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FireNET Plus - ANALOG ADDRESSABLE FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL STANDARD FEATURES Analog design using Hochiki s advanced DCP protocol for fast and robust communication Up to 127 sensors & modules, plus 127 analog sounder bases, for a total of 254 points possible per loop Uses standard wire, no-shielded or twisted pair required on SLC loops Integrated digital alarm communicator (DACT) with Contact ID and SIA reporting formats (optional) Programmable sensitivity levels by device Alarm verification feature Automatic daily calibration & drift compensation routine Large 8-line x 40-character LCD (320 char.) 1 SLC (2nd SLC optional) RS-485 bus for panel networking (option) Built-in RS-232 interface for programming via a PC 3 on board programmable Form C relays rated at 1 amp at 30VDC 2 auxiliary power outputs, each rated 360mA at 24 VDC Loop Explorer Windows configuration utility Auto-learn feature 500 network wide software zones Network capability of up to 64 panels (option) Built in help and alarm information screens 2 on-board Class B (style Y) NAC circuits rated at amps each (special application) and amps each (regulated continuous) Gentex, System Sensor, Wheelock, and Amseco NAC sync protocol built-in Automatic day/night sensitivity modes Fire Drill test function Walk test function Powerful & versatile Cause & Effect wizard including: Cause & Effect action Disable function configuration Test mode configuration Seismic certified Hochiki America Corporation 7051 Village Drive, Suite 100, Buena Park, CA 90621-2268 Phone: 714-522-2246 Fax: 714-522-2268 Technical Support: 800-845-6692 or Find latest revision at F0087 11/2016 DESCRIPTION The FireNET Plus 1127 series control panel is an analog addressable fire alarm panel with build options containing 1 or 2 SLC loops, a Digital Alarm Communi-cator/Transmitter (DACT), and an RS-485 bus for network communication. Each SLC loop supports 127 devices of any combination (sensors or modules), and 127 analog sounder bases, for a possible total of 254 points per loop. Communication between devices is accomplished by use of standard cable (shielded or twisted pair is not required). Each panel includes a 4-amp power supply and has 2 onboard NAC circuits. The RS-485 bus provides communication to the panel network while another RS-485 bus provides communi-cation for peripheral devices. The RS-232 interface allows the convenience of programming via a PC. The system will support a variety of Hochiki devices such as photo, ion and heat sensors, which contain a unique, patented sensor design incorporating automatic drift compensation and day/night sensitivity modes. Additional devices include contact monitors, relay con-trollers, supervised auxiliary output and short circuit isolator modules. In addition, interfaces to conventional detection systems can be established by using a con-ventional zone-monitoring module. The Loop Explorer Windows Software interface pro-vides the installer with fingertip access to installation programming and diagnostic tools. An Auto Learn fea-ture offers the convenience for quick start applications. Add to this Hochiki's reputation for high quality and dedicated service, and you have an exceptional product with performance and value. S6468 PRODUCT LISTINGS California State Fire Marshal 7165-0410:180 Specifications subject to change without notice. 3038713 UL 864, Local Signaling Unit. Types: Automatic, manual, waterflow, sprinkler supervisory, Remote Station and Central Station Service (DACT) Non-coded signaling. NFPA 70, 72 &13 Compliant Primary AC 120VAC @ Amps 50/60hz or 220VAC @ 50/60hz Output DC 24VDC @ Amps Power Supply 4 Amp integrated Charger Current Amps max. Dimensions W x 19 H x D Weight 20 lbs. (without batteries) Color Red (optional gray) Material ABS/steel enclosure Display 8 line x 40 character LCD (320 character total) Network Dual RS485 ports (64 panels max.) Zones 500 network wide software zones per system SLC loops 1 or 2 (class A, style 6 or 7 or class B, style 4 ) Devices per loop 127 sensors & modules, plus 127 analog sounder bases, 254 total Addresses per panel 800 addresses + sub-addresses max. per panel NAC Outputs (2) class B, Amps (special application) Amps Regulated (continuous) Relay Outputs (3) Form C 1 Amp @ 30VDC Aux. Power 2 outputs, 360mA @ 24VDC each PC Port / Printer RS232 DACT Formats Contact ID and SIA SLC COMPATIBLE DEVICES & SYSTEM ACCESSORIES MODEL DESCRIPTION CONTROL PANEL EXPANDERS FNP-1127-SLC SLC One Loop Expansion Card FN-4127-NIC Network Interface Card FN-4127-IO 16 Channel Input/Output Board ANNUNCIATOR FN-LCD-S Serial LCD Annunciator FNP-LED Graphix Display SLC LOOP DEVICES ALG-V, ALK-V, ALN-V Analog Addressable Photoelectric Sensor AIE-EA Analog Addressable Ionization Sensor ATG-EA, ATJ-EA Analog Addressable Heat Sensor ACA-V, ACC-V Multi-criteria Sensor NSA-4 & NSA-6 Four Inch Sensor Base and Six Inch Sensor Base SCI-B4 & SCI-B6 Four Inch Short Circuit Isolator Analog Sensor Base & Six Inch Circuit Isolator Analog Sensor Base ASB Analog Sounder Base ASBL Analog Low Frequency Sounder Base DH-98A, DH-98AR Analog Addressable Duct Detector Unit (DH-98AR and DH-99A, DH-99AR DH-99AR have relays built-in) MS-RA, MS-RA/R, MS-KA/R Remote Test Station for DH-98AR & DH-99AR DCP-FRCME-M Contact Monitoring Module (mini w/terminal blocks) DCP-FRCME-P Contact Monitoring Module (mini w/pigtail leads) DCP-FRCME-4 Contact Monitoring Module (with faceplate/indicating LED) DCP-FRCMA, DCP-FRCMA-I Class A Contact Monitoring Module (FRCMA-I has built-in SCI) DCP-DIMM Dual Input Monitor Module (with faceplate/indicating LED) DCP-CZM Conventional Zone Module DCP-R2M Dual Relay Module DCP-R2ML/H Series Dual Relay Module (R2ML-I & R2MH-I has built-in SCI) DCP-SOM Supervised Output Module DCP-SOM-A, DCP-SOM-AI Class A Supervised Output Module (SOM-AI has built-in SCI) DCP-SOM-R Supervised Output Module for Releasing Pre-action System DCP-SCI Short Circuit Isolator Module DCP-AMS Series Addressable Manual Pull Station ACCESSORIES TCH-B100 Hand Held Programmer (portable device addresser) FN-ACC Battery/Accessory Enclosure (houses up to 33AH size batteries) FNP-ETR Enclosure Trim Ring for panel flush mount Hochiki America Corporation FireNET ANALOG ADDRESSABLE FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL Specifications subject to change without notice. FireNET Plus - ANALOG ADDRESSABLE FIRE ALARM CONTROL PANEL SPECIFICATIONS

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