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Lake - North Dakota

1 mile northeast of Turtle Lake ...




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Text of Lake - North Dakota

l!y!n!_100 51'20"W100 51'20"W100 51'30"W100 51'30"W100 51'40"W100 51'40"W100 51'50"W100 51'50"W100 52'0"W100 52'0"W100 52'10"W100 52'10"W100 52'20"W100 52'20"W100 52'30"W100 52'30"W100 52'40"W100 52'40"W100 52'50"W100 52'50"W100 53'0"W100 53'0"W100 53'10"W100 53'10"W100 53'20"W100 53'20"W47 32'35"N47 32'35"N47 32'30"N47 32'30"N47 32'25"N47 32'25"N47 32'20"N47 32'20"N47 32'15"N47 32'15"N47 32'10"N47 32'10"N47 32'5"N47 32'5"N47 32'0"N47 32'0"N47 31'55"N47 31'55"N47 31'50"N47 31'50"N47 31'45"N47 31'45"N47 31'40"N47 31'40"N47 31'35"N47 31'35"NLake HolmesMcLean CountyShoreline (miles) StatisticsSurface Area (acres) (acre/feet) 6, Depth (feet) Depth (feet) - Weigel2018 - 19 Fisheries DivisionNorth Dakota Game and Fish Department** Based on Active Pool Elevation of ft MSL1 mile northeast of Turtle Lake ^01,000500Feet155 ft contoursLightning LakeMax. DepthlMap FeaturesBoat Ramp!yVault Toilet!_Water Control!nLakeBrekkenDepth (feet)0-55-1010-1515-2020-25>25105510152 025

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