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Fagor Automation, S.Coop. DC Servo Drive System …

DC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002 DC - 3 Introduction Fagor offers you a wide range of servo drive systems (motor and drive) for applications requiring




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DC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 1Fagor Automation, : 0002DC Servo DriveSystem Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 2DC Motors, DCM 41. 1 GENERAL TORQUE-SPEED TERMINAL ENCODER OUTPUT CHARACTERISTICS PLATE AND SALES SERVICE Servodrive 92. 1 GENERAL 3 STATUS INTERNAL OPERATION 6 SPECIFICATIONS PLATE AND SALES set 17Identity Module, IM 18Installation GENERAL ELECTRICAL ELECTRICAL ENCLOSURE INITIALIZATION AND Dimensions 28IndexDC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 3IntroductionFagor offers you a wide range of servo drive systems (motor and drive) for applications requiringbetween 1 and 12 Nm at speeds between 1200 rpm and 4000 manual describes the elements in detail and guides step by step through the installation andsetup of the drive installed for the first time, it is a good idea to read the whole you have any doubts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our technicians at anyof our subsidiaries you for choosing of conformityManufacturer: Fagor Automation, S. de San Andr s s/n, 20500, Mondrag n -Guip zcoa- (SPAIN)We hereby declare, under our responsibility that the product:Fagor DC Servo Drive of the following modules and motors:Servodrives:DCS SeriesDC Motors:DCM Seriesmentioned on this declaration,with the basic requirements of the European Directives 73/23/CE on Low Voltage (Basic SafetyRegulation, Machinery Electrical Equipment EN60204-1:95) and 89/336/CE on ElectromagneticCompatibility (EN 61800-3:1996, Specific Regulation on Electromagnetic Compatibility for ServoDrive Systems).In Mondrag n, February 15th, 2000DC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - DCM motors (DC) areespecially designed to becontrolled by Fagor DCservo DC motors are easierand less expensive to governthan brushless motors, theyoutput a torque with lessripple and its mechanics isan industrial Motors, DCMDCM4DCM2DCM5(*) The diagram below showsthe meaning of the V19/V3(**) IP44 means that it is protected against particles witha diameter greater than 1 mm and against water splashesin all voltage100-130 VdcNumber of poles2 (DCM2); 4 (DCM4 and DCM5)Shaft endCylindrical with flange. (meets IEC-34- 7-72) B14, V18, V19 on DCM2;B5, V1, V3 on DCM4 and toleranceStandard class (meets IEC 72/1971)Bearings life10000 hoursBalancingClass N (meets DIN 45665) (balancing with keyway)NoiseMeets IEC 34-9-72Brake (optional)24 Vdc InsulationClass F and HDegree of protectionIP44 (**)Operating temperature rangeFrom 0 C to +40 C (32 F to 104 F)Maximum overtemperature130 C (266 F)Thermal switchN. C. 120 C (248 F)13 Amp (250 Vac); 18 Amp (24 Vdc)Maximum altitude 1000 meters (1281 ft) above sea Volt/Krpm tachometer2500 lines/turn encoder TTLDC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - (K g m2) 10E-3Total w eight with tachometerMaximum speedMECHANICAL PARAMETERSInertiaKgrp m5,20, ,39,51, , ,19, (rad/s)Nm/Ara d/s2UNITContinuous stall currentArm ature resistance w/o brushesArm ature resistance with brushesBack EMFArm ature inductancePeak currentVoltage constantmHAAVohms(2 )ohmsMe ch a nic al tim e c ons tan tElectrical time constantTheoretical acceleration at peak torqueThermal time constantELECTRICAL PARAMETERSTHERMAL PARAMETERSTorque constant (KT)(2 )minmsmsContinuous stall torquePeak stall torqueMOTOR PARAMETERS (1 )N mNm8,519,54,71031,750,241,674408,810532, 57,21130,70,550,251,40,431,20, ,84,80,25550, , ,257,521222,9110,536,54,71115,905,800,88 1,901,800,53133,5556,9110355,2110,50,800 ,700,352,62,50,880,880, , ,914,20,350, ,313, ,7DCM21,124, , , ,619,32,519, ,419,34, ,43, , , ,81188011,01200,980,90,560,450,380,38395 57,31239512,01231,221,120,980,540,440, ,56600, ,111,14,411,70,98700, ,56,85,58,86,7509,51251,101,031,0062,483 15,01257012,01250,420,360,600,770,701,00 1, ,40,60801, ,712, , ,4294, ,2547,054DCM43DCM5DCM519, (2 )(2 )(2 )(2 )TACHOMETER PARAMETERS -T0-(2)ohmsArm ature resistanceTemperature coefficientMinimum load resistance valueKohms% / CVoltage GradientVoltage Ripple(3 )V / Krpm%2660,0220 5%<1,5ENCODER PARAMETERS -E0-SignalResolution2500 lines per ,314017,41230,250,180,390,3968, ,854Brake massParking torquePower Supply voltage, (power)(3) Peak-to-peak value / average value. Measured with filter at max. motor speed(1) Ambient temperature: 40 C(2) Tolerance 10 %R a te d to rq u eNm0,9Rated powerKw0,371,520,620,522,321,60,290,420,54,543,50,560,831,10,851,1511,256,85,5841,251,38611Im po rtan t:The torque offered by the motors could be limitedby the maximum current of the drive governing them. See table on page wave TTL +5 Vdc 20 mA supplyDC+5 Vdc 200 mA PARAMETERSVdc, (W)Nm0,624, (12)2124, (15)5324, (25)20DCM2DCM4DCM5Hold/Release timesec5/77/1518 Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - rpm 1000200030001200110300Nm501000 rpm CURVES1. Work area in continuousduty cycle S1. Torqueavailable in Work area in intermittentduty cycle. Torque availablein cyclic acceleration Work area in sporadicacceleration anddeceleration. Working in thisarea, reduces the life spanof the Demagnetizing limit at 25 C (77 F). The DCS drive, equipped with the proper IM board, watchesthe motor so it never exceeds those demagnetizing Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 7Includes terminals for:Power input for the motor for electromechanical brakeTacho voltage thermal BOXWhen the motor winding is supplied with the polarity indicated on the terminal box (B+, E-), therotor turns clockwise (CWR, clockwise rotation), as shown in the diagram. And, for this turningdirection, the tacho generates a voltage at its terminals (Tacho) also with the polarity indicated onthe box (+, -).The electromechanical brake releases the motor shaft when applied 24 stationary, it holds the motor thermal switch watches the armature winding OUTPUT CONNECTORFront ViewTTL EncoderDC Motor987654321654321789BAZtClockwise Rotation (CWR)signals:CWRClockwise Rotation+5V*AB*BZ*Z0VAPinSignalNCDC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - PLATE AND SALES REFERENCEExample of the plate thatcomes with each DCM reference descriptionfor DCM INSTRUCTIONSThe brushes must be checked for the first time after being running for 500 hours and, then, every1000 hours. One must check the way they sweep, their surface and that of the life span of the brushes depend on how they are used and on ambient must be replaced with brushes of same quality and dimensions: 10 mm for the DCM2, and11 mm for the DCM4 and : Magnet ServomotorSN: E190057Mo NmMp 29 NmIo: AMAX. RPM: : 118 VTACHO:V/KRPMBRAKE:VAIp: 52 AKT: : FDC MOTORSExampleDCM 4 2. 20 A. E0. 0 0 0DIRECT CURRENT MOTORMOTOR SIZE295 mm4115 mm5153 mmLENGTH1, 2, 3See drawingsMAXIMUM SPEED121200 rpm303000 rpm202000 rpm404000 rpm252500 rpmW INDINGAStandardFEEDBACKE0TTL Encoder (standard)T0Tac hoF0Encoder and Tacho (not available)FLANGE AND SHAFT0With keyway (standard)1Without keywayBRAKE OPTION0Without brake (standard)1With brake (24 Vdc)POW ER CONNECTION0Terminal box1Power connector (not available)DC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - drive is a compact speed drive whichincludes the power supply and is designed to control asingle DC are two modules of different power offering ratedcurrents of 8 and 14 Amps and whose main characteristicsare:- Three-phase power supply through a PWM Encoder feedback (standard) or Velocity or Torque Velocity command filtered with Logic inputs to control the Galvanic isolation between power and control- Analog outputs to monitor speed and Control against excessive Dynamic braking during mains Protection against motor current Protection against feedback Protection against excessive temperature, Bus voltage and output 7-segment display to monitor the status of the servo drive ServodriveDC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 10Maximum peak drive withstands a maximum peak current in repetitive cyclesThe first graph shows the duty cycle analyzed on a motor without following graph shows the maximum peak current allowed at the DCS depending on theduration of the pulse and for different any case, the duration of the maximum current pulse (T1) must not exceed +rpm-rpmT1/T2T1/T225 C45 C25 C45 CHARACTERISTICS(*) IP20 means that it is protected against particles with diameter greater than mm; but notagainst water splashes. In other words, the equipment must be mounted inside the supply110 Vac between phases. 50/60 Hz(range 94-120 Vac)Consumption, Amperes -RMS-916Maximum in-rush current350 Amp for 10 output voltage150 VdcRated output current8 Amp14 AmpPeak current ( sec)16 Amp28 AmpOvervoltage protection192 VOvercurrent protection20 A33 AInternal Ballast10 Ohms, 200 WBallast trigger184 VThermal protection90 C (194 F)Ambient temperature5 C / 45 C (41 F / 113 F)Storage temperature-20 C / 60 C (-4 F / 140 F)Ins ulat ionIP20 (*)Module width62 x 300 x 230 mm( x x inches)Module weight3,5 Kg ( lbs)DC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - TerminalsMotor Output: 150 Vdc output voltage applied to the motorOutput current to the motor (continuous/peak for seconds):DCS-08:8A/16ADCS-14:14A/28AMaximum current with PWM on a carrier frequency of 10 out for polarity. See page Input: 94-120Vac three-phase supply through a transformer. See page maximum cable section at these power terminals is: isolation between power and control Signals 10V voltages, Pins 1,2,3: Internal power supply so the user can easily generate a velocitycommand. It offers a maximum current of 20mA limited command. Pins 4,5,6:Current command. Pins 4,7:See page 25. The motor torque is directly proportional to the current. "Torque command".Tacho feedback. Pins 8,9: Velocity feedback input from the tacho into the drive. Be careful withthe polarity. See page Pins 10,11,12: Voltage outputs for monitoring motor speed and current. Voltagerange of 10V. See page , Pin 15: Reference point for the following Enable signals:Drive Enable, Pin 14: At 0Vdc, disables current through the motor which loses its Enable, Pin 13: A 0Vdc, forces a "zero speed" control signals are activated at + OK. Pins 16,17: Relay contact that closes when the internal status of the drive is OK. Itmust be included in the electrical manoeuver. See page Input: Encoder signal input to the motor for velocity Output: Encoder output for closing the loop at the CNC. See page maximum section for these cables is Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 12 DRIVE DISABLED0 SPEED DISABLED1 RUNNING2 MOTOR INSULATION FAULT3 FEEDBACK ERROR4 DRIVE OVERTEMPERATURE5 MOTOR OVERLOAD6 DRIVE OVERCURRENT7 DRIVE OVERVOLTAGEE ServodriveSTATUSCONTROL - SIGNALSPOWER ++10V-10V20mA VOLTAGE 150VdcDISCHARGE TIME = 1 V+10 V213VEL+VEL-5467CURR89+5V654321159*AB*BZ*Z0VA111234A*AB*B5678Z*Z110 VCOMMANDSNotConnectedFront panel and module: See corresponding section -Drive status of the possible messages at the Status output connector for terminalsto supply currentto the for drivecontrol feedbackinput terminalsto get energy frommains. 10 V power Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - DISPLAYIt is a 7-segment display for monitoring the Drive unit is under power, the "Drive Enable" pin is deactivated, (0 Volts at pin 14).The motor has no torque."Speed Enable" off (0 Volts at pin 13), and "Drive Enable" (+24V at pin 14).The motor has torque with no velocity is OK. "Drive Enable" and "Speed Enable" are active and the Motor responds tothe leak from power lines to : carry out the motor maintenance procedures. Check the insulation of the : Check that jumper J1 selects the feedback mode being used. Check that thefeedback cable and connectors are properly connected. Check that the winding circuit is notopen. When working in velocity command mode, make sure that jumper J4 is in the (bc)position. When working in torque command mode, make sure that the RAPT resistor of theidentity module is the case of an Encoder, check the polarity of the voltage applied to the winding and thatthe signal pairs (A,*A) and (B,*B) are not the case of tacho feedback, check the polarity of the winding and that of the tacho. Checkthat the tacho is not open or : Smooth the duty cycle. Improve its cooling. The unit will return to its normal runningstatus when it cools down below 78 C (172 F).Motor overload. The I T protection has gone off. In other words, the motor has maintained anaverage current greater than the maximum allowed (IomaxM) for too long. The duty cycle istoo demanding for the capabilities of the motor. The motor is working beyond its : Smooth the duty cycle. Limit motor acceleration with ACC/DEC RAMPS. Limit thecommands, LIMIT and Decrease the RIT, thus allowing thesystem to further force the There has been an instantaneous current peak greater than the maximum allowedaccording to the table on page : Limit motor acceleration with ACC/DEC RAMPS. If the motor has low inductance andthe current ripple is excessive, add an inductance in series with the winding circuit (this isnever required with Fagor DCM motors).Overvoltage. For an instant, the internal Bus voltage has exceeded 193 : The Ballast circuit may be defective or the supply voltage is too The supply voltage is too :All the alarms except the 4 . and E. are latched and the unit must be powered off and, after 30seconds, turned back , J4, RAPT, ACC/DEC RAMPS, LIMIT, and RIT are elements foradjusting the servo drive system and they are described in the section on "the Identity Module IM".DC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - REN TPin 12MOTOROUTPUTPOWERINPUTRampgenerato rPin 5Pin 6VELPin 8Pin CurrentLimitJ2ab cCUR RPin 7Pin 4Acc/DecRampsPI. GainJ3abSpeed PIJ1abcdeENCODERINPUTENCODEROUTPUTAProtections:Motor Insulation FaultFeedback ErrorDrive Overtempera tureMotor OverloadDrive OvercurrentDrive Overvolta geUndervoltageLogic circuits for diagnosis & 1Pin 2Pin 3Internalsupply-10V+1 0VPin 16Pin 17TACHOINPUTDRIVESPEEDPin 13OverspeedControlOffs etRTV1Frequency / VoltageRITRAPTJ4abcAPin 15Pin 15Pin 14PWMControlCur rentPIPower-downdetectionCOMMONCOMMONRAD1CAD1RAP1CAI1RAJFVBusVoltageVELVELOCITYPin 11BusVoltageDC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - PLATE AND SALES REFERENCEExamples of the specs platethat comes with each FagorDC of the salesreference of Fagor DCdrives."PM", "FV", "VAR" and "FR" indicate manufacturing related aspects (hardware design versions)that are useful for technical consultations and SERVODRIVESExample:DCS - 08 - SERVODRIVECURRENTRatedPeak ( sec)088 Amp16 Amp1414 Amp28 AmpFEEDBACKT0Basic drive. Ready tocontrol motors with tachoE0Drive especially equippedto also control motorswith Encoder (E0 and F0). SERVODRIVEFagor Automation S. Coop.(Spain)MODEL: : 22-19040001PM00A FRVAR00A FV00A INPUT :OUTPUT:3 X 110 VAC / 50-60 Hz0-150 VDCIoImax 1428 AmpAmp W: 3,5 KgDC SERVODRIVEFagor Automation S. Coop.(Spain)MODEL: : 22-19040000PM00A FRVAR00A INPUT :OUTPUT:3 X 110 VAC / 50-60 Hz0-150 VDCIoImax 816AmpAmp W: 3,5 KgDC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 17Motor-Drive setRated and peak torqueThe characteristics of rated and peak torques of the motors are often limited by the currentcapabilities of the Drive controlling table considers these possible DRIVEDCS-14 DRIVESpeedStall TorquePeak TorqueStall TorquePeak TorqueMOTORS-rpm Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 18This card is inserted into the DCS drive module. Its passive components and jumpers adjust thedrive electronics to the DCM motor it is an IM card for each correct combination of DCM motor and DCS drive as shown on thenext page. The IM-000 board is used for setting DCS Drives with non-Fagor motors. Thecalculation of the passive components is described on the next potentiometers accessible from the outside allow a final adjustment of the servo drive component layout of this card and their functions are described components: :It sets the current value from which the I T protection starts integrating. If this resistor isshort-circuited, this protection is :When using encoder feedback, it sets the relationship between the frequencies of theencoder pulses and the equivalent voltage in the internal drive :The system is protected against motor runaway should it lose feedback. This resistorsets the overspeed value triggering this protection. The smaller the value of the RAPT the moretolerant the system is. If short-circuited, this protection will be removed. When working in currentcommand mode, this RAPT must be :It adapts the voltage generated by the tacho to the internal Drive , CAD1:They set the derivative compensation at the velocity , CAI1:They set the proportional and integral action of the velocity (in bold, default position):J1: Feedback type selector. Via encoder (bc). Via tacho (de).J2: Ramp generator, active (ab), or not (bc).J3: Activates the acceleration overshooting control. Active (ab).J4: Selector for the type of command. Current command (ab) or velocity (bc).Identity Module, IMAcc/Decc RampsMax. Current LimitPI GainMax. SpeedOf fsetJ3J4abcdeababcJ1abcJ2NCRITRAJFVRAPTRTV1RAD1CAD1RAP1CAI1- IM Board -DC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 19Adjustment potentiometers:Acc/Dec Ramps: To adjust the ramp filtering the velocity command. Ramps with a duration of upto 10 seconds may be applied for a 10 volt step of analog this pot clockwise means smoother behavior (longer ramp).WATCH OUT! If jumper J2 of the identity module is set in the (bc) position, no ramps will Current Limit: Each drive is factory set to provide the maximum current to the motor whichcorresponds to the maximum value of the current command. This adjustment may be used todecrease the value of that current this pot clockwise allows more current to flow through the Gain: For adjusting the overall gain of the velocity this pot clockwise increases the gain and, therefore, makes the system Speed: Every drive is factory set so the motor turns at its maximum speed when appliedmaximum velocity this case, this pot will be turned 3/4 of its full travel. Therefore, it may be used to limit or forceslightly the maximum motor this pot clockwise allows greater : To compensate for the difference between the velocity command and the actual are the names of the identitymodules (IM) for each Motor-Drive these are the values of the passivecomponents on each of those BoardRITRA , , , , , purpose: IM-0000RAPT = 15KRAP1 = 82KCAI1 = 100nFDC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 20Maximum Speed: 1200 rpmExample of calculation:RAJFV (K ) =RAJFV calculation:This calculation is independent of whether the maximum speed is later limited with or calculation is OK for velocity commands of 10V. If for example, the command is 8V for a maximum speed of 1200 rpm, the previous calculation will result in a maximum speed of 1200 10/8 = 1500 RAJFV must be of 1/4 Watt68,4 106(Pulses/turn) Nmax pulses per turn: 2500RAJFV (K ) =68,4 1062500 1200 K DCS-08 driveExample of calculation:RIT (K ) = RIT calculation:This RIT must be of 1/4 Watt150In motor : In = Amp- 10where:K = (DCS-8)K = (DCS-14)RIT (K ) = 10 = K "In" is the rated current of the motor according to the characteristics table or the current used ina duty cycle considered of IM components for governing Non-Fagor motorsMaximum Speed: 1200 rpmTacho Constant: 20 V/KrpmExample of calculation:1200 = = - 22 = K / WRTV1 = Vmaxtac - 22 (K )Vmaxtac = Nmax KtacRTV1 calculation:This calculation is independent of whether the maximum speed is later limited with or calculation is OK for velocity commands of 10V. If, for example, the command is 8V for a maximum speed of 1200 rpm, the previouscalculation will result in 1200 10/8 = 1500 RTV1 must be of 1/4 WattsGraph for calculating the RTV1 resistor whenusing a 20 V/Krpm tacho.(the one carried by the Fagor motors mentionedin this manual)10Nmax (rpm)RTV1(k )RTV1(for Ktac = 20 V/Krpm) 10008020003000400020 30 40 5060 70Codes of the sales reference for the identity cards:IDENTITY MODULEExample: IM - 4120A - 14IDE NTITY M ODULEMOTOR TYPEDRIVE TYPEDC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - CONSIDERATIONSAbout the Motor:Remove the anti-corrosion paint of the shafts before mounting them on to the motor may be mounted as described in the first chapterWatch for the ambient conditions:Mount it somewhere that is dry, clean and accessible for maintenance. -remember that it meets the IP44 degree of must be easily cooled. Avoid corrosive or flammable the motor with a cover if it is exposed to flexible couplings for direct radial and axial loads on the motor the Drive:The module must be installed in an electrical enclosure that is clean, drive free of dust, oil or otherpollutants - remember that its degree of protection is IP20-. Never install it exposing it to flammablegases. Avoid excessive heat and humidity. The ambient temperature must never exceed 45 C(113 F).Mount the modules vertically (as shown on the photos). Avoid at least 30 cm of clearance above and below the module for better air the connections:All the cables must be shielded, to reduce the interference on the control of the motor due to thecommutation of the PWM. The shield of the motor power cable must be connected to the chassisscrew at the bottom of the module and it, in turn, taken to Mains transformer MUST BE used. It must serve as a filter to limit the start-up current to the maximumallowed by the unit. See characteristics on page command signal lines must be shielded twisted pairs. The shield must be connected to thevoltage reference at the module (pins 2, 4 or 10).Keep the signal cables away from the power the pins with the GND symbol (2, 4, 10) are the same electrical point and are interconnection diagramAc c/De c .Ra rre ntLim itP ain. D RIVE DI SABLED0 S PEED D ISA BLED1 R UNNI NG2 MO TOR ISOLAT I O N F AUL T3 F EEDBAC K ERRO R4 D RIVE OV ERTEM PERATU RE5 MO TOR OVERLOAD6 D RI VE OV ERCUR RENT7 D RIVE OV ERVOL TAGEE U NDERVO L T p eedOffsetAD JUSTDC ServodriveSTATU SCO NTR OL - SIG NAL SPO WER TE RMI NAL SEN C O D EROU TPUTEN C O D ERINP UTSPEE DCURRENTSPEE DDRIVEENAB LES 1 MONDIFF -CURRENTDIFF ++10V-10 V20 mA outMOT OROUT PUTSPO W ER INP UTS110 V ac. IN P UT3x1 10V ac . INP UTL1L4L3L2DA NG E RHI G H VO L T AG E 150VdcDI SC HA RG E TIM E > 1 m CableDCEC CableMPC CableSEC CableDC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - CONNECTIONSPower connection: drive power supply must be three-phase. A transformer MUST BE used. It must be used tofilter the start-up current to the maximum value allowed by the characteristics on page 10.(*) Recommended values. They are slow general purpose fuses. If they are installed on the Mainsinput lines, their maximum currents will depend on the value of the Mains 5SE0 016-OY and 5SE0 020-OY from Siemens are good for this thermal switch may optionally replace the : The secondary windings must have a star connection with its middle point connectedto ServodrivePower Mains3 x mm2FusesSecondary: 3x110 VacFrom to 3 kwDCS-08DCS-1410 Amp16 AmpSecondary: 3x110 to 3 kw3 x mm2Power MainsFuses (*)Not connectedDC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 23111012VELOCITYCURRENTMonitoring signals:Enable signals:Drive OK signal:VV 10V the 0 V24 VDrive OK: - - 110Vdc2A - 30VdcEnable signals using 10V:141315SPEEDDRIVECOMMON213-10 V+10 VConnection of the monitoring and control : The drive offers +10Vdc at its "velocity" output when, receiving the maximumcommand of +10V, the motor turns at the speed which the RTV1 resistor has been calculated for(usually the motor's maximum speed). The "current" output offers +10Vdc when the driveprovides its peaks current (table page 10).Power connection: Fagor DCS drive has been designed to govern motors with a winding inductance greater mHr. Motors with an inductance lower than that need a coil installed in coil must never have an inductance value greater than 8 : A short-circuit between the E- and B+ terminals may cause great damage to Thermal switchThermalMDC MotorTo Rotationat Shaft End. MotorTop Made +(2x1) (DCS-08) +(2x1) (DCS-14)ThermoBEBEDC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 24Encoder feedback encoder signals must be taken to the ENCODER INPUT of the DCS amplifies these signals and it sends them out through the ENCODER OUTPUTconnector. This serves as position feedback to close the position loop at the encoder must turn with the motor shaft and it must not be installed anywhere else in thetransmission chain. It must output 2000 or more pulses per turn for a good regulation and itssignals must be differential (double ended) encoders installed on Fagor DCM motors appearing in this manual meet these the identity card, put selector J1 in the (bc) supplies these full connections (cable + connectors), SEC and feedback tacho must turn with the motor shaft and it must not be mounted anywhere else in thetransmission the identity card, put selector J1 in the (de) supplies this full connection (cable + connectors), ServodriveDC MotorClockwise Rotationat Shaft End. MotorTop Made CableDCTC +5VENCO DERINPUTENCO DEROUTPUT(HD,Sub-D,F15)151115(HD,Sub-D,M 15)151115(HD,Sub-D,M15)654321159*AB*BZ*Z 0VA11DC ServodriveDC MotorFront ViewTTL EncoderReady Made CableDCEC 5/10/15/20987654321654321789ROC 9BlueGreyGreenBrownPinkBlackYellowRed123 4A*AB*B5678Z*Z110 V(HD, Sub-D, F15)Ready Made Cable SEC 1/3/5/10/15/201234567811(Sub-D, M15)81159(Sub-D, F15)GreenYellowBluePurpleGreyPinkBrownWh iteBlackFagor CNCCable 4x2x0,14+2x0,5(Length in meters; including connectors)DC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 25Command signal command governing the motor may be a velocity or current the command signal lines must be shielded twisted pairs and the shield must be connected tothe voltage reference at the module (pins 2, 4 or 10).The input impedance of the velocity command is 22 kOhms (a range of 10 V).The input impedance of the current command is 10 kOhms (a range of V).546Differential velocity command input:546VEL+VEL-Inverted velocity command input:Uref0V546Uninverted velocity command input:Uref0V47CURRCurrent commandCurrent command input:Uref0VGeneration of the inverted velocity commandand application to the drive:546Uref213-10 V+10 V10 k range: 10Vrange: Vdc Input impedance: 22 k Velocity commandInput impedance: 10 k Uref0Vshortcircuit RAPT on the J4 (bc)Jumper J4 (bc)Jumper J4 (bc)Jumper J4 (bc)Jumper J4 (ab)VEL+VEL-VEL+VEL-VEL+VEL-Velocity commandVelocity commandInput impedance: 22 k Input impedance: 22 k range: 10Vrange: 10VVelocity commandCodes of the sales references for the cables supplied by Fagor:MOTOR POW ER CABLEExample:MPC - + (2x1)DC MOTOR POWER CABLENr. LINES x SECTION (mm2)4 x 1,5(for DCS-08)4 x (for DCS-14)Nr. LINES x SECTION (mm2)2 x 1ENCODER-CNC CABLEExample:SEC -20ENCODER SIMULATOR CABLELENGTH (m)1, 3, 5, 10, 15, M15ROC 9SUB-DM15SUB-DHD F15ENCODER CABLEExample:DCEC -20DC ENCODER CABLELENGTH (m)5, 10, 15, CABLEExample:DCTC - 2 x 0,34DC TACHOMETER CABLENr. LINES x SECTION (mm2)DC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - ENCLOSURE DIAGRAMThis is a sample diagram for anelectrical enclosure. It may bemodified to meet the needs of aparticular includes a simple circuit to powerthe brake of the : When using anautotransformer, the secondarymust have a star connection with itsmiddle point connected to are delay when disconnecting the D3 contactsserves for:- the "Drive_Enable" to stay active while the motoris braking at maximum for the brake to hold the motor after it the system moves a vertical axis, it should becompensated for (with counterweight).DC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - AND SETUPVerify that the identity card IM is the right one. The name of the card itself (page 20) indicateswhich motor and drive combination it has been designed that the type of feedback selected with jumper J1 matches the feedback device installed onthe motor. Encoder (J1-bc). Tacho (J1-de).Select whether Ramps are to be generated or not using jumper (J2-ab). No (J2-bc).To cancel the control of excessive acceleration, change the jumper J3 position. Active (J3-ab).Verify that jumper J4 selects the type of command to govern the motor and that it is applied at theright pins. Current (J4-ab). Velocity (J4-bc).Somehow, measure the motor speed (with the CNC when using encoder feedback or with avoltmeter when using a tacho). Apply the maximum velocity , turn the potentiometer until reaching the desired speed for that command. For10V of velocity command with the motor turning at the maximum speed which the RTV1 has beencalculated for, the monitoring output (pins 10 and 11) will provide the potentiometer to adjust the maximum peak current (maximum motortorque). To monitor the peak current, the motor may be turned back and forth at full torque andwithout generating the gain of the velocity PI with the potentiometer until the desired behavior the velocity to the drive an analog voltage of 0 Volts (by jumpering pins 4,5 and 6 of Control-Signalsconnector). Measure somehow the motor speed (with the CNC when using encoder feedbackor a voltmeter when using a tacho). Turn the Offset potentiometer on the identity card until themotor stops. But, CAREFUL, by this method, only the drive offset is eliminated, the CNC mayhave an offset of its own. Now the CNC offset should be adjust the offset in the complete control loop, set the CNC in DRO mode, but with the Drive_Enable and Speed_Enable signals actives. Turn the offset potentiometer untilstopping the motor. Another way could be to set a position for the axis with the CNC and turnthis potentiometer until a symmetrical following error is the ramp value. If the generation of ramps has been activated with J2, turn the Acc/DecRamps potentiometer until obtaining the desired Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 28Mechanicals DimensionsDC MOTORSDC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 29Details of the motor shafts and mm ( ")230 mm ( ")240 mm ( ")300 mm ( ")270 mm ( ")6 mm ( ")11 mm ( ")DCS-08, DCS-14DC SERVODRIVEDC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 84400130IM-2140A-08 84400131IM-2240A-08 84400132IM-2240A-14 84400133IM-2325A-08 84400134IM-2325A-14 84400135IM-4112A-08 84400136IM-4120A-08 84400137IM-4120A-14 84400140IM-4130A-08 84400141IM-4130A-14 84400142IM-4212A-08 84400143IM-4212A-14 84400144IM-4220A-08 84400145IM-4220A-14 84400146IM-4230A-14 84400147IM-4312A-08 84400150IM-4312A-14 84400151IM-4320A-14 84400152IM-5112A-14 84400153IM-5212A-14 84400154IM-4330A-14 84400155IM-5120A-14 84400156IM-0000 84400157DCS-08-E0 84500000SEC-1 84040050DCS-08-T0 84500001SEC-3 84040051DCEC-5 84600050DCS-14-E0 84500002SEC-5 84040052DCEC-10 84600051DCS-14-T0 84500003SEC-10 84040053DCEC-15 84600052MPC-4x1,5+(2x1) 04040165SEC-15 84040054DCEC-20 84600053MPC-4x2,5+(2x1) 04040166SEC-20 84040055DCTC-2x0,34 84600100DC Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 31INITIAL WARRANTYAll products manufactured or marketed by FAGOR carry a 12-month warranty for the end order to prevent the possibility of having the time period from the time a product leavesour warehouse until the end user actually receives it run against this 12-month warranty, theOEM or distributor must communicate to FAGOR the destination, identification andinstallation date of the machine by filling out the Warranty Form that comes with starting date of the warranty for the user will be the one appearing as the installation date of themachine on the Warranty system ensures the 12-month warranty period to the offers a 12-month period for the OEM or distributor for selling and installing theproduct. This means that the warranty starting date may be up to one year after the producthas left our warehouse so long as the warranty control sheet has been sent back to us. Thistranslates into the extension of warranty period to two years since the product left ourwarehouse. If this sheet has not been sent to us, the warranty period ends 15 months fromwhen the product left our is committed to repairing or replacing its products from the time when the first suchproduct was launched up to 8 years after such product has disappeared from the is entirely up to FAGOR to determine whether a repair is to be considered under CLAUSESThe repair will take place at our facilities. Therefore, all shipping expenses as well astravelling expenses incurred by technical personnel are NOT under warranty even when the unit is warranty will be applied so long as the equipment has been installed according to the instructions, ithas not been mistreated or damaged by accident or negligence and has been handled by personnel au-thorized by once the service call or repair has been completed, the cause of the failure is not to be blamed theFAGOR product, the customer must cover all generated expenses according to current other implicit or explicit warranty is covered and FAGOR AUTOMATION shall not be heldresponsible, under any circumstances, of the damage which could be CONTRACTSService and Maintenance Contracts are available for the customer within the warranty period as well asoutside of Servo Drive System Manual Ver: 0002DC - 32Overview of FAGORsubsidiaries:SPAINHeadquarters:FAGO R AUTOMATION San Andr s s/n, Apdo. 144E-20500 (Service Dept.)Usurbil:FAGOR AUTOMATION UsurbilSan Esteban s/n Txoko-Alde20170 AUTOMATION, CatalunyaPg. Ferrocarrils Catalans, 117-119 1 Pl. Local 12CORNELL DE LLOBREGAT08940 SYST MESParc Technologique de La Pardieu16 Rue Patrick Depailler63000 CLERMONT FERRANDTel.:33-473277916Fax:33-473280538 E-mail: INDUSTRIECOMMERZ GMBHPostfach 604 D-73006 G PPINGENN rdliche Ringstrasse, 100D-73033 G PPINGENTel.:49-716120040Fax:49-716113327 E-mail: ITALIA Direzionale LombardoPal. CD3 - Via Roma, 10820060 CASSINA DE PECCHI (MI)Tel.:39-0295301290Fax:39-0295301298E -mail: KINGDOMFAGOR AUTOMATION UK T4, Dudley Court NorthWaterfront EastLevel Street, Brierley HillWest Midlands DY5 :44-1384 572550Fax:44-1384 572025Cellular phone: 44-836 653 AUTOMATION SUISSE S. Vuilleumier 11CH-2616 RENAN (BE)Tel.:41-329631863Fax:41-329631864E-m ail: AUTOMATION PortuguesaRua Gon alves Zarco n 1129-B-2 Salas 210/2124450 LE A DA PALMEIRATel :351 2 996 88 65Fax:351 2 996 07 AUTOMATION Estes AvenueELK GROVE VILLAGE, IL 60007Tel:1-847-98115001-847-9811595 285273California:FAGOR AUTOMATION West Coast3176 Pullman Suite 110Costa Mesa CA Jersey:FAGOR AUTOMATION East AUTOMATION ONTARIO1001 Meyerside Drive, Unit 2MISSISSAUGA L5T AUTOMATION QUEBECTel.:1-450-2270588Fax:1-450-227613 2Cellular phone: 1-450-9517160E-mail: AUTOMATION DO E EXPORTA AO S o Sebasti o 825CEP 04708-001SAO :Beijing FAGOR AUTOMATION EquipmentCo., No. B-202, Guo Men Building, N 1ZuoJiaZhuang, Chaoyang DistrictBEIJING 100028Tel:86-10-6464 1951/1952/1953Fax:86-10-6464 FAGOR AUTOMATION EquipmentLtd., Nanjing OfficeHoliday Inn (Nanjing)45 North Zhong Shan Road Nanjing210008, Jiangsu Provence, FAGOR AUTOMATION , Guangzhou 423, Plotio 18 Airport Road, Baiyun districtGUANGZHOU 510405Tel:86-20-8655312486-20-86577228 Ext. KONGFAGOR AUTOMATION (ASIA) , Sunbeam Centre27 Shing Yip St. Kwun TongKOWLOON, HONG KONGTel:852-23891663Fax:852-23895086www. ofFAGOR AUTOMATION KOREA, Bomi Bldg., 661 Deungchon-DongKangseo-Ku, Seoul 157-030, AUTOMATION (ASIA) LTD.,TWNBRANCH ( )11F-2 , , KUNG YI ROADTAICHUNG, TAIWAN AUTOMATION (S) MacPherson Road03-01 Pines Industrial BuildingSINGAPORE

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