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Text of TL 9000 R6.0 REQUIREMENTS

Logo or heading hereTL 9000 REQUIREMENTSNancy Patterson NokiaTom Yohe -ConsultantTL 9000 CONTAINSALLOFTHEAUDITABLECLAUSESOFISO 9001:2008 #10QuEST Forum is also a member of: ISO CASCO and ISO CASCO STAR USTAG Liaison Group QUEST FORUMHANDBOOKPRODUCTIONPROCESSISO 9001:2015 STRUCTURECOMPARISONWITHISO 9001:2008ISO 9001:2015ISO 9001:2008ISO 9001:2015 follows a new high-level structure called Annex SL that will be used for all future management system developmentConceptual ChangesJune 2014(c) TCA Global 2014 6 a shift to risk-based thinking to support and improve the process approach fewer prescribed requirements less emphasis on documents improved applicability for services a requirement to define the boundaries of the QMS increased emphasis on organizational context increased leadership requirements greater emphasis on achieving desired outcomes to improve customer satisfactionDetailed ChangesJune 2014(c) TCA Global 2014 7 procedures and records are not mentioned instead maintain documented information and retain documented information A quality manual and a management representative are no longer required products and services replaces products ISO 9000 will be updated to address changes in terms & definitions applicability replaces exclusions TL 9000 REQUIREMENTSHANDBOOKTIMELINESUMMARY Map adders to ISO 9001:2015 DISDone Review ISO content vs TL addersDone Collect general feedback/suggestionsDone Section teams work on alignment/wordingDone FDIS publishedDone Review impact of changes in FDIS on draftDone Full Forum reviewDone Scrub, Forum vote, and publishDone Effective Sept 15, 2016 Mandatory (NOTE 2 YEAR TRANSITION)Sept 15, 2018 Suggestions were received from: QuEST Forum member companies Subteams set up for each major section of the Handbook Other sub-teams Sustainability Subteam Contact Us Questions Suggestions reviewed and formal proposals for changes submitted to IGQ IGQ reviewed proposals Draft was completed9SUGGESTIONPROCESS Initial draft Handbook completed Full Forum Review completed Comments resolved Final formatting and editing completed Official approval vote completed Printing completed Available for purchase July 1, 2016 printed, June 15 electronic Formal delta training available July 1, 2016 Effective date September 15, 2016 CURRENTSTATUS10 Mayuse for audits conducted on and after September 15, 2016 Must be certified to by September 15, 2018 Matches September 15, 2018 ISO 9001:2015 transition endUSAGE(BASEDONCURRENTSCHEDULE)11TL 9000 REQUIREMENTSCHANGES Changes presented here are based on the released TL 9000:2016 (R6) Handbook The Measurements Handbook isnot changing Only2023Moved from Section 320Combined40Split from adder-1TOTAL requirement has changedTerminology= no change to the requirementReworded= wording changed for clarity onlyNo real changeAddersNotes6735TOTAL Sustainability Assessment The organization should assess the status of its sustainability efforts as appropriate to its organization, products, and NOTE A sample sustainability assessment model is available at Internal Audit Program Planning The internal audit program shall include all applicable Requirements and Measurements Handbook requirements. 15 Problem Severity Classification 2 Declaration of Requirement and Measurement Applicability The organization shall declare in its registration profile any requirements determined as not applicable, as well as any measurement exemptions claimed. 1 -It is not necessary for an organization to declare a TL 9000 requirement as not applicable if the requirement is outside the scope of the TL 9000 registration specialty option(s) the organization has selected. Also, it is not necessary for an organization to declare as not applicable any TL 9000 requirement where the requirement itself or an associated note states the requirement is not applicable to the organization s product or service category 2 See Measurements Handbook[5]for definition of measurement TL 9000 Profile and Scope-An organization seeking certification shall determine, in coordination with its Certification Body (CB), the TL 9000 scope statement, ISO 9001 scope statement, requirements determined as not applicable, measurement exemptions, registration specialty options, NACE codes, product categories, locations or sites, ISO 9001 version, TL 9000 Requirements and Measurements release levels, and use of Advanced Surveillance and Reassessment Procedure (ASRP).All the registration information shall be recorded and maintained on QuEST Forum s Registration Management System (RMS) in a registration profile. The certificate issued by the CB shall reference the registration profile on the RMS by the TL ID number assigned to the registration by the TL 9000 Administrator when the profile is scope statement shall includea)an identification of the organization being registered, which may encompass the entire organization, an organizational unit, or a combination of units, andb)products/product lines covered by the registration. If not all products/productlines are included in the registration, then either the included or excludedproducts/product lines shall be scope statement shall not includea)product category codes,b)locations or sites,c)ISO 9001, Requirements Handbook and Measurements Handbook releaselevels,d)registration specialty option, ande)other parameters identified as individual fields in the registration profile. . 2 MOVEDTEXTThree previously Software only Requirements were changed to Design and Development Process Quality Measurement Planning and Implementation Design and Development Process Quality Measurements Data Design and Development Process Quality Measurement Planning and Content of Design and Development Design and Development Patching Procedure(s) Patch Software Patching Field Performance Service Performance Performance Customer Relationship Development Work Areas Service Delivery Plan Closure Tracking Identification of Software Requirements Customer Service Resources Replication Continual Improvement Program(s)DELETEDADDERS BUTINTENTSTILLEXISTS22 NOTE NOTE NOTE 2 NOTE 1 NOTE NOTE NOTE NOTE NOTE Control of Customer-Supplied Documents and Data Long-and Short-Term Quality Customer Qualification of Disaster Problem Report Requirements Services Design and Development Informing Customers of Design Supplier Performance Customer Satisfaction Process Inspection and Test (was )Control of Customer-Supplied Documents and DataThe organization shall establish a documented procedure to control all customer-supplied documents and data ( , network architecture, topology, capacity, installation termination assignments, drawings, and databases) if these documents and data influence the realization and/or support of products and/or (was )Long-and Short-Term Quality PlanningThe organization s quality planning activities shall include long-and short-term plans with goals for improving quality and customer satisfaction plans to achieve long-and short-term quality objectives. The plans shall address business factors relevant to the organization and its customers, including performance objectives established jointly with selected customers. Performance to these goalsquality objectives shall be monitored and reported to top management. Top management shall demonstrate their active involvement in long-and short-term quality (was )Customer InputThe organization shall implement methods for soliciting and considering customer input for quality planning activities. The organization should establish joint quality improvement programs with (was )Qualification of PersonnelOperator Qualification and RequalificationNOW -The organization shall identify activities for which operator qualification and requalification are necessary. Qualification and requalification requirements shall be established for identified activities. At a minimum, these requirements shall address education, experience, training, and demonstrated skills. The organization shall communicate this information to all those -The organization shall establish personnel qualification and requalification requirements for all applicable processes. Qualification requirements shall address employee education, experience, training, and demonstration of skills. (was )Disaster RecoveryBusiness Continuity PlanningThe organization shall establish and maintain documented plans for continuity of operations, disaster recovery, infrastructure, and security restoration (see ) to ensure the organization s ability to continue to support its products and servicesrecreate and service the product throughout its life cycle. Disaster recovery Business continuity plans shall include, at a minimum, crisis management, disaster recovery, and information technology. Disaster recovery and infrastructure security restoration Business continuity plans shall be periodically evaluated for effectiveness and reviewed with appropriate levels of (was )Problem Report FeedbackThe organization shall provide the customer with feedback on problem reports in a timely and systematic (was )Requirements TraceabilityThe organization shall establish and maintain establish and maintain a method documented information to trace each documented requirement through design and (was )Services Design and Development OutputThe required output from the services design and development shall contain a complete and precise statement of the service to be provided. Design and development outputs shall shouldinclude, but are not limited toa)documented service delivery informationprocedures,b) resource and skill requirements,c) reliance on external providers suppliers,d) service characteristics subject to customer evaluation, ande) standards of acceptability for each service (was )Informing Customers of Design ChangesThe organization shall establish a documented procedure to ensure that customers are informed when design changes affect contractual (was )SupplierExternal Provider Performance ManagementThe organization shall plan and perform supplierexternal provider performance management and development activities so thata) suppliers are qualified to established criteria,b) evaluation results are considered during supplier selection activities,c) suppliers are periodically re-evaluated using established criteria,a) supplierexternal provider quality performance is tracked and feedback is provided to suppliers external providers to drive continual improvement, andb) for identified key suppliersexternal providers, alignment toward conformity to TL 9000 requirements and measurements or other appropriate quality management systems for the supplier s external provider s products and services occurs, with a preference toward TL (was )Customer Satisfaction DataNOW -The organization shall collect data directly from customers. This data shall be trended and analyzed for improvement -The organization shall establish and maintain a method to collect data directly from customers concerning their satisfaction with provided products. The organization shall also collect customer data on how well the organization meets commitments and its responsiveness to customer feedback and needs. This data shall be analyzed and trended. (was )Process MeasurementProcess measurements shall be identified, documented, and monitored at appropriate points to ensure continued suitability and promote increased effectiveness of processes. This includes the establishment of appropriate design process measurements. Key process measurements that impact conformity to product requirements should have specific targets or control limits established. When planned results are not achieved, correction and corrective action shall be taken, as (was )Inspection and Test DocumentationEach inspection or testing activity throughout the product life cycle performed during production, operation, maintenance, and disposal of products or cessation of servicesshall have detailed documentation. Details should include, but are not limited toa) parameters to be checked with acceptable tolerances,b) the use of statistical techniques, control charts, etc.,c) sampling plan, including frequency, sample size, and acceptance criteria,d) handling of nonconformities,e) documented information to be retained (see ), data to be recorded (see ),f) defect classification scheme,g) method for designating an inspection item or lot, andh) electrical, functional, and feature the adders have been renumbered since they have been repositioned to match the new ISO sections and also due to the deletion of some adders3824 adders and 6 notes have been changed to match the new ISO terminology Products and services in place of products Documented information in place of procedure Retained documented information in place of recordTERMINOLOGYCHANGES39Use the Contact Us function on any page or (note that the Contact Us function is useful forAny question or problem you may have and isContinually monitored to ensure a response)40QUESTIONS?Contact Information:Nancy PattersonNokia+1 (972)

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