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Power Pack Installation Instructions For use with …

Wiring Power Pack Wiring the Power Pack depends on the application and the line voltage. Refer to the appropriate wiring diagram below. Turn Power OFF Before Wiring.




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Lutron is a registered trademark and microOS is atrademark of Lutron Electronics Co., Inc. 1997 Lutron Electronics Co., Lutron Power Pack (Diagram 1) is foruse with Lutron microOS Ceiling MountedOccupant Sensor and Lutron 0-10 VoltBallast Controls. The Power Packcombines a Class 2, 15VDC powersupply and a heavy duty Form A 1: PP-20Power PackOverviewPower PackInstallation InstructionsFor use with microOS CeilingMounted Occupant Sensor and0-10 Volt Ballast ControlsDiagram 2: MountingArrangementfor Power PackNutPowerWiresJunctionBoxPowerPackCla ss 2Check the ApplicationModel: PP-20Operating Voltage:120 or 277VACThe Power Pack can be used on either120 or 277 VAC circuits. Do not exceedthe following power ratings:16A Lutron Ballast @ 120VAC16A Lutron Ballast @ 277VACFor Applications with Lutron microOSOccupant SensorsA single Power Pack can power up to fiveLutron microOS Occupant Sensors(MOS-CM-15-WH). As many as tenPower Packs can be connected to oneoccupant sensor for switching Applications with Lutron 0-10 VoltBallast ControlsOne 0-10 Volt Ballast Control canoperate up to three Power , one Power Pack can not beused with more than one 0-10 VoltBallast 0-10 Volt wiring for this unit shouldnot exceed 500 feet with No. 20 AWGwire. Note: For long 0-10 Volt wiringruns, or where excessive electrical noiseexists, shielded cable or conduit InstructionsThe Power Pack is designed to bemounted in a 1/2-inch knockout of astandard junction box (supplied byothers) as shown in Diagram 2. The linevoltage connections to the power wiresare made inside the junction box. TheClass 2 wire connections must be madeoutside the junction Power PackWiring the Power Pack depends on the application and the line voltage. Referto the appropriate wiring diagram Power OFF Before Wiring. Do Not Wire : Locate and lock the supply breaker in the OFF position, orremove the supply fuse before Electronics Co., Suter RoadCoopersburg, PA 18036-1299 and printed in 11/97 P/N 031-193 Rev. AWarrantyLutron will, at its option, repair or replace any unit that isdefective in materials or manufacture within three years afterpurchase. For warranty service, return unit to place of purchaseor mail to LUTRON at 7200 Suter Road, Coopersburg, PA18036-1299, , postage warranty is in lieu of all other warranties, express orimplied, and the implied warranty of merchantability islimited to three years from purchase. This warranty does notcover the cost of installation, removal, or reinstallation, ordamage resulting from misuse, abuse, or damage resultingfrom improper wiring or warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may alsohave other rights which vary from state to state. Some states donot allow the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequentialdamages or limitations on how long an implied warranty maylast, so the above limitations may not apply to you.(Common)(Signal)(15VDC)RedBlueBlackO ccupant SensorBlueOrange (277V)*Black (120V )*BlueClass 2 Wiring(No. 20 AWG)*When wiring for 120 volt cap off the orange wire as wiring for 277 volt cap off the black wire and connectthe blue and orange wires to PackPP-20To AdditionalOccupant Sensors(5 total max.)BlackWhiteL utron Dimming BallastWhiteBlackOrangeRedYellowTo Additional Power Packs:Cap off the red wire on alladditional Power PacksLine VoltageWall ControlDiagram 3: Wiring With Occupant SensorDiagram 4: Wiring With 0-10 Volt Ballast ControlBlack (Switched Hot)WhitePurpleGrayBlack (Switched Hot)WhitePurpleGrayGrayPurpleBlueRedBlue To Additional Ballasts(Total of 60 Ballasts max.)0-10 VoltWall ControlBlueOrange (277V)*BlackBlack (120V )*BlueClass 2 Wiring(No. 20 AWG) 0-10 Volt Dimming BallastRedWhiteHotPower PackPP-20Neutral0-10V CONTROL SIGNAL WIRES DO NOT CONNECT TO LINE VOLTAGELutron is not liable for damage due to miswiring 0-10 Volt Dimming Ballast*When wiring for 120 volt cap off the orangewire as wiring for 277 volt cap off the blackwire and connect the blue and orange wiresto Technical andSales AssistanceIf you need assistance call thetoll-free Lutron TechnicalAssistance Hotline. Please provideexact model number when calling.(800) 523-9466 ( , Canada,and the Caribbean)other areas, call (610) 282-3800Fax (610) 282-3090

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