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Reaching the Peak of Your Profession Has its Perks

The Certi˜cation that sets you apart. Protecting the workplace. Protecting our communities. The man-date for health and safety becomes more far-reaching with every




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Kim Castillon, CIHABIH DirectorThe Mark of ProfessionalismReaching the Peak of Your ProfessionHas its PerksThe personal satisfaction alone is worth pursuing your the perks of reaching the peak are broader than that con dentsmile on your face: A competitive edge in job placement or advancement Increased professional stature, peer recognition Instant credibility throughout the world Public/governmental recognition A broader knowledge base Access to IH contracts requiring certi cation 6015 West St. Joseph, Suite 102, Lansing, Michigan 48917P: (517) 321-2638 F: (517) 321-4624 E: Since obtaining myCIH, I have bene tedfrom opportunitiesthat I would not havehad with peers,colleagues and clientsnationally and internationally. It hasbeen and continuesto be a very rewardingand bene cialachievement andmilestone in mycareer. The CIH is accredited by ANSI to ISO 17024 personnel certi cation,making it globally acknowledged and transportable wherever yourcareer takes Certi cation that sets you apart. Protecting the workplace. Protecting our communities. The man-date for health and safety becomes more far-reaching with every passing year and with it, the demand for quali ed industrial hygienists. Opportunities abound for professionals trained to antici-pate, recognize, evaluate, prevent and control hazardous conditions. If you re going to compete for those opportunities in today s world, you need to stand out from the crowd. It s not enough simply to be certi ed. You need the certi cation that stands head and shoulders above the rest. Certi ed Industrial Hygienist (CIH) is the gold standard in certi cation for the industrial hygiene profession. The credential that requires the industry s most demanding measure of education, experience and examination. The credential held by only a select group of professionals worldwide. A CIH behind your name identi es youas being among the best of the best. 1. Determine Your Eligibility. If everyone quali ed, being a CIH wouldn t be the mark of distinction that it is. CIH candidates must possess: A bachelor s degree with coursework in science, math or engineering, and additional coursework or training in IH 3-4 years of broad-based professional-level IH experience The level of knowledge needed to pass the rigorous day-long examination2. Prepare. Depth of preparation depends on the depth of your technical knowledge. If you have the education and the experience, motivation is your most important Take the Examination. Computer-based examinations are o ered in the spring and fall of each year at over 350 testing sites worldwide. You receive your results immediately upon completion of your examination. Someone once said, If you never set a goal, you will always achieve it. Make the CIH your next career goal and take control of your future. In no time, you ll be a member of this elite group of professionals and reaping the rewards. What are you waiting for? Every day you delay is another day of fewer options and lost opportunities. Take the rst step: Visit Find out more about this monumental milestone in your IH career and how you can attain it. Only a fraction of the IH professionals across the globe can call themselves Certi ed Industrial Hygienists. If you have the quali cations, passion and dedi-cation, put the three letters behind your name that shout to the world that you re at the top of your game. For a FREE consultation on youreligibility or how to achieveyour CIH certi cation, contact ABIH at517-321-2638or you ve got what it takes, you can have your CIH in thetime it takes to:Regulations change. Technology advances. New hazards and solutions emerge. It is critical that Certi ed IndustrialHygienists continue to enhance their knowledge and skillsthroughout their careers. All Diplomates participate in aCerti cation Maintenance program which encourages ethical and professional growth ensuring that your CIHis a certi cation you never outgrow, lasting for the lifeof your occupational hygiene career. Maintaining Your CIH

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