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EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T)

EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T) Firestone Building Products | Sales: (800) 428-4442 | Technical (800) 428-4511 | www.firestonebpco.com TIS # 817 4/20/2017




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Text of EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T)

EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T) Firestone Building Products | Sales: (800) 428-4442 | Technical (800) 428-4511 | TIS # 817 4/20/2017 Page 1 of 3 Description: Firestone EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004 (T) is a solvent based contact adhesive designed specifically for bonding Firestone RubberGard membranes and flashings to ISO 95+ Insulation, wood, metal, masonry and other acceptable substrates. Method of Application: 1. Surfaces to receive EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004 (T) shall be clean, smooth, dry, free of sharp edges, loose and foreign materials, oil, grease, and other contaminants. Sweep the mating surface of the membrane with a stiff broom to remove excess dusting agent, if present, or other contaminants from the mating surface. 2. Stir the adhesive thoroughly before and during use, achieving a uniform mix with no sediment on the bottom and no marbling evident. 3. Apply adhesive at about the same time to both the exposed underside of the sheet and the substrate to allow approximately the same flash-off time. 4. EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T) may be applied with a solvent-resistant paint roller or mechanical equipment designed to apply flammable solvent based adhesives. 5. Apply by rolling the adhesive on both mating surfaces. EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T) should be applied evenly so as to avoid globs or puddles. 6. As an option, spray EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T) and back-roll the adhesive uniformly and evenly with a solvent-resistant paint roller. Care must be taken not to apply EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T) over any area that will later be cleaned and spliced to another sheet or flashing. 7. Allow EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T) to flash off until tacky. Touch the EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T) surface with a clean, dry finger to be certain that the adhesive is dry and does not stick or string. While pushing straight down to check for stringing, also push forward on the adhesive at an angle to ensure that the adhesive is ready (flashed off) throughout its thickness. If either motion exposes wet or stringy adhesive when the finger is lifted, then it is not ready for mating. Flash-off time will vary depending on ambient air conditions. 8. Starting at the fold, roll the previously coated portion of the sheet into the coated substrate slowly and evenly so as to minimize wrinkles. 9. To ensure proper contact, compress the bonded half of the sheet to the substrate with a stiff push broom using heavy pressure. Storage: Store in original unopened containers at temperatures between 60 F ( C) and 80 F ( C) until ready for use. For optimum results, rotate your stock to ensure stored material has not exceeded the shelf life of one year. Shelf life of one year can be expected if stored in original sealed container at temperatures between 60 F ( C) and 80 F ( C). If exposed to lower temperatures, restore to room temperature prior to use. Shelf life will be shortened if exposed to elevated temperatures. Rotate stock to insure stored material will not go beyond the shelf life of one year. Item Number W563587052 Product Information EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T) Firestone Building Products | Sales: (800) 428-4442 | Technical (800) 428-4511 | TIS # 817 4/20/2017 Page 2 of 3 Precautions: Flammable. Keep away from fire and open flame and other possible ignition sources during storage and use. Do not smoke when using. Harmful or fatal if swallowed. Avoid prolonged inhalation. Avoid prolonged contact with skin. Gloves should be worn (OSHA approved). Avoid eye contact by wearing safety glasses with side shields or safety goggles. For professional use only. Keep out of reach of children. Thinning is not allowed. Do not use for splicing. Do not use with TPO. Use only in well ventilated areas. Cover tightly when not in use. Review Safety Data Sheet specified on the Bonding Adhesive container label. Recommended cleaner is Firestone Splice Wash SW-100 Cleaner. LEED Information: Post Consumer Recycled Content: 0% Post Industrial Recycled Content: 0% Manufacturing Location: South Bend, IN *NOTE: LEED is a registered trademark of the Green Building Council Base: A blend of synthetic rubbers Color: Yellow Solvents: A blend of Acetone, Hexane, Toluene and Xylene Viscosity: 3,300-3,800 cps, with #3 spindle @ 10 rpm Weight/Gallon: - lb/gal Specific Gravity: Content: lb/gal (633 g/L) Pail: 5 gal ( L) Weight: 41 lb ( kg) Coverage: A coverage rate of 45 - 60 ft /gal ( m /L) may be obtained depending on the substrate. Some insulation surfaces are more uneven and porous and will result in a lower coverage rate while smooth non-porous substrates will result in higher coverage rates. Rates are based on roller application to both mating surfaces. Very porous substrates (rough wood, concrete block) may require two coats of EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T), to ensure proper adhesion. This can be determined by adhering a small piece of membrane to the porous substrate to verify the bonding strength. Units per Pallet: 45 5 gal pails Typical Properties Packaging Data EPDM Bonding Adhesive BA-2004(T) Firestone Building Products | Sales: (800) 428-4442 | Technical (800) 428-4511 | TIS # 817 4/20/2017 Page 3 of 3 Approved Power Application Equipment: Garlock 25ST Roller Boss Power Roller 4 hp Honda Engine,4 CFM Compressor, 25 gal pressurized supply tank (20 gal for material; 60-80 psi), up to 100 psi rating, 2 " x 30' supply hoses with swivels, 2 18" roller head assemblies Garlock 2120 Commander Sprayer 18 hp Kohler Engine,4500 psi Rating, 5 gallon per minute flow, 1200 psi pressure (minimum), Pump Displacement 45:1, GPM Rating: up to 5 GPM, " x 100' hose, 2" Intake pipe with screen, 5 or 55 gal drum containers, Graco Spray Tips: .023 to .031 diameter hose Garlock Twin Gun Airless Sprayer hp Honda Engine, 3000 psi Rating, Pump Displacement 30:1, GPM Rating: up to 1 gpm, Up to 400 of single " diameter hose, Up to 200' of dual " diameter hose, " Intake pipe with screen, 5 or 55 gal drum containers, Bulk tank containers, Graco Spray Tips: .019 to .025 diameter hose (1850 psi operating pressure) Graco Spray Equipment: P70EC4-70 70:1 Xtreme Sprayer Package w/Heavy Duty car, Hopper package, w/NXT motor and Data Track, Xtreme-Duty high pressure hose, " x 50', 7250 psi, with " x 6' whip hose, XTR-7 applicator with XHD821-825 tips. Please contact Quality Building Services Technical Department at 1-800-428-4511 for further information. This sheet is meant to highlight Firestone products and specifications and is subject to change without notice. Firestone takes responsibility for furnishing quality materials which meet published Firestone product specifications. Neither Firestone nor its representatives practice architecture. Firestone offers no opinion on and expressly disclaims any responsibility for the soundness of any structure. Firestone accepts no liability for structural failure or resultant damages. Consult a competent structural engineer prior to installation if the structural soundness or structural ability to properly support a planned installation is in question. No Firestone representative is authorized to vary this disclaimer.

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