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1/24/05 boss mip–1860 heavy duty rack tensioner 4 10 7 1 8 17 2 21 12 11 20 6 5 17 3 18 9 16 15 19 14 13 key# description qty part# key# description qty part#




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1/24/05 boss MIP 1860 HEAVY DUTY RACK TENSIONER 41078121721121120651731891615191413 KEY# DESCRIPTION QTY PART# KEY# DESCRIPTION QTY PART# 1 Long Holding Pawl 1 M1860-1 12 Gripper Dog Pin 1 M1860-12 2 Short Holding Pawl 1 M1860-2 13 Gripper Dog 1 M1860-13 3 Nut 1 M1860-3 14 Base 1 M1860-14 4 Pulling Pawl Spring 1 M1860-4 15 Rack 1 M1860-15 5 Pulling Pawl 1 M1860-5 16 Set Screw 1 M1860-16 6 Tension Lever 1 M1860-6 17 Holding Pawl Spring 2 M1860-17 7 Ball Knob 1 M1860-7 18 Retaining Ring 1 M1860-18 8 Grip 1 M1860-8 19 Pivot Retaining Ring 1 M1860-19 9 Pinion 1 M1860-9 20 Flapper 1 M1860-20 10 Gripper Dog Spring 1 M1860-10 21 Pivot Pin 1 M1860-21 11 Pinion Shaft 1 M1860-11 Reference part number when ordering. Key wear part Read all operating & safety instructions. # Parts must be ordered together. MIP-1860 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Pull strapping from cart and bring around load. Push seal on with flat side of seal facing outside of strap. (Figure 1) 2. Slide end of strap through bottom of seal and fold over the end to form a hook. (Figure 2) 3. Push the top strap through the Rack (Key #15) and Flapper (Key #20) slot and under the Gripper Dog (Key #13) with the seal against the front of the tool. Be sure the strap is flush with the inside edge of the MIP-1860. (Figure 3) 4. Hold the tool above package and move the Tension Lever (Key #6) back and forth to tension. 5. Seal the pusher seal with an appropriate heavy-duty sealer, according to sealer manufacturer s instructions. 6. With seal secured, tilt the whole tool forward over the seal and back again approximately three times to bend and break the banding. SAFETY WARNINGS: Before operating the tool, review the enclosed MIP, Inc. General Hand Tools and Strapping Safety booklet. Only trained personnel should operate MIP, Inc. hand tools. Only use equipment recommended for the strap. The MIP-1860 is recommended only for 5/8 x .025 through 1-1/4 x .035 gauge steel. Dangerous breakage may occur due to excessive tensioning, possibly resulting in severe injury or death. Tension strap in moderation. Keep fingers away from areas that can pinch or cut. These areas are primarily located at the front of the tool. Review the instructions and safety material on a regular basis. Warning: Unsafe use may result in blindness, severe laceration, amputation, or death. Figure 1 FROM CART Figure 2 Figure 3

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