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METHOCEL™ CELLuLOsE ETHErs - Dow Chemical …

EffiCiEnCy And vErsATiLiT y wE CAn givE yOu THE bEsT Of bOTH wOrLds METHOCEL™ cellulose ethers offer a perfect combination of versatile properties and …




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METHOCEL CELLuLOsE ETHErsA prOduCT THAT CAn dO iT ALL TMTrademark of The Dow Chemical Company ( Dow ) or an affiliated company of DowPharmaceutical companies are continuously looking for ways to innovate through new technologies such as controlled release systems and oral films, or through faster and more efficient manufacturing processes. Did you know that just one product can help do all of this?METHOCEL Premium family of products offers exceptional flexibility and a broad range of polymers with a valuable combination of properties typically not found in other water-soluble polymers. In many applications, two, three or even more ingredients may be needed to do the same job performed by one METHOCEL product. That means one ingredient can do the job of many, saving money and time. TYPICAL PROPERTIESWater-solubleFilm formingViscosifyingNon-caloricOrgano-sol ubleMucoadhesiveHydrophilicLow taste and odorGel formingHigh swellingDrug solubilizerTHE pOssibiLiTiEs ArE EndLEssMETHOCELTM 0201 METHOCELTM TMTrademark of The Dow Chemical Company ( Dow ) or an affiliated company of DowEffiCiEnCy And vErsATiLiTy wE CAn givE yOu THE bEsT Of bOTH wOrLdsMETHOCEL cellulose ethers offer a perfect combination of versatile properties and flexibility in formulations. The broad range of METHOCEL products available is one reason why they ve been used successfully for more than 50 years in so many different applications. There are two polymer types methylcellulose and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose and each is available in different grades, physical forms, and a wide range of viscosities. With so many options, it is easy to obtain the optimum degree of thickening, binding, moisture retention, and other properties needed in formulations. ImmedIate releaseMETHOCEL provides important binding and adhesive properties during the granulation step of the manufacturing process for immediate release tablet and capsule products. Produces good tablet hardness at low excipient concentrations Offers flexibility with both wet and dry granulation technologies Compatible with virtually all active ingredients and other excipients Quickly hydrates to minimize mixing and preparation timeWet granulatIonWith their extreme versatility, METHOCEL products can be used in aqueous, hydroalcoholic or non-aqueous solvent systems. Reduces the required compression force, an important factor in reducing wear and extending the life of tooling and compression equipment Achieves faster, simpler, more reproducible and less costly processing with foam granulation, compared with conventional spray processing technologyControlled release With their varying molecular weights and chemical substitutions, METHOCEL excipients bring huge benefits to extended and controlled release applications. METHOCEL Premium Controlled Release (CR) cellulose ethers are specially designed for pharmaceutical controlled release applications to deliver consistent drug-release performance. Proprietary techniques mean development of robust formulations quickly and trusted CompressIonWhether durability, presentation, faster processing speed or a consistent drug release profile is required, depend on METHOCEL Direct Compression (DC) Premium grade polymers to get there. Saves time and money by eliminating the wet granulation process, which can save as much as 30% of manufacturing costs, reduce overall waste, and shorten development time. Shows exceptional performance on the tablet press with consistent and reliable flow, low tablet-to-tablet weight variability, uniform tablet content, and minimal tendency to separate. Provides ideal benefits for controlled-release drugs. METHOCEL DC grade has an excellent processing and dissolution profile without the need for wet granulation, improved flow and compression capacity, greater tablet consistency and uniformity, enhanced profile for heat and moisture sensitive active pharmaceutical ingredients, and multifunctional 0403 METHOCELTM TMTrademark of The Dow Chemical Company ( Dow ) or an affiliated company of Dowtablet CoatIngMETHOCEL polymers offer an excellent combination of properties for water-soluble hard shell capsules, delivering exceptional and uniform performance. METHOCEL Premium VLV is a high-quality coating solution that outperforms other polymers like METHOCEL E-LV: Improves tablet coating by offering faster coating time and improved equipment efficiency, both of which can lower manufacturing costs Increases solids loading by up to 110%1 while maintaining sprayable viscosity Reduces coating time by 25-54% Uses less energy through faster coating time and lower heat Achieves immediate release with high-productivity coating Increases manufacturing capability, resulting in a significantly higher productionMETHOCELSOLIDS*Solids (% w/w) *6kg scale152025105METHOCELTM VLVMETHOCELTM +110%METHOCEL5101520502575API RELEASEAPI Release (%) // Time in minutes100 METHOCEL Premium VLV // 25% w/w solids loading coating mixMETHOCEL Premium VLV // 20% w/w solids loading coating mix94,4%93,7%10%6%METHOCELTM VLVMETHOCELTM E-LVMETHOCELCOATING TIME*Coating time (hours) *50kg products are available in three different forms: powder Surface-treated powder granular The three different forms influence the techniques used in making solutions. Untreated powders are soluble in cold water, but must be thoroughly dispersed before they begin to dissolve. Surface-treated powders and granular products can be added directly to aqueous systems. The dissolution of these products can be controlled by a shift in And vErsATiLiTy wE CAn givE yOu THE bEsT Of bOTH wOrLdsMETHOCELTM 0605 METHOCELTM TMTrademark of The Dow Chemical Company ( Dow ) or an affiliated company of Dow1 compared to METHOCEL Premium E-LVCOnTACT us TOdAyTO LEArn MOrE North America: +1 800 258 2436Europe: +31 11 567 2626 Pacific: +60 3 7965 5392Latin America: +55 11 5188 TMTrademark of The Dow Chemical Company ( Dow ) or an affiliated company of Dow Form No. 198-02254 - 10/11 EST NOTICE: No freedom from infringement of any patent owned by Dow or others is to be inferred. Because use conditions and applicable laws may differ from one location to another and may change with time, Customer is responsible for determining whether products and the information in this document are appropriate for Customer s use and for ensuring that Customer s workplace and disposal practices are in compliance with applicable laws and other government enactments. The product shown in this literature may not be available for sale and/or available in all geographies where Dow is represented. The claims made may not have been approved for use in all countries. Dow assumes no obligation or liability for the information in this document. References to Dow or the Company mean the Dow legal entity selling the products to Customer unless otherwise expressly noted. NO WARRANTIES ARE GIVEN; ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE EXPRESSLY EXCLUDED.

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