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the world’s most versatile and proven fifth wheel. holland fw35 series




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THE WORLD S MOST VERSATILE AND PROVEN FIFTH FW35 SERIES A fifth wheel is only as good as the company that stands behind it, and SAF-HOLLAND has raised the bar by offering the industry s first Performance Guarantee. SAF-HOLLAND warrants not only the material and workmanship of the FW35 Series fifth wheels, but we also guarantee the durability as put: No Lock Jaw Replacements No Rebuilds Guaranteed for 6 Years/600,000 MilesCan you afford to not spec HOLLAND?See FW35 Series Warranty for complete details. HOLLAND FW35 - THE WORLD S MOST VERSATILE AND PROVEN FIFTH premium fifth wheel is designed for years of guaranteed performance, and has been the foundation for revolutionary new ideas that expand fifth wheel function and value. Available in a wide variety of models, including the FW31 NoLube , the FW35 meets the needs of the transportation industry for today and TECHNOLOGY SETS US APART FROM THE RESTSince 1910, Holland fifth wheels have been earning a reputation for exceptional durability, performance and reliability. Our NoLube technology introduced the world s first completely greaseless fifth wheel, while our Air Release and ELI options offer simple, affordable solutions to everyday problems. All of our technology has a simple goal; increase driver productivity while improving your bottom SERIESCAPACITY:55,000 lbs. (25,000 kg) Max Vertical Load150,000 lbs. (68,000 kg) Max Drawbar PullNewCAST STEEL TOP PLATE Optimized casting process for maximum strength to weight ENHANCED CASTING PROVIDES INCREASED DURABILITY AND A WEIGHT SAVINGS OF 14 GRIP DROP RELEASE HANDLE protects from damage during a missed couple. Available in left or right-hand, and air OPTIONCompletely grease free FW31 Brochure: XL-FW10023SL-en-US WIDER THROAT OPENING Provides for easier kingpin alignment during POCKET LINERS are standard. Other options availableVISIBLE LOCK INDICATORprovides the driver with a clear visual indication that fifth wheel lock mechanism is properly LOCK ADJUSTMENTwith infinite adjustment positions improves lock and kingpin LOCK SYSTEM DESIGN. 1 High Coupling Protection. Lock system protects against coupling at an improper height. 2 Greater Kingpin-to-Lock Jaw Contact Area. Lock jaw contact area is sq. in. 3 Forged Steel Locks. Lock jaws are forged, machined and hardened steel. 4 Precision machining of lock mechanism/kingpin LOCK MECHANISM IS DESIGNED FOR STRENGTH AND DURABILITY Lock jaws are forged steel and machined for precise kingpin engagement. The cast steel top plate s machined kingpin contact surface provides durability and eliminates need for a replacement insert/wear RELEASEOPTIONIn-cab fifth wheel lock release OPTIONElectronic Lock Indicator provides In-cab coupling confirmation TECHNOLOGYHOLLAND ELI SYSTEM PROTECTS YOUR EQUIPMENT AND Time and Provides Driver with Additional ReassuranceThe Electronic Lock Indicator (ELI) system provides an additional safety check to the coupling process, reducing the potential for improper locking, component damage, and downtime. The ELI system allows the driver to manage the coupling process from inside the cab as a supplement to the visual inspection and pull test ELI system is designed with durable, impact-resistant, and environmentally sealed sensors integrated into the fifth wheel top plate s locking mechanism. The sensors determine the coupling activity of the locking mechanism and relay the information to a control module located in the cab. The control module evaluates the entire sequence of the coupling action and displays the result in the dash (figure a) or remotely at another convenient location within the cab (figure b).Requiring no driver input, the display lets the driver know when the fifth wheel is ready to couple, is properly coupled, or improperly coupled (figure c).OPTIONAL ELI SYSTEM DATA DOWNLOAD ELI system is also designed to work beyond the cab. Using available software and download cable, coupling information for the last 250 coupling attempts can be downloaded to any laptop PC. This valuable information can be analyzed and used for driver training and coaching HOLLAND ELI system is compatible with FW35 and FW31 NoLube fifth wheels, including Air Release, and can be ordered with any new top plate (see last page for ordering) or added to any existing top afigure bfigure cReady to CoupleImproper CoupleProper CoupleORDERINGThe HOLLAND Air Release System is compatible with both FW31 NoLube and ELI options, and can be ordered with any new top plate (see last page for ordering) or added to any existing top QUALITY PNEUMATIC CYLINDER is corrosion resistant ensuring long life and consistent AIR RELEASETHE HOLLAND FIFTH WHEEL AIR RELEASE Simple, Easy to Operate, In-Cab Fifth Wheel Lock Release SystemEFFORTLESSThe optional Air Release system allows the in-cab release of the fifth wheel locking mechanism. With just a simple pull of a dash-mounted air switch, a pneumatic cylinder on the fifth wheel will effortlessly open the locking are the days of reaching in to grasp a greasy release three stage Air Release system assures that the fifth wheel lock release can only be operated when the vehicle is standing still. The unique air-assisted interlock design absolutely prevents accidental release of the fifth wheel lock, while still allowing manual release operation if the time your driver spends manually locking and unlocking the fifth wheel. Less manual interaction with the fifth wheel (and the grease that can come with it) limits potential injuries that can lead to expensive worker s compensation by SAF-HOLLAND s extensive six year parts and labor warranty, the Air Release system will work reliably when you need it to every MOUNT BRACKETSINTEGRATED PLATE MOUNTLightweight base designed for bolt-on outboard angle mounting WITH MOUNTING ANGLECast construction for maximum performance and durability. Integral tilt stops. Standard 4 x 4 x .38 x 36 long. Various heights and frame widths FOR ANGLE MOUNTINGDesigned for welding to angles at installation. Cast construction for maximum performance and durability. Integral tilt MOUNTDesigned for bolt-on applications, utilizing corrugated mounting plates. Integral tilt SYSTEMSSTANDARD CAPACITY FIFTH WHEELSILS SLIDE BRACKET & PLATE ASSEMBLIESNew, low-weight, no welding modular base design, offering significant weight savings with easy height change. Single-piece, bolt-on cast bracket (low cost, low weight, and easily replaceable) Two-piece side cushioning upshock bushings Slide-on (no weld), repositionable bulk head fitting bracket. Same cylinder location on all heights (includes quick-connect fittings) 2 slide increments Universal tie plate IntegratedLow-weightSlider systemINBOARDMOUNTOUTBOARDMOUNTOther mounting systems available - see Holland Fifth Wheel Catalog XL-FW447 for further ELI option, add EL to end of model number. Example: Air Release option, add 80 to end of model number. Example: both ELI and Air Release option, add EA to end of model number. Example: right-hand release, replace L with R in model mounting systems and options are available. Please contact Customer Serivce for MOUNT MODEL NOMINAL APPROX. NUMBER HEIGHT WEIGHT FW35Y600XL00 296 lbs/134 kg FW35Y700XL00 302 lbs/137 kg FW35Y800XL00 307 lbs/139 kg FW35Y900XL00 312 lbs/142 kg Available with corrugated mounting plate Use Option Code 01 . Plate weight 115 lbs. adds .94 to fifth wheel PLATE MOUNT FW35Z600XL00 312 lbs/142 kg FW35Z700XL00 320 lbs/145 kg FW35Z800XL00 327 lbs/148 kg FW35Z900XL00 323 lbs/147 kgBRACKETS ONLY FOR WELDING TO ANGLES FW35X600XL00 267 lbs/121 kg FW35X700XL00 273 lbs/124 kg FW35X800XL00 278 lbs/126 kg FW35X900XL00 283 lbs/128 kgBRACKETS WITH MOUNTING ANGLES FW35W600GL00* 325 lbs/147 kg FW35W700GL00* 331 lbs/150 kg FW35W800GL00* 336 lbs/152 kg FW35W900GL00* 341 lbs/155 kgFW35 STATIONARY MOUNT FIFTH WHEEL MODELSFW35 TOP PLATE ONLYOUTBOARD MOUNT MODEL NOMINAL SLIDE APPROX. NUMBER HEIGHT TRAVEL WEIGHT FW35A712XL00 12 416 lbs/189 kg FW35A724XL00 24 449 lbs/204 kg FW35A736XL00 36 483 lbs/219 kg FW35A748XL00 48 516 lbs/234 kg FW35A812XL00 12 421 lbs/191 kg FW35A824XL00 24 454 lbs/206 kg FW35A836XL00 36 488 lbs/221 kg FW35A848XL00 48 521 lbs/236 kg FW35A912XL00 12 425 lbs/193 kg FW35A924XL00 24 458 lbs/208 kg FW35A936XL00 36 492 lbs/223 kg FW35A948XL00 48 525 lbs/238 kgINBOARD MOUNT FW35B712XL00 12 397 lbs/180 kg FW35B724XL00 24 425 lbs/193 kg FW35B736XL00 36 453 lbs/205 kg FW35B748XL00 48 481 lbs/218 kg FW35B812XL00 12 402 lbs/182 kg FW35B824XL00 24 430 lbs/195 kg FW35B836XL00 36 458 lbs/208 kg FW35B848XL00 48 486 lbs/220 kg FW35B912XL00 12 406 lbs/184 kg FW35B924XL00 24 434 lbs/197 kg FW35B936XL00 36 462 lbs/210 kg FW35B948XL00 48 490 lbs/222 kgFW35 ILS SLIDING MOUNT FIFTH WHEEL MODELSFIFTH WHEEL FRAME WIDTH CODE CHART FRAME WIDTH CODE FRAME WIDTH CODE FRAME WIDTH CODE FRAME WIDTH CODE A D G K B E H L C F J FW35 FIFTH WHEEL SPECIFICATIONS MODEL APPROX. NUMBER WEIGHT XA-351-A-L-P Left Hand 226 lbs/103 kg XA-351-A-P Right Hand 226 lbs/103 kg * Standard angle dimensions 4 x 4 x .38 x 36 . G equals 34 frame width; for other widths, replace G with proper frame width code letter. Contact a SAF-HOLLAND representative for : Top Plate weights listed include 5 for mounting pins. USA, Inc. SAF-HOLLAND Canada Fax Fax Western Canada Fax fifth wheel rebuild kits to suspension bushing repair kits, SAF-HOLLAND Original Parts are the same quality components used in the original component assembly. SAF-HOLLAND Original Parts are tested and designed to provide maximum performance and durability. Will-fits, look-alikes or, worse yet, counterfeit parts will only limit the performance potential and could possibly void SAF-HOLLAND s warranty. Always be sure to spec SAF-HOLLAND Original Parts when servicing your SAF-HOLLAND product. XL-FW10024SL-en-US Rev B 2011-03-07 Amendments and errors reserved SAF-HOLLAND, Inc.

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