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Riecken’s History - The First 100 Years - Foot …

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Foot-Care Solutions Sold OnlyBy ProfessionalsECatalog 6-12InsolesPadsLifts - WedgesHeel CupSpring PlateDancer PadsSeparatorsLab Supplies800-331-8040 812-476-8006 Fax: Oak Grove Road Evansville, IN 477152Riecken s History - The First 100 YearsIn 1910 Louis H. Riecken operated a shoe repair shop in Mt. Vernon, IN. In 1914, he movedit to Evansville, IN. His son, George L. Riecken, entered the business and carried it on withhis wife, Fannie, until his death in 1957. In the 1940 s, George s son, George Carl Riecken, began working with his father, learningthe trade, and took over the business in 1957 upon his father s death. George Carl used hismiddle name throughout his life until his death in 2006. Riecken s is now owned by his wife, was instrumental in making the business what it is today, envisioning the need for footcomfort and proper shoe fit in the future. He invented many pedorthic products and systemsfor the manufacture of pedorthic devices. Additionally, he lectured in pedorthic classes at BallState University, Muncie, , Riecken s is carrying on this tradition of excellence into the next 100 years. As tech-nology changes, Riecken s provides a complete service to the foot-care industry: a full line offamily shoes, shoe repair, design and manufacture of foot-care products, and a custom, cen-tral orthotic laboratory. George Carl Riecken1931 - 20063(812)476-8006 (800)331-8040X-Static Insole 4Butterfly Insole5Insert Adjuster Tool6Comfort Insole7Full Insoles8Comfort Foot Bed9Met Pads10Scaphoid Pads11Heel Cup11Dancer Pads12Spur Pads, Lifts & Wedges 13Spring Plate14Separators & Protectors 15Liquid PQ16PQ Sheet Stock17Casting Supplies18Wax & Sand Casting Supplies 19Impressions & 3-D Casts 20Custom Orthoses21-23& SAFIO Partial FootShoe Modification24Educational Materials25Recoil Pad26PQ Gel is Riecken s proprietary is manufactured with premium ingredi-ents and contains no silicones; thus itoffers your customers the best in comfortand reduction of shock and shear Gel and all of Riecken s PQ Gel prod-ucts are manufactured in the Speak with a Riecken s consultant.(800)331-8040 or (812)476-8006Extensions 100, 108 & 109Monday - Friday, 8-5 CST2. Email your order to Fax your order to (812)476-4271 PROUDLYTable of Contents3 Ways to OrderMen s5 - 51/26 - 61/27 - 71/28 - 81/29 - 91/210 - 101/211 - 1213 - 14B1B2B3B4B5B6B7B8Ladies Natural Last6 - 61/27 - 71/28 - 81/29 - 91/210 - 101/211 - 111/212 - 121/2Ladies Fashion Last7 - 71/28 - 81/29 - 91/210 - 101/211 - 111/212 - 121/2#2104available in:1/16 thickness of neo-foam middlelayer helps cushion the foot and bondsthe top fabric and PQ Gel (812)476-8006 (800)331-8040withIncorporating a whole, new con-cept in insole covers, X-Static the Silver FiberTMfabric, KILLS ODOR-CAUSING BACTERIA AND InsoleREPLACEMENT INSOLES5(812)476-8006 (800)331-8040BUTTERFLY INSOLESDual Layered Butterfly Insoles1/8 thick top cover of heat moldable bottom layer of pure and lateral insoleflanges form scaphoid andcuboid supports. Heat mold-able to allow Heat Moldable Butterfly InsolesDouble flanged insoles form an arch cradle. 1/4" thick for depth type shoes.#1297 3 Ib. Density Pink Plastazote (polyethylene foam) is the most accommodative but least durable. It is recommended for ulcerated and very sensitivefeet.#2001 6 Ib. Density White Microcell (EVA foam) Ib. density TP foam is a wonderful general purpose cover. It is twice as durable as the pink wings feather into medial and lateral arch areas to cushion and protect the Navicular and total thickness of the insole at ball of foot under met heads is 1/4 .Trim only the forefoot. Use old insoles as fit up to EEE trim heel or be turned into a custom orthotic to accommodate individual foot conditions with our complete line of Ovalor Cloverleaf Met Pads, Bars, Varus or Valgus Heel Wedges and the new Bio-Rite Scaphoid Pads. Enjoy footcomfort insoles literally float the patient, eliminating pressure points and high pressure areas. The Plastazote andmicrocell foam covers take permanent impressions of the patient s foot. The Viscoelastic polymer underlinersact as shock absorbers, absorbing and dissipating shock and emits a pleasant fragrance and does not support fungus or bacterial #2001 White MicrocellStock #1297 Pink PlastizoteSizeB1B2B3B4B5B6B7B8Men s5 - 51/26 - 61/27 - 71/28 - 81/29 - 91/210 - 101/211 - 1213 - 14Ladies Natural Last6 - 61/27 - 71/28 - 81/29 - 91/210 - 101/211 - 111/2Ladies Fashion Last7 - 71/28 - 81/29 - 91/210 - 101/211 - 111/212 - 121/22. After spot heatinginsole, make depressionwith tool as Mark insole with lipstickat location of the excre-sciency and spot heat withheat The depression made oninsole makes a bulge on thePQ side. This is then shavedoff using a razor knife or sand-ing Further customization toinsoles will offer advan-tages in some cases. Addany combination of PQMetatarsal Pads, ScaphoidPads, Varus or ValgusWedges as Slip insole intoshoe for a MoldingStepsHeat Molding Butterfly InsolesButterfly Insoles may be combined with PQ Scaphoid Pads,Metatarsal Pads, Varus or Valgus Wedges to comfort a widevariety of foot problems when the insole alone is not Covers to Choose (812)476-8006 (800)331-8040After placing insole into shoe, direct heat guninto shoe for approximately 30 seconds. Test formoldability with finger impression. CAUTION:DO NOT HEAT ABOVE 130 ! When moldable, have patient wearing heavycotton or wool socks, step into shoe, then walkand stand until cool for a MOLDING INSOLESInsoles may be spot adjusted to accommodateplantar excresciencies such as corns, callousesand depressed metatarsal is recommended to heat mold the insoles to theshoe and foot first, then a transferrable mark isplaced on the patient s sock at the location of the foot into the shoe and have the patienttake a few steps until this mark is transferredonto the the insole and follow steps 1 through 5as needed to make a complete MOLD DIRECTLY IN SHOE.#1871Insole Adjustor ToolFor making professional accommodationsin heat moldable MOLDING7(812)476-8006 (800)331-80401. Thin 1/16 Ball of Foot Extension protects the Metatarsal Heads from abrasive shearing action of step Dancer Pad scallop lifts, protects and cushions Metatarsal Metatarsal Arch lift relieves forefoot pressure at toe Heel Rim Bands absorb and dissipate the SHOCK and SHEAR FORCES of HEEL Cup relieves pressure at painful Heel and Heel Spur Soft, gentle Scaphoid support for the Medial THE MAGIC SLOT relieves pressure on the band of fibrous tissue radiating toward the base of the toes.(Plantar Fascia).8. LATERAL STABILIZER This thin flange at the Cuboid area aids balance and Shoe Insert#96Ladies S, M, L#247Men sS, M, LVertical offsets allow the PQ Gel to flow horizontally todissipate the forces of SHOCK and #D 322, : AthleticWorkDressBoots123456788(812)476- 8006 (800)331-8040Full Insoles#2204NFull Insoles in 5 unisex s Ladies Size A 2-4 4 -6B 5 -7 7-9C 8 -10 10 -12 D 11 -13 E 14 -16 Made of PQ Viscoelastic PolymerLightweight with a thinner forefoot andextra polymer in the heel and arch areasto reduce shoe size falls between sizes, selectlarger size as insole may be easilytrimmed with scissors at for lower back fatigue and heel (812)476-8006 (800)331-8040Comfort Foot BedThe Visco Comfort Foot BedIt moves, flexes and flows with your foot movements. Pure, soft, supple Viscoelastic polymer provides a positive shock absorbing foundation. Great for all types of activities, especially suited for work shoes, walking shoes, athletic shoes, everyday footwear,inline skates and ski in 10 sizes for men and be modified to fit the footwear s contours and special foot foot in motion is beautiful!It flows from one shape to another as we walk,run, jump and dance. It is poetry in foot orthotic could begin to keep up with it until introduces the New Visco Comfort Foot #105110(812)476-8006 (800)331-8040#1142Cloverleaf Metatarsal PadNo right or left. Adhesive pair.#1142B12 pair bulk , S, M, L#154Regular Metatarsal PadNowwith adhesive back. Single pair.#154B12 pair bulk , M, LB stands for Bulk Pack (12 pairs all same size).FOR PROFESSIONAL FACILITIES, THE NEW BULK PACKS FOR IN-HOUSEUSE SAVE YOU MORE THAN 50% OFF OUR SINGLE PAIR PRICE#1683Internal Metatarsal BarsAdhesive backed. Left and rightpairs. Single , S, M, LMetatarsal Pads11(812)476-8006 (800)331-8040#74AScaphoid , shock absorbing PQ in extrasmall, small, medium, and large in thickness by size from3/16 - 8/16 . With adhesive backs.#74B12 pair bulk , S, M, LScaphoid Pads#1112Bio-Rite Scaphoid PadsThese pads fit the foot and shoe. Adhesive pair.#1112B 12 pair bulk , M, LPremium Heel Cup#16PQ Premium Heel CupDual durometer all purpose cup provides maximum shockand shear force absorption and for treatment and prevention of painful heels, spursand other apopyses. Helps protect the calcaneus and allassociated skeletal structure including the knees, hips andspinal column from the destructive forces of shock computer generated bio-mechanically engineeredVisco flow control design. This design dampens andreduces rebound velocity of heel strike shock waves andalters their direction from vertical to premium cups are neutral. These heel cups can becombined with our firm Varus or Valgus wedges, Stock#2041, to easily accomplish any stands for Bulk Pack (12 pairs all same size).#16Heel Cup SizesHeel Cup Size Men s Shoes Women s Shoes S 5-6 4 1/2 - 8 1/2 M 6 1/2 - 10 1/2 9 - 12 L 11+ Also ideal for ladies who work in high (812)476-8006 (800)331-8040Dance Pads#1654Dancer engineered to lift and separate themetatarsal shafts and cushion their , medium and large Thin 1/16 Ball of Foot Extension protects the Metatarsal Heads from abrasive shearing action of step Dancer Pad scallop lifts, protects and cushions Metatarsal Metatarsal Arch lift relieves forefoot pressure at toe Heel Rim Bands absorb and dissipate the SHOCK and SHEAR FORCES of HEEL Cup relieves pressure at painful Heel and Heel Spur Soft, gentle Scaphoid support for the Medial THE MAGIC SLOT relieves pressure on the band of fibrous tissue radiating toward the base of the toes.(Plantar Fascia).8. LATERAL STABILIZER This thin flange at the Cuboid area aids balance and support.#96Ladies S, M, L#247Men sS, M, LVertical offsets allow the PQ Gel to flow horizontallyto dissipate the forces of SHOCK and #D 322, (812)476-8006 (800)331-8040Spur Pads, Lifts and Wedges#156Star Spur Padwith fabric cover. Relieves cal-caneal spur pain and s how the stars help: This detail showsthe star pattern in a normal, at-rest compressed with foot/body force, each star spreads in five directions to harmlesslydissipate SHOCK and SHEAR forces, muchlike a hydraulic shock absorber.#2215Short Heel Pads/Pump Padswith fabric cover Small, Medium andLarge sizes.#2212Bone Spur Pads with fabric , Small, Medium and Large sizes.#155Star Heel PadFull 1/4 of PQ Viscoelastic Polymer PLUS 1/16 raised STAR field. Gentle balance tapered to forwardpad edge. Available in three unisex sizes with fabriccover: Small, Medium and or Valgus Wedges#2041Firm PQ in 3mm thickness insmall, medium or large sizes withfabric cover.#2041V6mm in medium and largewith fabric cover.#2036(6 mm) or #2040(9 mm) Flat Heel LiftsFirm, flat heel lifts with fabric cover for shortageaccommodations. Two thicknesses: 9 mm ( ) and 6 mm (approx. 1/4 ). Small, medium orlarge sizes. One lift per PatternHeel PadsLong Heel Pads with fabric cover.#22181/8 Diamond Pad#22211/4 Diamond Pad Small, Medium and Large (812)476-8006 (800)331-8040Spring Plate#2003 Riecken s carbon-fiber spring plates store energy at toe off and returnit into the swing phase of gait for a more natural plates are designed to fit depth-style footwear. They are contouredto fit at the heel and , Riecken s spring plate can be used as a turf toe in thirteen sizes (Ladies 5-10 and men s 7-13, whole sizes.)15(812)476-8006 (800)331-8040Separators & ProtectorsToe Spreader NEW!Riecken s expands the PQ line ofFoot-Care Products with the all-newToe Spreader The PQ Toe Spreader absorbs pressure and , it aids in maintaining proper toe it as an inter-digital wedge for bunion deformity, overlapping or crooked size fits all.#2010Sold in , SUPER SOFT, EXTREMELY ACCOMODATIVEWEARERS ENJOY THE CHAMELEON EFFECT! THESE PADS LITERALLY DISAPPEAR UNDER EVEN VERY SHEER HOSIERY AND TAKE ON NATURAL SKIN COLORING!#1389 BUNION REDUCERScientifically designed to trans-fer shoe pressure from the jointto a more tolerant area of themetatarsal shaft and at thesame time, help the alignmentof the size fits all adults.#1361BALL OF FOOT PROTECTORThis soft Viscoelastic ball of foot pro-tector is designed to cushion andprotect the metatarsal heads fromthe destructive forces of shock andshear. This new pad is a true soft tis-sue supplement, giving wonderfulrelief to ball of foot pain for thosewho have lost the protecting soft size fits all adults.#1298NIGHT SPLINT TOE SEPARATOR & PEDICURE COMBScientifically designed to spread toes uniformly and helpwith their alignment. A night time training aid, not designedto be worn in shoes. Ideal for use in pedicures to separatetoes while working on them while polish size fits all adults.#1379 HAMMER TOE SPRING& SULCUS CREST PADScientifically designed to apply gentlepressure to the involved toe, pulling itout and down while cushioning and lift-ing the corresponding metatarsal the same time, pressure at the toe tipis , MediumAVAILABLE INQUARTS&PINTSLiquidMake custom pads & inlays withRiecken s Professional QualityViscoelastic PolymerMeasure by weight:65 grams Side H / 100 grams Side SThe 65/100 ratio of this new formula yields a finisheddurometer of approximately 60 on the durometerscale. After years of experimenting, we have deter-mined that this is a good durometer for most footorthoses. It is slightly firmer than human flesh whichhelps prevent distortion under weight bearing andlosing accommodation. This mix absorbs shock andshear forces better than most other known make the mix softer, you would increase part S,the softener. If you need the mix to be firmer, youincrease side H, the quart or pint kit and clear or blue CCLEARKit BPQ Blue#77 Cup25/pack#80 Stir Sticks500/boxUse Riecken s stir cupsand sticks for accuratemeasurement of Liquid PQ results are time and cost savings for you!PQ is a registered trademark of Riecken s16(812)476-8006 (800)331-8040#24217(812)476-8006 (800)331-8040Sheet StockPQ Sheet Stock Size 9 x 13 1/4 Sheet stock is available in smooth both sides or smooth on onewith diamond pattern back. Available with/without brushed nyloncover. Available in 1/10 - 1/4 BACK NO COVER - PLAIN BOTH SIDES#75PQ 1/10" x 12 x 15"#1372PQ 1/8" x 9" x "#1376PQ 3/16" x 9" x "#1387PQ 1/4" x 9" x "SMOOTH BACK WITH BRUSHED NYLON COVER#1385PQ 1/10" x 12" x 15"#1370PQ 1/8" x 9" x "#1374PQ 3/16 x 9 x 13 5"#1378PQ 1/4" x 9" x DIAMOND BACK WITHOUT COVER#1373PQ 1/8" x 9 x #1377PQ 3/16" x 9 x "#1388PQ 1/4 x 9 x DIAMOND BACK WITH NYLON COVER#1371PQ 1/8" x 9" x "#1375PQ 3/16" x 9" x "#1386PQ 1/4" x 9" x "#241PQ COMBINATION STRIPSTOP LAYER 1/8" ORTHOTIC COVERING MATERIALBOTTOM LAYER 1/8" PQ Viscoelastic POLYMER SHEET 1/4" x 5" x 15"#241Combo with 3LB Density Pink Plastazote#242Combo with 7LB Density White MicrocellHEAT MOLDABLE#10Combo with 3LB Density Pink Plastazote 1/8" x 6" x 15"#2110Combo with 3LB Density Pink Plastazote 1/4" x 6" x 15"#21093MM white silk PE foam 10 x 18 #2123 3MM pink silk PE foam 10 x 18 #22Combo with 6LB Density Smooth White Microcel 1/8" x 6" x 15"#25Combo with 7LB Density Smooth White Microcel 1/16" x 10" x 20"GGrreeat ffoorr CCuusstoomm WWoorrkk,,SSammpplliinngg FFacciilliitiieessanndd aass aa TTooee FFiilllleerr BBuuffffeerr!!PQ GelBottom18(812)476-8006 (800)331-8040#1874Molded Plastic Casting BoardCasting Supplies#2225Liquid Flexible Foam KitMakes urethane fore-foot fillers.#954MOLD RELEASE4 ounce can with brush (812)476-8006 (800)331-8040Wax & Sand Casting Supplies#1393Microcellular Glass BeadsGlass beads flow uniformly to provideuniform weight distribution when cast-ing with wax sheets. One gallon fillsone casting box the depth of 11/4 ,which is the optimum for beautiful plan-tar impressions.#1200The Master largesize fits all. The finest wax impressionsheets made. 8 1/2 x 15 x 1/8 one sizefits up to 15 shoe size. The only sheetswith built in correct temperature colormarker. These sheets turn milk white at130 F. internal making only one largesize, reduced inventory costs are passedon to you. Prepackaged and ready forshipment in protected 12 sheet ) #2048Adjustablestainless steel waxsheet holding ) #2049Stainless steelname label ) #2047Plastic castingbox with lid. ) #2059Wax sheet stain-less steel heating Impression Sheet20(812)476-8006 (800)331-8040Making Wax ImpressionsMake foot impressions so true you can see the skin whorls, veins, and folds. Fast, cleanand simple with no customer discomfort. Finished foot forms ready to use with no sand-ing or clean up. Our wax sheets are formulated for maximum open working time. At130 F., they turn white and are ready for an adjustable stainless steel tray, nice deep impressions are clean and placing a name label into the wax before pouring plaster or Liquid Last, the patient sname will be on the finished foot form. We recommend the date and doctor s name alsobe included for future can be performed on foot models if they are made 3-dimensionallike a UCBL spiral wrap and cured on a casting board with the same heel heightas the casting CastMaking 3-Dimensional Foot VISCOELASTIC POLYMER FULL INLAYA "total contact custom inlay". This inlay distributes the weight bearing uniformly and eliminates highpressure points, with maximum shock and shear force dissipation. Ideal for the arthritic, the diabetic,and forefoot involvement. Our standard PQ durometer is 50 on the 00 scale with a medium pinkplastazote must be worn in extra-depth type shoes. The durometer can be made firmer for extra heavypatients. These can be made with or without toe impressions or sulcous crests; can also be madesmooth from the ball forward - please PQ VISCOELASTIC POLYMER 3/4 LENGTH INLAYOur standard cover is of heat-moldable polyethylene foam called white microcell. This is a long wearing durable foam that is leather likeafter molding. It is unaffected by perspiration, makes an ideal athletic support, and has many other uses. Other covers are available tosuit the patient's condition, such as pink plastazote for the arthritic or diabetic patient. They can be worn in most regular EGG SHELL ORTHOTICA 3mm subortholene general purpose orthotic. Ideal for mild cases of plantar fasciitisand is thin enough to wear in most all types of footwear, except ladies high-heeled fash-ions. May be posted as "UCBL" SUPPORTThese are made over a footform that is made by manually rotating the calf while holdingthe forefoot straight to posture the tendo calcaneus in a vertical position. The long lateralflange combined with the deep heel cup helps maintain this position in footwear. May beworn in most all types of lace oxfords or shoes. Very effective for heel spur pain in adultsand treatment of hypermobile flat foot conditions in "PARTIAL FOOT PROSTHESES"For partial foot prostheses we prefer to use the SAFIO process. For this process we can best work with athree-dimensional cast, above the malleolus, made either with a plaster bandage spiral wrapped or a wateractivated fiberglass sock. Either way the cast should be placed upon a casting board, with a heel heightequal to the patient s shoe heel height, while the cast is setting gives us a beautiful three-dimensional cast so that we can make a partial foot prosthesis that will havean accommodative shock-absorbing Viscoelastic gel interfacing that will eliminate pressure points andimprove shoe fit, function, and the cast, send along the patient s shoe which should be extra-depth type with at least a1/4" removable insole. It is highly desirable that the shoe have at least a mild rocker to give toeclearance at toe off. This will help them walk without heel would also like, if possible, a good pedigraph print. This allows us to make a true interfac-ing orthosis that will fit the shoe perfectly on one side and the foot perfectly on the other (812)476-8006 (800)331-8040In-house Services for Custom Orthotics & Partial-Foot ProsthesesCustom OrthosesWHOLESALE22(812)476-8006 (800)331-8040We recommend covers as follows for the flexible type supports only:Stock #101If we develop orthotics or inlays from your finished foot models, your charge is only $ per pair or $ for we develop foot forms from a foam art tray, the cost will be $ per pair or $55 for we develop foot forms from plaster slipper casts, the cost will be $ per pair or $ for we add a fore-foot filler - add $ per fore-foot to regular total we install a carbon fiber spring plate - $ for one foot - $ for both - Lab preferred impression method: Read #5 for castings on page includes a spring we make a SAFIO partial foot prosthesis for one foot from a three-dimensional cast, the cost is $ we make a SAFIO partial foot prosthesis for one foot and a total contact inlay for the other foot the cost would be $ for we make SAFIO partial foot prostheses for a double amputation, the cost would be $ : please circle or write recommendations1. Lab to post as indicated by diagnosis and foot Doctor's recommendation :_______________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ___________________________________3. Please include a good set of pedograph prints with foot models or casts and, if at all possible,send the patient s shoes or at least insole Types & CostsNotes:Date: _____/_____/_____Company: _______________________ Dr. or Practitioners name: ___________________________ Phone #: (_____)___________ to contact with questions Email: _________________________Fax #: (_____)____________ to verify receipt & give ship dateShip to address: ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ____________________________Patients name: _____________________________________Pat ients diagnosis: ___________________________ Patients age: ________ Weight: ________Type of activity or work: ________________________________________ _Shoe size _________ Shoe brand name _____________________Shoe last shape: contour summit Other (specify)__________________________PLEAS E DRAW AROUND PATIENT S INSOLE EACH FOOT ON A SEPARATE PAPER SO THE PATTERN CAN BE CUT check support type Total Contact Custom Full Length Viscoelastic Polymer BaseSpecify cover type: ____ pink plastizote - recommended for ulcerated feet least durable but most accomodative____ white microcell - heat moldable and very accomodative durable and long wearing____ blue puff microcell durable and long wearing2. 3/4 Length Soft Flexible Viscoelastic Polymer Base - May have a Morton Extension if 3/4 Length Egg Shell (very thin 3mm SUBORTHOLENE) - firm with flanges 4. UCBL Firm Heel Control (3mm SUBORTHOLENE) - trimmed under the Partial Foot Prostheses made by using the SAFIO Process. Item #: ______________Top Cover: ______________________800-331-8040 812-476-8006 Fax: 812-476-4271Additional Information: ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ________________________________________ Ship via (circle one):contouror naturalsummitor fashion lastSo that we might serve you better, please fill out this form as completely as possible. Withcast, send along a shoe, or at least state size, width and brand along with an insole (812)476-8006 (800)331-8040CUSTOMINLAYORDERFORM24(812) 476-8006 (800)331-8040Riecken s Shoe Service to the TradeFrom shoe modifications to complete shoe Full Soles & HeelsBuild upLiquid to Rigid FoamMedial Arch FlareHigh-carbon Rubber Wear PlateShoe ModificationFull Repair Service Call for other applications and (812)476-8006 (800)331-8040#1864 THE PQ LINER. Complete instructions for making custom Viscoelastic Polymer Distal EndPads for amputees. Make liners for BKs, AKs, etc., that will cushion, comfort, reduce stress andimprove function and fit.#1865 THE MODERN ORTHOTIC LAB. VHS 2 hour video. Contains instructions on compressioncasting with wax and sand, as well as making full length total contact inlays using Liquid PQ.#1866 PEDORTHIC MANAGEMENT WITH DEPTH TYPE FOOTWEAR. A four page essay thatpresents multiple possibilities.#1867 FABRICATING TOTAL CONTACT CUSTOM INLAYS USING LIQUID PQ. A five pageinstructional essay with 12 color pictures. One offered free with the purchase of a PQ Kit.#1868 PLANTAR ISCHEMIA IS REVERSIBLE. This is a theory that involves compression casting,custom orthoses, and functional footwear. Presented as a six page essay.#1872 THE TEST KIT; YOU BE THE JUDGE. Test the two most popular soft orthotic materials inuse today. Free upon request.#1873 DISPELLING SOME FAULTY LOGIC. Basic considerations of soft foot orthoses. Threepage BY STEP - PICTURE BOOK PEDORTHICSby Carl Riecken, C. Ped., illustrated in full 1 Making Custom footwear for the hyper-sensitive arthritic foot. 43 pages. $ 2 The SAFIO process: A look at the future of foot orthoses and partialfoot prostheses. 106 pages. $ 3 A SAFIO accomodation for a heel injury from a lawn mower pages. $ 4 Educating the diabetic educator of the dangers of improper pages. $ 5 How to use super-lightweight liquid to rigid foam to build up a shoe forshortage accomodation. 32 pages. $ Materials26(812)476-8006 (800)331-8040Recoil PadNORTHAMERICANHUNTINGCLUBMake shooting fun again with our no-flinch visco-elastic gel and women that shoot 1-400 rounds a week findThe Shooter s Friendto be arecoil pad they can rely s high-tech gel absorbs 70% of recoil!The Shooter s Friend: easily slides on and off will not harden or get brittle with age will not harm gun stock used with rifles and shotguns used when hunting, skeet shooting and trap shooting# 924Riecken s Shooter s Friend Recoil PadA profitable, add-on, point of purchaseitem primarily sold in sporting goodsstores. This is a very popular accessoryfor rifle and shotgun s Orthotic Laboratory800-331-8040 812-476-8006 Fax: Oak Grove Road Evansville, IN 47715PQ is the Registered Trademark of Riecken s, Inc. Riecken s, SolutionsSince 1910Lit# 64328 June 2012

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