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RED RIVERMINERVolume XXVI, Number 12 red rIVer, New me XIco Thursday, July 5, 2018 50 ce NTs July:National Hot Dog Month,what more is there to say?(See page 13)The Town of Red Riveris Carson Forest is & Pieces 2Bizbits 3Crazyfoxx 3Activities 4Food for Thought 5Headin West 5This Week in Red River 6-7Home Country 8Sudoku 9Check It Out 9Legals 9Bulletin Board 10Out of the Past 11HuMMeR RePORTMasters of Metabolism Morton BeehefflerA CeLeBRATION! - Michael Martin Murphey s American WestFest takes center stage, as the modern tribute inspired by Buffalo Bill s Wild West Show of the 1890s brings entertainers, songwriters, artists and storytellers to town for a grand party (Kim Thompson photo courtesy LcMedia.)Take A Tip The Red River Ski & Summer Area is open, thanks to the grant-ing of an exemption to the recent closure of the Carson Forest The scenic Summer Chairlift to the Tip Restaurant at the top is op-erating every day, as is the Hidden Treasures Aerial Park, Summer Mountain Tubing, and Pioneer Flyer zipline over the lake! The Tip is not only serving tasty lunch fare, but is also the location for the popular Music On Top concert series every Saturday at 11 am, as well as the site for Talk With A Ranger, formerly the Walk With A Ranger program which highlights the geological and natural history of the sur-rounding mountains, as well the colorful mining history of early day Red River City For info call 575-754-2223 The Good Ol Summertime The 1st Baptist Church of Red River will be holding Vacation Bi-ble School July 9-13, at the church located at 103 High Cost Trail on the West end of town Hours are 9 AM - 12:30 PM, for ages Preschool thru 14 A lunch will be provided at the church The Community House is also having Vacation Bible School, hosted by Questa Church of Christ July 9-12, for ages 4yrs to 8th grade Hours there are 9am to 11:30am It s Open The Playhouse, located on the Ski Area road (Pioneer Road) is now open daily from 12p-8pm (later on Fridays and Saturdays) with black light putt-putt, roller skating, pool (billiards), ping-pong and foosball The Playhouse has been a Red River tradition since it was built in the late 1930s by Leffy Lewis Originally built as a dance hall, it has also served visitors as a bowl-ing alley, roller skating rink, a pool parlor, miniature golf course and an arcade with pinball machines and video games Check It Out Frye s Old Town will be pre-senting live music every Thurs-day through July with Southwest Independent Artist Awards nomi-nee singer/songwriter Kate Mann and Mark Dudrow Showtime is 4 pm The long-running Bank Rob-bery and Shootout, a Red River tradition dating to the early 60s will be every Saturday afternoon at 4 pm The dancers from Taos Pueblo will also be on hand The music and the shootout are free to the public Stage 3: Shut The Gate Due to extreme fire danger, the Carson National Forest (the Canji-lon, el Rito, Tres Piedras, Camino Real, and Questa Ranger Districts) is in Stage 3 CLOSuRe The closure order prohibits all recreational activities on the CNF Campgrounds, trails and trail-heads, and National Forest System roads will be closed to the general public County and state roads that cross Forest Service lands are not under the Forest Service s juris-diction and will remain open to vehicular traffic. No public access is allowed on these Districts at this time The Jicarilla Ranger District, located further west, is in Stage 2 fire restrictions. No campfires al-lowed Happy B-Day The Wheeler Peak Fire Protec-tion District celebrated a Birthday on July 1, 2018 In its 46th year of service to the upper Valley of Red River and to the citizens of Red River and Northern New Mexico, the Wheeler Peak District will be holding its annual BBQ & Auction Fundraiser on Sunday, September 2, Labor Day weekend Take A Look-See It s a busy week in Red River There is an abundance of things to see and do on the schedule of things happening around town which may be found on page 6&7 of this week s t s a n d Pi e c e sTh e Re d Ri v eR Mi n eR2Ju l y 5, 2018LIFTS WESTCondominium Resort HotelOutdoor Heated Pool Underground Parking Restaurant Non-Smoking Available Meeting Rooms Shopping Mall Next to Brandenburg Park, Playground & Conference Center 201 West Main Street Red River NM 87558 800-221-1859 BOOKINGWe Have Free Wireless Internet AvailableCaposCornerRistorante ItalianoOPEN daIlydinner 5- 9 pmOPEN forlunch on Weekends Riverside Diningon Our DeckOn Red River110 Pioneer Rd 575-754-6297 If you go down in the woods todayYou re sure of a big you go down in the woods todayYou d better go in disguise! For every bear that ever there was Will gather there for certainBecause today s the day the Teddy Bears have their picnic. Teddy Bear s Picnic by John Walter Bratton, lyrics by Jimmy Kennedy, 1932 I always thought that every day was a day for a Teddy Bear picnic Correct me if I m wrong Yeah, the bears are still in the woods, minus the fancy toilet pa-per, as are the coyotes, deer, elk, foxes, bunnies and all the other wild woodland creatures who live among the trees and bushes of Mother Nature You and I, on the other hand, will not be in the woods today Not if we have any sense That will remain the case until the southern monsoon brings enough moisture to make the woods safe for human habitation You have no doubt heard that the Carson Forest is closed because of the fire danger due to extremely dry conditions What that means, in a nutshell as they say, is that the forest is off-limits to foot traffic, motorized traffic, horse traffic, bi-cycle traffic, extraterrestrial traffic from above and So, stay out of the forest There are excellent reasons the Forest Service folk don t want you in the woods at this time The A#1 reason is for the safe-ty of you and your family, as well as people you don t know and will most likely never meet That includes me who lives in this tiny town surrounded by the forest and the wildland firefighters who risk their lives for people like you and I As for #2, it costs beaucoup bucks to put out a fire should one flare up. That cost will be passed on to whoever started the fire. If you decide that you are spe-cial and the restriction doesn t ap-ply to you, a trip into the forest can result in arrest, sizable fines and maybe a stint in the hoosgow Jail, jailhouse, pokey, poky, slammer, clink, cooler, con col-lege, calaboose, the pen, the farm, lockup, stockade, the Joint, the Bighouse, Club Fed, Caponeville, Gotti Town, greybar hotel and any others I left out Is that special enough for you? To quote the Forest Service: Violations of the closure order carry a mandatory appearance in federal court and are punishable as a Class B misdemeanor by a fine of not more than $5,000 for individuals and $10,000 for organizations and/or by impris-onment for not more than six months I personally want to thank the people of the Carson who kept the forest open as long as they did, sensitive to the needs of the local population, and I personally want to thank those same people of the Carson who made the decision to close it Closing the forest is not a sim-ple, easy decision Tons of factors go into the process and such an ac-tion is never taken without great care and considerable thought We must preserve our forest for future generations to enjoy River City Adventures, 212 W. Main (Highway 38), call 754-1748 ReNT A FuN SCOOTeR to buzz around town from River City Ad-ventures, a brand new Red River business! They re open 7 days a week, from 8 am to closing, and are located at the corner of Main Street and Bunker Hill Trail, across from the Red River Brewing Company You must be 18 or older with a valid driver s license from your home state Helmets are required and are provided The vehicles are for single riders only no passengers The scooters can operate within the 30 mph speed limit of town The west end limit would be Tenderfoot Trail and the east end would be at the Red River Stables at the Y, Lyles says unlike the OHVs, the scooters may travel on Main Street We want to keep them on the pave-ment because they are not dirt bikes River City Adventures is the effort of long-time Red Riverite Ricky Lyles and his daughter Lynz who has returned to town after working 10 years in Colorado Lyles, who says he retired from work - although I ll never retire from working - says the business features brand new 49cc Honda scooters Lyles came to Red River from Amarillo/Canyon TX and was about 6 years old when his family built their first house in 1964 in the Ten-derfoot area on the west side A motocross racer after high school, he moved to Red River full-time in 1974 and admits to working for the RRSA ski patrol, Sitzmark Sports, Red River Mining Company, Texas Reds, Public Works from 1982 to 1995, and the NM Highway Dept Thanks to my family and friends, life is good! The bizbitsForty-nine CCs Of FunTh e Re d Ri v eR Mi n eRJu l y 5, 20183Bill Mackey Box 5357 Last Quarter TrailRed River NM 87558O Small SupermarketWith Everything That The Resort Visitor NeedsAdditionally We Offer A Full Beer, Liquor And Wine Department Featuring Many Fine New Mexico And Regional MeatProduce & DairyFrozen & Deli Departments307 W. Main St. Red River575-754-2974RED RIVER MINER - Send it to me now!Yearly Subscription Rates: $25 - You pick it up/ $60 - We mail it Name ________________________________________ ____________________ Address ________________________________________ __________________ Town __________________________________ State _____ Zip ___________ Send to: Red River Miner, P O Box 735, Red River NM 87558RED RIVER MINERPublished weekly by Shepherd Studio FRITZ DAVIS KeRRY SHePHeRD Editor Publisher CONTRIBuTING WRITeRSAlyce Lindberg Densow Ann Huskinson Slim Randles PHOTOGRAPHeR - Todd Michael Ye a r lY Su bS c r i p t i o n ra t eS$25 - Picked up $60 - Mailed $20 - OnlineSend all correspondence and address changes to:The editorP O Box 735, Red River NM 87558(575) 754-2742 us On Facebook:TheRedRiverMiner 2018 Red River Minerth eKnot Hole321 e Main St Red River575-754-1730Antiques & CollectiblesRegional FoodsRustic & unique HomeAccessoriesTh e Re d Ri v eR Mi n eR4Ju l y 5, 2018Brett s Bistro a t Lifts Westopen DaiLy Lunch & DinnerspecialssteaK, steaK,steaK!CoLD Beer & fine Wines201 W. Main st. red river 575-754-9959 Yes, as of Wednesday, June 27, the Kit Carson National Forest that surrounds Red River is closed to the public due to the drought condi-tions that cover most of the American Southwest The Town of Red River, however, is still OPeN and offers plenty of activities and entertainment for vacation fun in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico The Red River Community House offers over 400 activities and events during the summer for all ages, from the youngsters to seniors The fun is always FRee and there is no charge to sit in the rocking chairs on the porch and enjoy a beautiful day in the mountains Live music fans, Red River has it happening around town, with night-ly entertainment at the Lost Love Saloon, and special weekend shows at the Motherlode, Bull O The Woods, Red River Brewing Company, Major Bean s at Mountain Treasures, The Tip Restaurant, plus jams at the Juice Caboose and the Community House Michael Martin Murphey will be performing 11 shows this season at the Rockin 3M Ranch Am-phitheater at the former Bitter Creek Guest Ranch Did you know: Red River stocks the river with 150 lbs of trout each week during summer, as well as another 150 lbs. in the two town fishing ponds? The Red River that runs famously through the heart of town is still open for fishing on the town side of the river. The recent comple-tion of the River Restoration program by the state of New Mexico has created some spectacular angling opportunities in the heart of town The Willow Pond located across from the Ski Area on Claim Jumper Road is open and free to anyone with a valid NM fishing license. There are also three lodges in town that offer fishing from their private ponds. eukie s Dip & Tip Painting is held every Friday at Lifts West Condo-minium Hotel on Main Street next to Brandenburg Park eukie supplies all the goodies necessary for a rewarding art experience You don t have to be Kenneth Wyatt to enjoy the fun of creating Speaking of Kenneth Wyatt, the Red River Gallery of Fine Art on Pioneer Road is open and features the works of the prolific Wyatt family. Kenneth s depiction of the American West, Old and New, is his trade-mark, although his Christian Art is gaining world-wide recognition Bobcat Pass Adventure Company is taking horseback rides on private land, and the internationally known Cowboy evenings, celebrating 27 years of Western hospitality, is booking Tuesday, Thursday, and Sat-urday nights In addition to a great steak dinner and genuine cowboy grub, plus cinnamon rolls, there is live entertainment from NM Cowboy singer Syd Masters and Michael Smith, who is also a wrangler around the corrals when he s not singing The Red River Stables, located at the Y on the east side of town, is also offering trail rides on historic private lands PlENTy TO dO & sEE!RED RIVER COMMUNITY HOUSE FAMILY BINGOEVERY monDAY & THURSDAY AT 6 PmJUnE 4 THRU SEPTEmBER 2710 games for $20 & 2 buy-in games (winnings up to $2500)Major Bean Coffee and Sandwich Company is a coffee and sandwich shop serving cleaner less processed food & freshly roasted coffee. NOW SERVING BEER & WINEOPEN 7 AM DAILYFritz Davis & Johnny Malm - Sun. 4-6 PMOrder on the Go: Text MAJORBEAN to 3373320% Off Your First Online Order Order Online: East Main - 575-754-2700 Keep It Simple & Fresh By Alyce Lindberg Densow Hurrah for the flag, that grand old flag red, white and blue Genius has no gender Cour-age has no limits Happiness comes out of con-tentment and contentment always comes out of service Yogi Bhajan To see what is right and not do it, is want of courage Con-fucius Never undertake anything for which you wouldn t have the cour-age to ask the blessings of heav-en George C Lichtenberg Just recently I saw the movie Yankee Doodle Dandy the life and times of George M Cohan and his family, father, mother, sis-ter entertainers all Their theatri-cal career began in the 1800s when George played Peck s Bad Boy on the Victorian stage, along with his family It went on through WWlI, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt called him to the White House and presented to him the Congressional Medal of Honor for his patriotic plays, mu-sicals and songs George M Cohan was the first entertainer-actor-playwright-songwriter to receive the Congres-sional Medal of Honor It was 1942 and he died a short time later at age 64 It was thought, and rightly so, that Cohan s patriotic musicals fur-thered the war effort in both WWI and WWlI According to historians, he was a very patriotic man, having tried to enlist in America s army in WWI, 1917, at age 39 He was re-jected, not because he was physi-cally unfit but because the cutoff age for the draft was 31 So Cohan went home and wrote his fine musical pieces, pumping up the war effort all over America, particularly with the songs which came out of his efforts 1 write for the common man because I know what the common man wants, he once said, when asked about his successes he rarely had a failure Cohan did a great deal for WWI, a time when America was isola-tionist, resisting getting into the war, much less helping europeans fighting Germany, It wasn t until a German sub-marine sank the Lusitania that America declared war This movie, which I saw on June 14-18, ought to be playing in every theater all over America to remind us of what our country is all about a tough, pugnacious, truly patriotic country of citizens who responded to every crisis with a tremendous derring-do, much like the character of George M Cohan himself But, wait, he was also old-fashioned in his love of family He honored his mother and sister and finally, when his father was the only one of the three left, wept at his bedside as the father lay dying It was a caring family, together all their lives, all for one and one for all, as the saying goes He had a partner until his elder age, without ever a signed contract Their hand-shake was their contract, they said It tells a lot about the way a boy was raised by a family-oriented people who loved each other and their adopted country openly and unashamedly It reminded me of how it was back then in a simpler time when we revered our country, our flag, our leaders And how much our men and women gave to bring an end to WWI a horrible and deadly war of nerve gas fought from trench to trench, with thou-sands dead, dying or wounded by its end And how we rallied to WWII, fighting on the european and Pacific fronts again, with that isolationist streak, not getting into the war until the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in 1941 A young child, I sat in front of our radio, glued to FDR s famous speech, and to all his fireside chats I was one who revered him and First Lady eleanor for what they did for America all through the Great Depression and the fury of WWII I still do And that great scholar and in-tellectual, Woodrow Wilson, who sought to form the united Nations to assure peace forever There has never been another two like them since Abraham Lincoln All three gave their lives for this country, FDR in his early sixties, worn out by the trauma and turmoil of war and the securing of a humane peace Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Winston Churchill! Has there ever been two such like them since? How grateful we can be for those two fearless leaders On this July Fourth, two-thou-sand-and-eighteen, let us remem-ber our history and those who have given so much Let us never forget the kind of men and women who have carried this country on their shoulders The leaders and those in the trenches Democracy can become a fragile thing if we, each one of us, do not treat it with the respect and care it deserves PS: George M Cohan s family were Jewish immigrants PPS: FDR once said, We are all immigrants in this land His ancestry was Dutch Till Next Time FARM, RANCH & RECREATIONAL REAL ESTATEBEAU MCDOWELLQualifying Broker, New Mexico1371 East Main StreetRed River, New MexicoCELL: in the Red River area since 2005 Th e Re d Ri v eR Mi n eRJu l y 5, 20185TY S THAI SALAD This recipe comes from Trisha Yearwood s TV program I hope you ll try it it really is very good For some reason I think it s great with fried chicken!INGReDIeNTS: 1 head Napa cabbage, shredded 1 head red cabbage, shredded 1 large cucumber, seeded and julienned 1 bag (10 oz) shelled edamame, cooked 2 carrots, peeled and coarsely grated 2 green onions, thinly slicedDReSSING: 2 cups olive oil 1 cups finely chopped cilantro 1 cup sugar 2 cloves garlic, finely minced Juice of 2 limes tsp salt tsp pepper 1 avocado, peeled and finely slicedDIReCTIONS: In a large bowl toss the Napa and red cabbage Add cucumber, edamame, carrots and green onions Toss well FOR THe DReSSING: Put oil, cilantro, sugar, garlic, lime juice, salt and pepper into a blender and blend until smooth To serve you can either pile the salad on a plate or in an indi-vidual bowl and pour some dressing over the top or you can pour dressing over the entire bowl of salad greens and toss well Top each serving with avocado slices Any questions? Contact me at: ann huskinson@cebridge net Ride MineRs tRansitit s FRee! Call 770-5959 FOR PiCKUPMexican RestaurantOPEN FORDiNNER 5-9 PM754-2971High St. & Copper KingTHETh e Re d Ri v eR Mi n eR6Ju l y 5, 2018THIs WEEK IN REd RIVER*Michael Martin Murphey s american WestFestJuly 4-8 Brandenburg Park & Conference Center*Vendor Booths & Chuckwagon Open - Thu-Sat 10am, Sunday 9am THuRsday, July 510am Fitness Fun in the Mountains - Red River Community House 10am-5pm Local Artist exhibit & Sale - Red River Community House11am-12pm Chair Yoga for Seniors - Red River Community House 12:15 *Gareth Laffley - Brandenburg Park 12:45 *Carin Mari - Brandenburg Park 2pm *Brennan Murphey - Brandenburg Park 3pm *Native American Demonstration - Brandenburg Park 3:30pm *Ryan Murphey - Brandenburg Park 4:15 *Mountain Men Demonstration - Brandenburg Park4-5pm Wild West Music - Frye s Old Town5pm Moreno Valley Cowboy evenings - Bobcat Pass - Res: 575-754-2769 5pm *Michael Hearne - Brandenburg Park6-7pm Bingo - Red River Community House 7pm *Murphey & Friends - Brandenburg Park 8:30pm *Gareth Laffley - Brandenburg Park6-9pm Mike Addington - Lost Love Saloon 8-10pm Movies in the Mountains (The Lego Batman Movie) - Community House 8:30pm eagle eye Williamson - Bull O the Woods SaloonFRIday, July 610am Yoga with Carol - Red River Community House 10am-5pm Local Artists exhibit & Sale - Red River Community House11am-12pm Volleyball - Red River Community House 12:15pm *Gareth Laffley - Brandenburg Park 1pm *Native American Demonstration - Brandenburg Park 1:30pm *Michael Hearne & Shake Russell - Brandenburg Park 2-3pm Games on the Lawn - Red River Community House 2:30pm *Mountain Men Demonstration - Brandenburg Park 2:45pm *Max Gomez - Brandenburg Park 3-4pm Storytime on the Steps - Red River Community House 4pm *Robert Mirabal - Brandenburg Park 4-6pm Jammin on the Porch - Red River Community House 5:30pm *Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis - Brandenburg Park6-8:30pm eukie s Paint and Sip Party - Lift s West Condominiums6-9pm Mike Addington - Lost Love Saloon 7pm *Murphey & Friends - Brandenburg Park 7-8:30pm Music in the Mountains w/ Higher Ground - Community House 8:30pm eddie & the eat - Bull O the Woods Saloon 8:30pm *Gareth Laffley - Brandenburg Park 9pm Bri Bagwell - Motherlode Saloon OPEN RIVER COMMUNITY HOUSE MUSIC IN THE MOUNTAINSpresentsfRiDAY - JUnE 29Dale & GaleSUnDAY - JUlYS 8San Luis Valley Big BandfRiDAY - JUlY 20Bill HearneSATURDAY - AUgUST 4Lindseys and HamiltonsMUSIC STARTS - 7 pM Jammin on the Porch 4-6fRiDAY - JUnE 22Fritz Davis & Johnny MalmfRiDAY - JUlY 6Higher GroundfRiDAY - JUlY 13Byrd and StreetfRiDAY - JUlY 27The RiftersfRiDAY - AUgUST 10Highway 38 HoundogsSelling Red River Since 1962!LINDA CALHOuNQu a l i f y i n g BR o k eRLa n d Ho m e s Co m m e rC i a L Pr o P e rt y800-765-0262 575-754-2953 301 W. Ma i n (ne xT T o de R Ma R k T) BROKERsKaty Pierce Rachel Swigart Lindsey Casali Th e Re d Ri v eR Mi n eRJu l y 5, 20187saTuRday, July 79am-11am Red River History Hike - Red River Community House10am-5pm Local Artists exhibit & Sale - Red River Community House 11am-12pm Line Dancing Lessons - Red River Community House 11am-1pm Music on Top featuring John Karl Malm - RRSArea (Tip Restaurant) 12:15pm *Gareth Laffley - Brandenburg Park 12:30pm *Mikki Daniel - Brandenburg Park 1pm *Native American Demonstration - Brandenburg Park 1:45pm *Andy Hedges - Brandenburg Park 2:15pm *Mountain Men Demonstration - Brandenburg Park 3pm *Kristyn Harris - Brandenburg Park 3-4pm Boat Building and Races - Red River Community House4-5pm Frye s Old Town Gunfights - Frye s Old Town 4:15pm *Carin Mari - Brandenburg Park 5pm Moreno Valley Cowboy evenings - Bobcat Pass - Res: 575-754-27695:30pm *R W Hampton - Brandenburg Park6pm *Murphey & Friends - Brandenburg Park 6-9pm Mike Addington - Lost Love Saloon 6:30-7:30pm S mores & Storytelling - Red River Community House 7-8pm Line Dancing - Red River Community House 7:30pm *Gareth Laffley - Brandenburg Park 8:30pm Oddfellas - Bull O the Woods SaloonsuNday, July 810am *Cowboy Church - Brandenburg Park11am *Michael Martin Murphey & RW - Brandenburg Park 2pm *Vendor Booths Close 2:30-3:30pm Hobbies in the House - Red River Community House 4-6pm Fritz & John Karl Malm live at Major Bean @ Mountain Treasures 6-9pm Mike Addington - Lost Love Saloonall EVENTs suBJECT TO CHaNGE WITHOuT NOTICEFor more information call the Visitor s Center at 575-754-3030 or visit redriver org REd RIVER sKI & suMMER aREa aCTIVITIEs - Weather Permittingscenic summer Chairlift - Open Sun-Thurs 9am-4pm Fri & Sat 9am-5pm Pioneer Flyer - Daily 12-7pm summer Mountain Tubing Daily 10am-5pm Hidden Treasure aerial Park - Open Daily, Sessions begin 9am-4:30pm Talk with a Ranger - Friday-Sunday Meet at The Tip by 11:00amEvening activities begin at 5:00 - Cowboy Dinner served at 6 pm Dinners most Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays all summer FEATURING S YD MASTERSwith opening entertainment by Michael SmithCome Join Us for Great Family Fun! Offering Horseback Riding and UTV Tours Daily with Package Discounts Concert Dates at REQUiRED575-754-27691670 Hwy 38 at Bobcat PassMORENO VALLEY COWBOY EVENINGSCelebrating 27 YearsA Traditional Baptist ChurchThe First Baptist Church of Red River Invites You to Worship with Us This SundaySunday WorShip ServiceS 8:15 & 10:30 am Ca s u a l Dr e s s ex p eC t eD103 High Cost Trail - West End of Town For Information please call 575-754-2882By Slim Randles We all watched as the flag came by. It was the first thing in the pa-rade, of course Great big one, carried by two of the kids from the ROTC at the high school The bands followed, along with the mounted patrol, the ski patrol in their summer-weight jackets, the float with the princesses on it, and the local kids leading dogs and cats some rather reluctantly on leashes For some of us, the Fourth of July parade is a chance to see just how much the local kids have grown over the past year For oth-ers, it s a chance to see something that is really ours This is our valley This is our town This is our parade These are our people These are the people who make our little valley unique in the whole world This is a chance for us all to get together and celebrate us, you know? But all that comes later What comes first on this day above all others is the American flag. Oh, it s a great big one Where they found this one, I don t know, but it takes two high school boys to carry it It really doesn t matter what size it is, because it s what it means to us that counts To Herb over there, there are memories of his terrible days in Korea, I m sure, and the wounds that sent him home early To Doc, maybe it s the way the G I Bill let him go back to college and ful-fill his life s dream of taking care of sick people To Annette, over across the street there, there is a look in her eyes that tells us that flag meant she could protest whatever the complaint-du-jour was during her college days She knows there are few places in the world this toler-ant of unpopular opinions And then there s Dewey down on the corner He s got his hand over his heart as the flag goes by. Maybe he s thinking of a coun-try that will allow him to start a business with a borrowed pickup and a shovel and supply our flow-er beds with fertilizer He sure wasn t able to make anything else work for him And today this accident-prone pal of ours has branched out into fishing worms and compost But these are just speculations, because what the flag means to each of us is personal We don t have to tell anyone We never have to explain We even have the freedom not to be here looking as the flag goes by. It s an American thing A very private American moment -------- Windy Wilson fans can listen to his philosophies on Home Coun-try with Slim Randles on your lo-cal country music station. home countryBOOK salEat the Library FIll a BaG - $5Bo o k s, au d i o sTh e Re d Ri v eR Mi n eR8Ju l y 5, 20187:30 AM - 8 PMOPeN DAILY8 AM - 9 PM 416 W. Main Red River200 E. Main Red Riverupcoming 2018summer eventsBuckaroo BallAugust 3High Mountain 1/2 Marathon & 5K August 4 Dulcimer FestivalAugust 4-6 The God GeneF Paul Wilson Rick s brother, Keith, a promi-nent zoologist at NYu, walks out of his office one day and disap-pears The only clue they have is his brother s book, which mentions the God Gene A million or so years ago, a gene designated hsa-mir-3998 appeared as if by magic from the junk DNA of the hominids who eventually evolved into Homo sapiens It be-came a key player in brain develop-ment specifically creativity and laymen started calling it the God Gene Keith had been track-ing this gene through the evolution-ary tree, and was excited by an odd blue-eyed primate he brought back from east Africa But immediately after running the creature s genetic code, he destroyed all the results and vanished Rick and Laura s search takes them to an uncharted island in the Mozambique Channel, home of the dapis blue-eyed primates whose DNA hides a world-shattering se-cret The God Gene takes you to the edge of evolutionary theory and be-yond way beyond agent in PlaceMark Greaney Fresh off his first mission back with the CIA, Court Gentry secures what seems like a cut-and-dried contract job: A group of expats in Paris hires him to kidnap the mis-tress of Syrian dictator Ahmed Az-zam to get intel that could destabi-lize Azzam s regime Court delivers Bianca Medina to the rebels, but his job doesn t end there She soon re-veals that she has given birth to a son, the only heir to Azzam s rule and a potent threat to the Syrian president s powerful wife Now, to get Bianca s cooperation, Court must bring her son out of Syria alive With the clock ticking on Bi-anca s life, he goes off the grid in a free-fire zone in the Middle East and winds up in the right place at the right time to take a shot at bring-ing one of the most brutal dictator-ships on earth to a close Synopsis courtesy of e Re d Ri v eR Mi n eR9Ju l y 5, 2018SUDOKU63 47 5 1718 9 37 5 19 89 34 6 28 9 3124 6 29 43FRITZ & FRIENdsMajor Bean/Mt. TreasuressuNday 4-6 PMDe s i g n e r Bu i lD e RemodelServing the Enchanted Circle since 1987Chris Peterson GB 98 #57877 417 High St. Red Em Out! - Recent Arrivals Legal Notice#870TOWN OF RED BOX 1020RED RIVER, NM 87558PUBLIC HEARINGAt a regular meeting of the Red River Town Council held June 26, 2018, Ordinance 2018-01 was adopted; title as summary as follows, title and summary as follows: AN ORDINANCE RE-PEALING ORDINANCE 2016-0 AND AMENDING ORDINANCE 2000-05 ARTICLE 21 SIGNS SECTIONS A THROUGH P; PROVIDING FOR PENALTY FOR VIOLA-TION AND AN EFFEC-TIVE DATE THEREOF. This Ordinance will be-come effective five (5) days after publication of the title and general sum-mary as provided by RaelMunicipal ClerkPUB. 7/5/18Legal Notice#871TOWN OF RED BOX 1020RED RIVER, NM 87558PUBLIC HEARINGAt a regular meeting of the Red River Town Council held June 26, 2018, Ordinance 2018-01 was adopted; title as summary as follows, title and summary as follows: AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDI-NANCE 2008-02, SEC-TION 42; RELATING TO EMPLOYEE GROUP HEALTH INSURANCE; ESTABLISHING A RE-VISED BENEFIT PLAN ADDING ELECTED OF-FICIALS AND PROVID-ING OR THE REVISION OF THE TOWN S CON-TRIBUTION FOR EM-PLOYEES DEPEN-DENTS; PROVIDING FOR PENALTY FOR VI-OLATION AND AN EF-FECTIVE DATE THERE-OF. This Ordinance will become effective five (5) days after publication of the title and general sum-mary as provided by RaelMunicipal ClerkPUB. 7/5/18lEGal NOTICEs1st Baptist church of red rivervAcAtion BiBLe scHooLJuLy 9-13 9 Am - 12:30 pmAges preschool-14LuncH proviDeD103 High cost trail - West end of townTh e Re d Ri v eR Mi n eRJu l y 5, 201810bUllEtin bOARDCross Christian Fellowship Standing in the GapThe Way Coffee - 201 W. Main StNon Denominational ChurchSundays 9:30 am and 5:30 pm, Tuesdays 6:30 pm505-600-5859Faith Mountain Fellowship ChurchCorner of River St. & Copper King TrailWednesday - Classes 7 pmSunday Worship Service - 10:30 amPastor ed Hampton - 754-6653First baptist Church of Red River103 High Cost TrailSunday School - 9:30 amSunday Contemporary Worship - 8:15 amSunday Worship - 10:30 amWednesday - Kids Program - 5:30-7:30 pmPastor: Joe Phillips - 754-2882Red River Community House116 E. Main Mornings June-SeptemberCoffee & Fellowship - 10:15 amWorship Service - 10:30 amMore Details at redrivercommunityhouse comSt. Edwin s Catholic ChurchNorth End of Silver Bell TrailSunday Obligation Mass Saturday 6 pm (Confession preceding or by appt )Rev Andrew Ifele - 586-0470St. James Episcopal s at north end of Silver Bell Trail Worship: 2nd & 4th Wednesdays - 5:30 PM All are Welcome - Info: 575 758-2790 Fellowship of the ParksOne mile north of stoplight in QuestaWorship - 11 am - Pastor - Shon DiazQuesta Church of ChristTwo miles north of stoplight on 522Worship Services - 10:15 amSt. Mel s Catholic Church200 N. Willow Creek Dr., Eagle NestSunday Obligation Mass on Saturday 4:00 pmWORSHiP SERviCESSUppORT THE RED RIVER HISTORICAL SOCIETY! For only $10 a year you can be a mem-ber and help us preserve the history of our town and maintain our museum Your contribution will also enable you to attend special members-only events like the Black Copper gathering at sites usually closed to the public Don t miss out! Join now by mailing your dues to Red River Historical Society at P O Box 384, Red River NM 87558a&b auTOMOTIVE Locked Vehicle entry Interstate Batteries Windshield Rock Chip Repairs113 Bunker Hill Tr. 754-2433___________________yOGa WITH CaROl 10:00 A M Mondays & Wednesdays at Lifts WestFridays at Community House817/371-4800________________bUllEti nbOARD RAtESClassIFIEd$5 for first 10 words 10 each additional wordsERVICEs - $12 (5 lines max)NO GRaPHICs!For rentEfficiency Apartmentutilities included No smoking References and deposit required Contact Dirk at The Candy Crate 575-754-2925 _________________long-Term Monthly Rentals PIONEER lOdGE utilities IncludedNeed References575-779-8601__________________ _________HOusEKEEPERs WaNTEdREsORT REalTyFull and part time positions available in daytime and evening hours Starting at $11 50 an hour Cleaning luxury vacation rentals Call 575-754-2927 and ask for Brittany or apply in person _________________________POsITION aVaIlaBlEFull time guest services position $11-$12 an hour! Must have own vehicle Schedule must be flexibleMust have customer service experienceApply in person or contact Brittany at Resort Realty 575-754-2927 REd RIVER sTORaGE uNITs 10 x 10 10 x 15 10 x 20 10 x 25 575-770-0829575-754-6413 _____________POsITION aVaIlaBlEPart-time office assistant position available at the Red River Chamber of Commerce This person will answer phones and greet visitors This person will also need to work some nights and weekends during the Chamber s events (twelve a year) Must possess computer skills, be detail oriented and be able to multi-task Social media skills is a plus Must have friendly upbeat attitude and be knowledgeable about Red River Th e Re d Ri v eR Mi n eR11Ju l y 5, 2018 main street, red riverout of the past - 1956 Jessie Long and family came every summer from Wichita Falls. Here she poses for the camera in front of the Post Office and Prunty s Cabins before Main Street was paved They are still coming after four generations (Courtesy earline Long-Zlotkowski)

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