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MINOR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION WORKS CERTIFICATE (Requirements for electrical installations – BS 7671 (IEE Wiring Regulations) To be used only for minor electrical ...




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MINOR ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION WORKS CERTIFICATE(Requirements for electrical installations BS 7671 (IEE Wiring Regulations)To be used only for minor electrical work which does not include the provision of a new circuitPART 1: DETAILS OF THE MINOR WORKSDetails of departures from BS 7671:2008 (as amended)Client: Description of the minor worksLocation/address of the minor works PART 2: DETAILS OF THE MODIFIED CIRCUITSystem type and earthing arrangementTN-C-S TN-S TT TN-C IT Protective measure(s) against electric shock Overcurrent protective device for the modified circuit BS(EN) Type Rating AResidual current device (if applicable) BS(EN) Type I n mADetails of wiring system used to modify the circuit Type Reference method csa of lives mm2Csa of cpc mm2Where the measure for protection against electric shock is ADS, insert maximum disconnection time permitted by BS 7671:2008 s Maximum Zs permitted by BS 7671 Comments, if any, on existing installation: PART 3: INSPECTION AND TESTING OF THE MODIFIED CIRCUIT AND RELATED PARTS Essential inspections and tests Confirmation that necessary inspections have been undertaken ( ) Confirmation of the adequacy of earthing ( ) Circuit resistance R1 + R2 or R2 Confirmation of the adequacy of protective bonding ( )Insulation resistance:(* In a multi-phase circuit, recordthe lower value, as appropriate)Line/Line* M Confirmation of correct polarity ( )Line/Neutral* M Maximum measured earth fault loop impedance, Zs Instrument Serial No(s). Line/Earth* M RCD operating time at I n (if RCD fitted) ms Neutral/Earth M RCD operating time at 5I n, if applicable msAgreed limitations, if any, on the inspection and testing:PART 4: DECLARATIONI/We certify that the said works do not impair the safety of the existing installation, that the said works have been designed, constructed, inspected, tested and verified in accordance with BS 7671:2008 IEE Wiring Regulations, amended to and that the said works, to the best of my/our knowledge and belief, at the time of my/our inspection, the works complied with BS 7671 except as detailed in Part (CAPITALS) The results of the inspection and testing reviewed by the Qualified SupervisorFor and on behalf of (Trading Title of Electrical Contractor)Address and Postcode Name(CAPTIALS) Signature Position SignatureDate Date Registration Number (The registration number is essential information)NOTES FOR RECIPIENTTHIS CERTIFICATE IS A VALUABLE DOCUMENT AND SHOULD BE RETAINED FOR FUTURE REFERENCEThis Certificate has been issued to confirm that the electrical installation work to which it relates has been designed, constructed and inspected and tested in accordance with British Standard 7671, (IEE Wiring Regulations.)You should have received an original Certificate and the contractor should have retained a duplicate. If you were the person ordering this work, but not the owner of the installation, you should pass this certificate, or a copy of it, to the Minor Works Certificate is only to be used for additions, alterations or replacements to an installation that do not extend to the provision of a new circuit. Examples include the addition of a socket outlet or lighting point to an existing circuit, or the replacement or relocation of a light switch. A separate Certificate should have been received for each existing circuit on which minor works have been carried out. This Certificate is not valid if you requested the contractor to undertake more extensive installation work. An electrical Installation Certificate would be required in such original Report is to be retained in a safe place and be shown to any person inspecting or undertaking further work on the electrical installation in the future. If you later vacate the property, this Certificate will demonstrate to the new owner that the minor electrical installation work was carried out complied with the requirements of British Standard 7671 at the time the Certificate was FOR TYPES OF WIRINGABCDEFGHO (other please state)PVC/PVCCABLESPVC CABLES IN METALLIC CONDUITPVC CABLES IN NON-METALIC CONDUITPVC CABLES IN METALIC TRUNKINGPVC CABLES IN NON-METALIC TRUNKINGPVC/SWA CABLESXLPE/SWA CABLESMINERAL-INSULATED CABLES

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