, South-West Asia and parts of Europe. Rising treatment demand in some regions. Amphetamine: trafficking spreading beyond traditional regions Amphetamine seizures up in Middle East and Central America In the Near and Middle East, sold as captagon tablet Trafficking of amphetamine affecting more regions as transit or origin Central America emerging as origin of amphetamineAmphetamine seized worldwideExpanding market: New psychoactive substances Between 2009-2016, 739 different NPS reported In 2015 alone, almost 500 NPS were on the market worldwide Core group of about 80 persistent NPS Innovation continues but at slower pace NPS with stimulant properties expand in number Recent emergence of NPS mimicking medicines (fentanyl analogues, benzodiazepine derivatives) with high potential to cause harmNo. of different NPS reported each yearUNODC, early warning advisory on new psychoactive use Overall size of market for NPS still relatively small Many NPS users unaware of content of NPS products and dosage of substances contained Injecting use of NPS with stimulant effect among high-risk groups further aggravating health risks ( HIV) Easy availability and low price make them highly attractive for some groups Identification of NPS in the laboratory still a challenge due to their high numberProportion of NPS by effectSource: UNODC, early warning advisory on new psychoactive substances. Based on the analysis of 717 : The analysis of the pharmacological effects comprises NPS registered up to December 2016. Plant-basedsubstances were excluded from the analysis as they usually contain a large number of different substances some ofwhich may not have been known and whose effects and interactions are not fully cannabinoids: not just a kind of cannabis Some synthetic cannabinoids are much more potent and toxic than THC Intoxications, including hospitalisations and fatalities, reported Many new substances in many different compositions In addition to herbal material also used as liquid, blotter, powder, tablet Problematic use in prisons and by vulnerable population groups ( homeless) Use among some user groups declining ( US 12 graders)Source: UNODC, responses to annual report questionnaire, : Contains seizures in the form of herbal material, as well as powder and cannabinoids seizures worldwideSynthetic opioids (NPS) Mainly sold as or mixed with heroin or fake prescription medicines Highly potent, difficult to dose, difficult to detect Pose a threat to public health because of the variable quantity and potency (up to 10,000 times that of morphine)Annual number of synthetic opioids (NPS) reported to UNODC, 2012-2016Source: UNODC early warning advisory on new psychoactive substances. Includes only synthetic opioids reported as NPS ( , with no current approved medical use). Data for 2016 are 4: Conclusions and policy implications The synthetic drugs market has never been so complex and widely spread NPS proliferating at unprecedented rate: prioritization, early warning, and health responses are key Evolution of synthetic drugs requires improved forensic capacity and new approaches to data collectionDrugsand organized crimeEuropean UnionChanging business models for drug trafficking and organized crimeBranching out to seize new crime opportunitiesContinued importance of drugsStructural transformationsTechnological changesDrugs on the darknetNumber of transactions and their market share on the darknetAnnual drug users obtaining drugs over the darknet in the past 12 monthsDrugs and illicit financial flowsMeasurement conceptsDrugs account for between a fifth and a third of the income of transnational organized crime60-70% of global drug proceeds may be launderedA third of drug proceeds may result in illicit financial flowsDrugs and illicit financial flowsEstimated drug expenditure by households in 21 European Union countriesImpact of drug proceeds and illicit financial flows may be small in the majority of countriesbut may be substantial for some drug producing developing countriesDrug proceeds damage economies in the long termDrugs and corruptionCorruption facilitates illicit drug markets, which fuel corruptionCorruption exist all along the drug supply chainHigh-level vs low-level corruptionCorruption and violenceDrugs and terrorism, insurgencyEntities placed under the consolidated UN Security Council Sanctions listInsurgent groups and other non-State armed groupsThe Taliban involvement in the illicit drug (opiates) trade in Afghanistan is well documentedAlso evidence of the involvement of the FARC in Colombia in the coca/cocaine illicit trade, before the Peace Agreement of 2016But evidence implicating other groups is comparatively thinIncome from drugs is key for some groupsOnly one revenue stream of many for most terrorist groupsDrugs and terrorism, insurgencyEntities placed under the consolidated UN Security Council Sanctions listInsurgent groups and other non-State armed groupsArea under control of insurgent groups and area under opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, 2016Taliban s involvement in the drug trade26-85% of area under opium poppy cultivation under some influence of Taliban$150 million in tax income from the opiate trade (2016)Half of Taliban s income is generated from drugsData coverageWide range of UNODC and external sources used in the ReportShortcomings in Member States reporting to UNODC (Africa, Oceania, Asia)Thank you for listeningVienna, 16 June 2017

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