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Quicklub Lubrication Systems Fittings, Adapters …

27 Quicklub® Lubrication Systems Fittings, Adapters and Accessories Zerk-Lock™ and Quicklinc® Make Connecting Fast Quicklinc line connectors and adapters link ...




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26Quicklub Lubrication SystemsDivider Valve Mounting AccessoriesModel mounting bracket51304 " nylon locknut for valve mounting247023Grade 8, " valve mounting bolt239499Template for divider valve mounting (6, 8, 10 and 12 outlet valves)252807Valve mounting block for welding2499876mm bolt to be used with the 252807272569Lock washer for valve mountingStandard Compression Fittings for Steel or Nylon TubingModel " tube x " NPT male straight fitting241293 " tube x " NPT male 90 fittingDivider Valve Outlet Adapters for " Steel or Nylon Tubing Compression-Style With Check ValveModel "404-22602-1Compression nut504-31606-3Check valve body404-22581-2FerruleDivider Valve Outlet Adapters for " Steel or Nylon Tubing Compression-Style Without Check ValveModel nut404-23668-1Compression nut (stainless steel)404-22581-2FerruleDivider Valve Outlet Adapters for " HoseModel outlet adapter with check ( " NPT female)239959Valve outlet adapter without check ( " NPT female)For SSVM Valves Compression FittingModel Line Connection13112Compression nutBrass " Steel or Nylon Tube419-22990-1Adapter419-22618-2Ferrule 519-30583-1Check valve bodyNOTE: Quicklub adapters without check valves are for use in oil systems with open tube (minimal backpressure). Quicklub adapters with check valves are for use in all automated , Adapters and Accessories27Quicklub Lubrication SystemsFittings, Adapters and AccessoriesZerk-Lock and Quicklinc Make Connecting FastQuicklinc line connectors and adapters link metering valves and flexible lubrication lines. Outlet adapters with check valves are used in automated systems, while models without a check valve are used in manual systems called single point kits where a divider valve connected to several lubrication points is fed with a grease Quicklinc tube splicer union is a great way to fix a broken line without replacing the whole line. Just clean the line ends, plug them into the connector and the line s lube point connectors are ideal when fittings can be removed easily. All three varieties straight, 90-degree elbow and elbow swivel connect much faster than using a typical screw connector, which requires assembly of four is Lincoln s other great time-saving connector. When removing a fitting is not practical, the Zerk-Lock grease fitting adapter is the answer. It connects any 1 8-inch male tube adapter directly to a grease fitting. Even when a fitting is self-tapered or pressed in, there s no need to drill it out and tap new threads with Zerk-Lock a tremendous time and Zerk-Lock are designed to work well together. It s as simple as:Quicklinc Push-In Style Fittings for Nylon TubingDivider Valve Outlet Adapters for " Nylon Tubing Quicklinc Push-In StyleModel outlet fitting with check244884Valve outlet fitting without checkDivider Valve Outlet & Inlet Adapters for " Hose Quicklinc Push-In Style with CheckModel outlet fitting with check - 10mm272659 " tube x " NPT male straight fittingModel " tube x " NPT male straight fitting244048 " tube x " NPT male 90 fitting243699 " tube x " NPT male 90 swivel fitting244053 " tube x " -28 male 90 swivel fitting244054 " tube x " -28 male 90 fitting244055 " tube x " -28 male straight fitting244056 " tube x 6 mm male 90 fitting244057 " tube x 6 mm straight fitting244058 " tube x " tube splicer unionIMPORTANT: Use the valve adapters for connecting the " high pressure hose (incl. hose stud with groove) to the main divider valve. The collet of the adapter is not knurled and has a wide Quicklinc rubber boot1. Install a Quicklinc into the divider valve and insert the line2. Place a Zerk-Lock onto the fitting3. Seal and tighten Zerk-Lock using a hammer and staking tool4. Then thread a Quicklinc completely into the Zerk-Lock5. And plug the tube into the Quicklinc adapter28Quicklub Lubrication SystemsDivider Valve Outlet Closure PlugModel outlet closure plug (gasket not required)303-19346-2Stainless steel outlet closure plug (gasket not required) " Supply and Feed Line HoseMin. BurstLube Working Pressure Nominal SizeMinimum Bending RadiusConstructionIDOD10,000 psig 690 bar4000 psig / 276 bar " "3 "Nylon Tube Dacron Braid Polyurethane CoverHose Ends for Use with Quicklinc FittingsModel stud, 90 (to be used with 272427)272401Hose stud, straight (to be used with 272427)272427Threaded sleeve274238Stainless steel hose stud sleeve274239Stainless steel straight hoseHose Ends for " HoseModel " NPT swedge on hose stud (Requires swedging tool)246002 " NPT field installable hose coupling (swedging tool not required)276954 " NPT swedge on hose fitting with swivel (requires swedging tool)Hose End Connecting ToolsModel Swedging Tool274062Hand vise for quick connect and reusable hose endsFeed Line Nylon TubingFittings, Adapters and AccessoriesModel Thickness in. / mmWorking Pressure Minimum Bending Radiuspsigbar24202525 ft. / M coil grease filled " / / ft. / M coil grease filled62357100 M coil non-grease filled247022500 ft. ( ) coil non-grease filled27404725 ft. / M coil grease filled " / / ft. / M coil grease filled274049100 M coil non-grease filled274050500 M coil non-grease filledModel ft. ( ) coil grease filled24128735 ft. ( ) coil grease filled24128840 ft. ( ) coil grease filled252717200 ft ( ) coil non-grease filled29Quicklub Lubrication SystemsSteel TubingModel ( x Wall)Working .020"25 m4400 psig / 300 barCoilNylon TubingModel ( x Wall)Working PressureMinimum Bending ".026"25 m625 psig / "62278100 m62956500 ft/152 mPipe Thread AdaptersBulkhead AdaptersModel " PTF " / mm " -28 " / mm140541 " PTF " / mm " -28 " / mm131552 " PTF " / mm " -28 " / mmModel " NPT male x " NPT male nipple10181 " NPT male x " NPT female adapter, 1 " long10182 " NPT male x " female adapter, " long145622 outlet " NPT x " NPT junction block145634 outlet " NPT x " NPT junction block81583Junction Block, " NPT14570Anchor block276407 " NPT male x " NPT female x " NPT femaleGrease FittingsModel NPTF90 NPTF200243 " -28 THD " NPT " / " / mm NPSF 200261 sq. -28 Taper90 PTF2002821 sq. PTF45 PTF2002911 sq. PTF90 PTF24761621 -28 Taper45 PTF27663121 sq. -28 Taper90 NPTFFittings, Adapters and Installation AccessoriesModel " NPT threaded straight leakproof fitting242125Plastic grease fitting capStyle 2Style 1Fittings, Adapters and Accessories51055 " threadStyle 3Style 1Style 2No. 5105530Quicklub Lubrication SystemsZerk-Lock Grease Fitting AdapterFittings, Adapters and AccessoriesConnects any " NPTF male tube adapter directly to a standard grease , carbon steel construction; fluorocarbon elastomer in. / mm270784 " NPSL / / / :Zerk-Lock, with a straight female thread, is designed to accept a tube connector with a tapered male thread. This tapered to straight thread engagement is required for secure " NPT male x " NPT female 90 swivel91308 " NPT male x " NPT female straight swivelStreet TeeModel " NPT male x " NPT female x " NPT femaleAdapter Unions and LocknutsModel " NPT male x " NPT female swivel adapter union51055 " threadInstallation/Assembly ToolsModel Tube & Hose Cutter226-13095-7Replacement Blade241238Hose Swedging Tool274062Hand vise for quick connect and reusable hose ends532-31847-1Tool for Loosening Quickline-Type Fittings276424Quicklub Spare Parts KitModel tool for the 270784 Zerk Lock fittingMetric Adapters*Model male x " NPSF female straight20043M6X1 male x " NPSF female 90 244201 " BSPT male x " NPT female thread103307EM6X1 male x 1/4" - 28 SAE female103308EM8X1 male x 1/4" - 28 SAE female103309EM10X1 male x 1/4" - 28 SAE female241650 " BSPT male x " NPT female thread* Contact Lincoln for a complete metric Quicklub Lubrication SystemsSystem Finishing AccessoriesModel line bundling spiral wrap (10 ft. / 3 m length)241120Feed line bundling spiral wrap (20 feet/6m of spiral wrap)276693300 feet of spiral wrap241055Nylon ties (50 count poly bag) 7" / m length241054Nylon ties (100 count poly bag) 7" / m length27409720 feet/6m of " convoluted loom/split wrap27409820 feet/6m of " convoluted loom/split wrap27409920 feet/6m of " convoluted loom/split wrapPump Mounting Bracket and Hardware for 203 Series and QLS 300 & 400 Series PumpsModel mounting bracket for 203/301/401/653 Series pumps24920912 mm x 1 " long grade 8 bolt for pump bracket274820Pump and primary valve mounting bracketStand Offs for Mounting SSV Valves, P-Clamps and Angle IronModel mounting block for welding2499876mm bolt to be used with the 25280724985012mm round stand off27092812mm square stand off24984812mm x " long bolt to be used with 249850 and 27092824985110mm round stand off24984910mm x " long bolt to be used with 249851Fittings, Adapters and AccessoriesQuick Wrap for Line Bundling and ProtectionQuick split wrap makes bundling and protecting lube lines fast. It s as simple as:1. Place installation tool around group of lines2. Slide Quick Wrap onto line bundleModel Tool RequiredApprox. Number of " TubeApprox. Number of " ID Hose276389 " Quick Wrap (164' roll)2766342 - 52 - 3276390 " Quick Wrap (100' roll)2766345 - 73 - 42763911" Quick Wrap (65' roll)2766357+4+

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