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SHADOW 600 A versatile unmanned aircraft system supporting military requirements for several U.S. allied nations ®




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SHADOW 600A versatile unmanned aircraft system supporting military requirements for allied nations SHADOW600:ENHANCED TACTICAL OPERATIONS 2009 AAI Corporation. All rights reserved. AAI is an operating unit of Textron Systems, a Textron Inc. (NYSE: TXT) and Shadow are registered trademarks of AAI Corporation. AAI600DS SPECIFICATIONSDeveloped as a result of AAI s dramatically successful experience during the 1991 GulfWar, the Shadow 600 is based on recommendations of battlefield operators in 600 unmanned aircraft systems feature endurance from 12-14 hours and payloads up to 90 pounds or 41 state-of-the-art improvements include powerful and reliable 52 horsepower engines,digital electronics and autopilot, wheel brakes, ruggedized nose wheel assemblies andlithium long-life Shadow 600 airframe is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards, and major compo-nents are made of graphite/epoxy pre-impregnated material. Wing panels are made ofcarbon graphite in a honeycomb design to provide maximum to accommodate multiple payloads, the versatile Shadow 600 supports military requirements in several allied nations where the systems operate in diverseand rigorous climate and terrain used only for remotereconnaissance, unmannedaircraft technology has rapidlyevolved in recent aircraft systemsincluding the Shadow 600now are being used for situational awareness, forceprotection, and intelligence-collection missions, reducingthe complexity and lag time inthe sensor-to-shooter Endurance 12-14 hours Maximum altitude 16,000 feet (ft.) or 4,877 meters (m) Range 200 km Maximum dash speed 108 knots (kts) or 200 kilometers per hour (kph) Cruise speed 80 kts (148 kph) Loiter speed 65 kts (120 kph)Features Advanced composite construction Combat-proven hardware Rotary engine with proven performance Multiple payload capability Multiple launch and recovery methods Airborne video tape recorder Long-life emergency batteryTechnical Data Length ft. ( m) Wingspan ft. ( m) Maximum payload 91 lbs. (41 kg) Maximum gross weight 585 lbs. (265 kg)For additional information,please contact:Jim Christner AAI Corporation124 Industry LaneHunt Valley, MD 21030410-683-6413

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