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Ladies Fashion Show Compiled by Julia Bettencourt

Ladies Fashion Show Compiled by Julia Bettencourt This is not a serious fashion show but on the contrary, a whimsical form of fun. You'll need some volunteers to be ...




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Text of Ladies Fashion Show Compiled by Julia Bettencourt

Ladies Fashion ShowCompiled by Julia BettencourtThis is not a serious fashion show but on the contrary, a whimsical form of fun. You'll need some volunteers to be your models. Choose some ladies with a good attitude, as you'll be asking them to dress in some very unorthodox clothing. The size of your event and time available will determine the number of models you have in your fashion show. Just pick out several styles that you think would work well for your group. 8-10 is probably a good limit. You'll also need an MC (master of ceremonies) to give the narration for each style of clothing. Choose someone with good speaking skills. Use a microphone for the narration as you may encounter a high volume of laughter as your models parade down the runway! Below are the stunning styles you will need to make upfor your models. The runway narration is listed for 'Fashion Show' skit is intended for 'All' women's group gatherings only, not mixed are listed with Narration:A 14-Karet (Carrot) RingA ring with 14 carrots dangling from it. Make matching earrings with one small carrot for each. Add in a necklace with many small carrots on string and matching :A well-dressed lady will add flair to her wardrobe with fashionable jewelry. This 14-karet ring with matching earrings and necklace radiates good taste and elegance. It is not only exquisitely will make rabbits love you!Buttons and bowsLots of buttons and bows fastened to a :Boys like their girl friends to be very feminine, and what could be more feminine than buttons and bows? Use trimmings like these to decorate your dress ....... the more, the GownLong gown with balls and balloons attached to :For occasions when you need something special, a ball gown is just the thing. This dress is just like , a designer special. It's one of a kind. When you wear it, you'll have a ball!Gunny SaxGunny sack, with holes cut in it for arms and :For more informal occasions, a sack gunnysack, that is very appropriate. You won't feel over-dressed in a sack dress; in fact, you'll probably feel like a shoesShoes with "Jim" written all over :Whether you're out gallivanting or just lounging around, "Jim shoes" provide comfort and support. Prop them on the arm of the couch when you're watching TV, or pound them into the track at school when you're running laps. "Jim shoes" are they do anything, and go SocksSocks taped to :Knee socks are great for any time of year. They come in all colors and all sizes, and may be mixed or matched with any outfit. Knee socks may be worn behind, below, or above the even all over the knee, as our model demonstrates tees fastened to a :A perfect match for your "Jim shoes" and knee socks is our beautiful tee shirt. Whether or notyou're into the sports craze, whether or not you play golf, the tee shirt is ~ style that's right for you SweaterSmall toy turtles or pictures fastened to :Turtleneck sweaters will keep your neck warm during chilly months. But they may be veryexpensive. The cost for turtle food is rising rapidly. Another small problem may be the tickly feetand slimy tails swishing back and forth on your sewn to the seat of :Bell-bottoms are rather hard to sit down in. You may have to shift your weight a bit and change positions often, but everyone will know when you're coming and going. And the ringing in your ears will be easy to of pony fastened to seat of :You may think that a ponytail is a hairstyle for people with long hair. It's really something integral part of this DressBlack dress with stars and moon made out of yellow shiny :What a beautiful dress to wear to enjoy a romantic evening with your husband. Look how the stars light up the evening!Tea length DressTea bags along hem of dress (you can also make matching earrings and necklace).Narration:This is a lovely dress to attend a tea party with your friends. Wearing this dress will be the highlight of your afternoon DressA dress with suckers attached to :What a lovely summer dress just right for many occasions. Look how this dress is beautifullyadorned. Of course, if you wear this dress in the heat you might find yourself in a sticky attached to skirt (a lady in our church made a pair of 'bloomers and then attached flowers to them and wore them under her skirt).Narration:"Bloomers" is an old-fashioned word. Your mother probably wore them when she was your age. Although bloomers are no longer worn today, we close our fashion show today with a charming pair of bloomers, fashioned especially for 2003 (whatever year).Above Fashions Submitted by Karen. Compiled by Julia BettencourtCopyright 2001-2010 Julia BettencourtFind more resources for Women s Ministry at ***See more submitted fashions on the following FashionsCompiled by Julia BettencourtThese are 'Fashion Styles' submitted by the visitors of Creative Ladies Ministry website. These do not include the runway narrative, so you will need to make that up for each PursePurse with toy alligator by BeckyBallerina SlippersShoes with ballerina dolls or paper cutouts of ballerinas attached to by BeckyBeaded HandbagSmall clutch purse with paper cutouts of hands on both sides and strings of beads and by BeckySunglassesGlasses with large paper suns on the by BeckyRaincoatJacket with raindrops and clouds (the girl at ours used fabric paint and painted her jacket, but you could use paper cutouts).Submitted by BeckyHeadbandHeadband with pictures of musical instruments by BeckyChecked DressPin canceled checks all over the by Shirley of OhioNylon dressPin pantyhose all over the by Shirley of OhioPill Box HatA hat will pill bottles by AnonymousKnife Pleated SkirtA skirt with plastic knives attached to by AnonymousCap Sleeve DressA dress with ball caps on each by AnonymousMop of HairThe model should wear a mop on their by AnonymousBathing SuitA suit with bathing items by Christy of South CarolinaBaseball HatAttach a baseball to a by Christy of South CarolinaThe Son DressCover the front of a dress with pictures of mother's by BrendaDaisy Duke (Remember the Daisy's shorts on the Dukes of Hazard tv show in the 70's?)This Daisy Duke has a large picture of John Wayne, the Duke on the front of a dress with bright daisies completely around the by BrendaBridal Dress with a Long TrainAttach a small train set to the hem of a wedding by DaisyTube TopPut an inner tube around chest area. "Any lady will enjoy a nice walk on a summer day wearing this fashionable and cool tube top."Submitted by DaisyBeautiful Plunging NecklineTie a small sink plunger around the model's by Nicki of FloridaSlip Over SweaterA lady's slip over a by TheresaBroomstick SkirtMiniature brooms pinned on the by DebbieLingerie "Teddy"A gown with teddy bears all over by DebbieFashions from "Playtex"--The Double Breasted Suit2 bras worn on the outside of your suit. (Fancy lace bras or front closure bras, whatever you like). This is a suit that gives a special lift to any by Debbie100% Cotton DressA dress with cotton balls taped all over by The GordonsA Printed DressA newspaper neatly folded and pinned over a skirt and top to look like a by The GordonsCapri Pants with Crop TopTake empty Capri sun drink containers and pin them to your pants. For top, take plastic vegetables and pin to by Sharon from TennesseeBirthday SuitDressed up like a big by Sharon from TennesseeHalter TopWear a horse by Sharon from TennesseeBaby Doll DressAttach small baby dolls to a by Peggy from MissouriSun DressMake a large sun out of paper and then put it over the by Peggy from MissouriA Cotton DressPut cotton balls all over a by Peggy from MissouriDinner DressGlue McDonald things all over it ( French fry box, hamburger paper, pop cup, ketchup, etc. In the narration, tell them it also comes in Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken, by GinaTea Dress(mentioned on page 1)Carry a teakettle for a by GinaTie Die ShirtCrazy ties all over the shirt, front and by GinaBoxer ShortsUse boxes of all sizes glued to long by GinaPin Stripe SuitWriting pens glues in stripes on the by GinaA New Spring DressSprings of all sizes pinned onto a by GinaStocking Hat and Matching ShirtHat with weird socks hanging on it and the shirt with stick matches and matchbooks glued by GinaAnimal Print Shirt & Bell-bottomsShirt with animal paw prints. Jeans with bells sewn (attached) at the by Angela from OhioTurtleneck and Mini-skirtT-shirt with turtle sewn to neckline and a long skirt with Minnie Mouse on by Angela of OhioPower Suit & BriefcaseDress with batteries taped to it. Men s briefs on each side of her "brief case".Submitted by Angela of OhioSpaghetti Strap DressAttach pieces of spaghetti all over the shoulders of the by AnonymousThanks to my website visitors for submitting such a broad range of fun fashions!Compiled by Julia BettencourtCopyright 2001-2010 Julia BettencourtFind more resources for Women s Ministry at

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