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w Hi Roller Enclosed Belt Conveyors are designed for the safe, gentle, and efficient handling of dry, bulk materials. This unique, totally enclosed belt conveyor ...




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Text of HI ROLLER MODELS 18–54

HI ROLLER MODELS 18 54INVEST IN Roller Enclosed Belt Conveyors are designed for the safe, gentle, and efficient handling of dry, bulk materials. This unique, totally enclosed belt conveyor contains dust and spilled material and automatically reloads that material arrow shows the flow of dust and spilled material back to the tail section where it is directed into reloading vanes, then thrown and deflected back on to the top Roller Enclosed Belt Conveyors are heavy duty, low maintenance, safe, gentle, and efficient. Hi Roller uses unique idlers which allow all bearings to be isolated from internal dust and contaminants. Internally, the troughing belt gently conveys bulk materials to the discharge point. The returning belt slides over an antistatic return liner and continually wipes the bottom enclosure clean of any dust or spilled material. The patented reloading system is the key to a successful system. The absence of this feature can cause product build up, plugging, costly wear, and heavy duty tail section incorporates a gasketed sliding box take-up with tensioning and leveling rods. The tail shaft is supported by external pillow block spherical roller bearings. The tail shroud splits at the shaft so that the pulley can be removed without cutting the belt. The shroud comes complete with safety chains and can be removed without the use of , the spiral winged tail pulley provides constant belt contact for extended belt life. The patented reloading system includes a rugged plow, reloading flippers and a stationary shaped carrying idlers incorporate troughing and selfaligning featuresStub shafts support thecarrying idlers and are easilyremovable in confined areasContinuous heavy wall pipe through the center of theidler provides rigid supportExternally mounted bearingswith flinger seals, adjustablefor belt trackingHeavy angle ironend flangesSturdy quick release fasteners for cover removal5' long removable weather and dust coversNo internal brackets or ledges for material to build up Antistatic UHMW return liner with floating fastener design allows expansion and contraction of liner without warpingRemovable trunking bottoms allow quicker liner replacementwBU/HR Bushels Per Hour | CF/HR Cubic Feet Per Hour | MTPH Metric Ton Per Hour (Based upon 769 Kg Cubic Meter) Capacities are based upon horizontal installation and even belt ROLLER CAPACITIES BELT SPEED IN FEET PER MINUTEMODELUNITS350400450500550600650700 18BU/HR4,1004,6855,2715,8576,4427,0287,6 148,199CF/HR5,1025,8306,5597,2898,0178,7 469,47510,203MTPH11112714315917519020622 222BU/HR6,2507,1438,0368,9289,82110,7141 1,60712,500CF/HR7,7788,89810,00011,11012 ,22213,33314,44415,556MTPH16919421824226 629031433926BU/HR9,00010,28611,57112,857 14,14215,42816,71418,000CF/HR11,20012,80 014,40016,00017,59919,19920,80022,400MTP H24427931334838341845348830BU/HR11,50013 ,14314,78616,85718,07119,71421,35723,000 CF/HR14,31116,35618,40020,44422,48824,53 326,57828,622MTPH31235640144549053457962 336BU/HR15,00017,14319,28621,42823,57125 ,71427,85730,000CF/HR18,66721,33424,0002 6,66629,33332,00034,66737,334MTPH4064645 2258063969775581342BU/HR20,00022,85725,7 1528,57131,42934,28637,14340,000CF/HR24, 88928,44432,00135,55539,11242,66746,2234 9,778MTPH5426196977748519291,0061,08448B U/HR24,15027,60031,05034,50037,95041,400 44,85048,300CF/HR30,05334,34738,64042,93 447,22751,52055,81460,107MTPH65474884193 51,0281,1221,2151,30854BU/HR28,90933,039 37,16941,29945,42849,55853,68857,818CF/H R35,97641,11546,25551,39556,53361,67266, 81271,952MTPH7838951,0071,1191,2311,3431 ,4541,566Minimum ClearanceConsult Factory10" Minimum Clearance4" Minimum ClearanceJ5'- 0"BP3 7/16 7/16 7/16 7/16 '- 0"NQ2 15/16 15/16 7/16 15/16 ** Overall width determined by bearing and drive above dimensions are stated in inches. Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice. Hi Roller Conveyors are manufactured under several Patents and Pending ROLLER dim ensionsSPECIFICATIONSHI ROLLER MODELDESCRIPTIONS1822263036424854ATrunki ng Width (inside)2024283238445056BTrunking Width (outside)23 1/227 1/231 1/235 1/241 1/247 1/253 1/259 1/2CTrunking Height (outside)22 3/422 3/426 1/426 1/426 1/426 1/426 1/427 1/4DInlet Opening Width810121622283440EInlet Opening Length2424242424242424FStandard Inlet Height1919191919191919GCleanout Inlet Height1 5/81 5/81 5/81 5/81 5/81 5/81 5/81 5/8HInlet Cover Length4848484848484848ILo Profile Opening Height121215 1/215 1/215 1/215 1/215 1/215 1/2JTail Width (less bearings)27 1/231 1/235 1/239 1/245 1/251 1/257 1/263 1/2KStub Tail Length22 1/822 1/822 1/822 1/822 1/822 1/822 1/822 1/8LTake-up Length Retracted Take-up Length + 33 5/8MTake-up Length ExtendedTake-up Length x 2 + 33 5/8NStandard Head Length99999999OLo Profile Head Length22 3/1622 3/1622 3/1622 3/1622 3/1622 3/1622 3/1622 3/16PDisharge Opening Width21 1/825 1/829 1/833 1/839 1/845 1/851 1/857 1/8Q90 Degree Discharge Length2828282828282828RLo Profile Discharge Length1818181818181818SSnubber Discharge Length54 5/954 5/965 7/865 7/865 7/865 7/865 7/865 7/8TDischarge to Trunking Bottom8 3/48 3/48 3/48 3/48 3/48 3/48 3/48 3/4UDischarge to Trunking Bottom88888888Above Typical initial inlet with fixed skirts Below Typical cleanout inlet with swing-down skirtsDFEHGEHDThe Hi Roller Conveyor incorporates a unique spool shaped idler to provide a troughed support for the conveyor belt. The spool shaped idler utilizes two external bearings as opposed to six internal bearings on more conventional idlers. The idler is constructed with a heavy wall pipe that passes through the center of the idler. This provides rigid support. The center pipe is then reamed to just the right tolerance to accept the turned and polished stub shaft that passes through the external bearings. This design is superior to a single continuous shaft for obvious reasons. First, installation clearances do not always permit the removal of a single continuous shaft. Second, more generous tolerances are needed to pass a continuous shaft through the complete idler. This permits shaft deflection through the idler and bearing. Third, over a period of time a continuous shaft is more apt to become seized to the internal idler which would require cutting the shaft for idler removal. The stub shaft and bearing are supplied by Hi Roller as an assembly to assure that the shaft cannot rotate independently of the bearing and that the shaft cannot move in or out within the bearing. The bearing itself is easily adjustable for belt let heights an d lengths can be custom ized to your specific applicationsHi Roller is more than a manufacturer. We can review your project on-site, make recommendations, prepare proposal drawings, and provide start-up assistance. We have found that a successful installation relies upon a clear understanding of the process, from the spouting and placement of the material on to the belt to the discharge and spouting out the other end. Put our design experience to work for you. Gradual Inclines and Sharp Upbends Stationary Intermediate Discharge Trippers Moveable Discharge Trippers and Plows Reversible Conveyors (Reloading in Both Directions) Two-way Discharge Valves Proportioning Gates Worm Gear Reduction Manual Belt Tensioners Load Cells for Belt Tension Monitoring V-Wheel Tail Supports Shuttle Conveyors Split Trunking to Facilitate Belt Splicing Quick-Draw Idlers and Grease Tubes Floor Supports and Hanger Brackets Cut-outs for Belt Misalignment Sensors Motion and Plug Sensors Galvanized and Stainless Steel Construction Metric Components Intermediate Sidewall Inspection Conveyors have long been known as the most gentle, efficient an d durable m eans of conveying custom built to your specific requirements. Some of our more popular models include:Available in belt widths from 18" to 54", this is our original model. The unique bell-shaped carrying idler provides the trough for the belt and utilizes two external bearings as opposed to the six internal bearings associated with a conventional idler. The bell-shaped idler also has built-in self aligning characteristics for both single and bi-directional in belt widths from 18" to 72", the Hi Life utilizes possibly the heaviest, longest life, most reliable conveyor idler available. Resembling a conventional conveyor idler, the Hi Life idler is much thicker, the bearings are much larger, and there are no brackets or bearings exposed to the internal atmosphere of the conveyor in belt widths from 16" to 36", the Mini Roller includes all the benefits of the Hi Roller in a lower profile design. The bell shaped carrying idler, head, and tail pulleys all have a smaller diameter. This conveyor is well suited for low in belt widths from 16" to 36", the Lo Roller utilizes a flat carrying idler to support the loaded weight of the belt and relies on the UHMW side slides to form a trough for the belt. The design provides continuous belt support and creates a seal at the Roller specializes in the custom design of enclosed belt conveyors to match your specific application. In addition to our standard models, we can also customize conveyors for your most unique applications. The Hi Bulk is an enmasse belt conveyor designed to move large quantities of material in a limited space. The Consignor is a belt conveyor with a totally enclosed, fully automated moveable discharge tripper. We look forward to helping you solve your most difficult material handling ROLLERHI LIFEMINI ROLLERLO ROLLERHI ROLLER CONVEYORS4511 N Northview AveSioux Falls, South DakotaUSA 57107-0833

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