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Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) COTS Transponder …

The ACSS commercial-off-the-shelf Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) Transponder (XS-950SI) was selected and certified by the U.S. Navy as the transponder of choice ...




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Text of Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) COTS Transponder …

The ACSS commercial-off-the-shelf Identification Friend or Foe (IFF)Transponder (XS-950SI) was selected and certified by the Navy asthe transponder of choice for C-130, VP-3, C-12, and C-2 selected the XS-950SI for the 767 Global Tanker Transport fordomestic and international tankers, and the Army selected theXS-950SI for the UC-35 Citation Ultra. The XS-950SI is also gainingan international market presence on such platforms as the Embraer 135and 145. Maximizing the use of commercial-off-the-shelf technology,the XS-950SI enables coordinated and simultaneous Mode S and IFFcapability that is necessary for TCAS II operations. The FAA certifiedXS-950SI is a full-featured transponder implementing all currentlydefined Mode S and IFF functions, including DO181B Elementary& Enhanced Surveillance, GPS position, velocity, Flight ID extendedsquitter with built-in growth for future IFF Mode Mode 5 growth planSupports Level 4 Mode SDoD AIMS 97-1000 certifiedSupports Modes 1, 2, 3/A, C, 4Integrated IFF and Mode S transponderEuropean Enhanced Surveillance(DO181B) certifiedDemonstrated MTBF reliabilityin excess of 8,000 hoursIdentification Friend or Foe (IFF)COTS Transponder (XS-950SI)T e a m e d w i t hBuilt for the FutureSystemSpecificationsro)noisrevCA(x 0001-0087157rebmuNtraP75 17800-5500x(DC version) vironmental Speci cationsDO -160C0001-79SMIA/211C2/211CDoD/OSTJ/OSTB leveLB871-ODerawtfoSTransponderData LinkCapabilityICAOLevel 4 (COMM-A/B/C/D)ADS-B Capability (part nu mbers -X003/4/5) 1090ES ExtendedSqu itterper RTCA DO-260 MOPSfor 1090ADS-B Equip mentteef000,07otlevelaeSedutitlAgnitarep OOp erating Temperature-55 to 70degrees CSt orageTemperature-55 to 85degrees CCDV82rozH004,CAV511rewoPPo wer Con sumption40 Watts(st andby), 85Watts (maximum)Nu mber ofAntennaPorts2 (di versity)Interfaces924CNIRAdeepswoLrellor tnoC924CNIRAdeepshgiHIISACTAi rborneData LinkProcessor(ADLP)Highspeed ARINC 429,)atadrialatigid(575/924CNIRAretemitl AARINC 407(synchro), Gilham 11-wire discrete924CNIRAdeepswoLreifitnedIthgilF MaintenanceComputer(Airbus &Boeing) Low speed A RINC 429Po rtableData LoaderARINC615XS-950SI ... Built for the ,AZ85027-4400Telephone:(623)445-7000Fax: (623) Communicatio n&Surveillance SystemsAC SS, anL-3 Communications&ThalesCompany, isaleader insafetyavionics systems. ACSS productsincludethe TCAS2000andTCAS1500tra calertandcollisionavoidancesystems,afami ly ofMode Stransponders,the T2CAS ,acombinedtra candterraincollisionavoidancesys tem,andMASS , anenhanced TCAS systemfor militaryoper ,000units of ACSS s TCASproducts are operatingin commercial,cor porate andmilitaryaircr wide CustomerServ ice&SupportACSSproducts are based onproventechnology to provideyouexceptionallyhighreliabilityan dsimpli ineering,logistics,commercial andrepairsupportare available throughourworldwidenetwork provided isavailable tosupportsystemintegration,troubleshooti ng,analysis,rework,retro tandrepair ,Repairs,MaintenanceAgreements, TechnicalSupport,Publications, Training, ACSS, Dec. 2002This information has been released into the public domain in accordance with International Tra c in Arms Regulations (ITAR 22 CFR (6).

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