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Environment-friendly Lead-Free Solder

2 Solder Paste ECO SOLDER Paste Lead-Free ECO SOLDER Paste developed by SMIC is a next-generation solder paste that meets environmental requirements.




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Text of Environment-friendly Lead-Free Solder

Environment-friendly Lead-Free Solder 1Lead-Free Initiative It is said that the production of electronic equipment starts with the joint and ends with the joint. Modern electronic equip-ment has evolved towards more micro-scopic and higher-density components. As a result of this trend, various connecting methods have been developed. However, soldering remains the most popular means of basic history of soldering goes back some 5,000 years, but fundamental soldering has always used Sn-Pb series solder that consists of tin and lead. However, lead pollution ground water has been recognized as an environmental problem and complete elimination of the use of lead is called that protection of our environment is our task in the 21st century, SMIC has earnestly extended our research in this area and developed Lead-Free ECO SOLDER. Please contact us for any problem that relates to Lead-Free soldering. We are thoroughly prepared to introduce Lead-Free soldering system as we have a comprehensive technology base and have constructed support systems in various phases with .Peak temp. : Max. endothermic reaction point on DSC alloy compositions may not be available in certain forms with special product size and inquiries regarding alloy compositions not listed, please contact our sales SOLDER LineupECO SOLDERLead-Free ECO SOLDER developed by SMIC offers high soldering reliability compared with the Sn-Pb series solder of the past and is available in a wide product lineup according to the required soldering series antioxident type and automatic feeding type for solder bath are also availability may be limited for certain alloy compositions. Please select the appropriate product from the ECO SOLDER Products Guide at right. ECO SOLDER Product Guide JIS Z 3282 ISO9453 Chemical composition of lead-free soldersClassSymbolSMICItemChemical composition mass 12SnPb Sb Bi Cu Au In Ag Al As Cd Fe Ni ZnSn 3Cu 3Cu SMIC's lead-free alloys are produced impurity less than composition wt% Temp. C FormSolidus linePeakLiquidus lineBARCOREBALLPASTEPRE FORMM-series: Solidus line temp. 200 - 250 M14Sn-10Sb245248266 M770Sn-2Ag-Cu-Ni218220265 L-series: Solidus line temp. under 200 CL20Sn-58Bi139141141 2Solder PasteECO SOLDER PasteLead-Free ECO SOLDER Paste developed by SMIC is a next-generation solder paste that meets environmental requirements. Compared with existing solder paste, ECO SOLDER Paste solves various Lead-Free problems such as preservation stability, supply stability, solder wet-tability, and heat resistance resulting from the higher melting SeriesA new generation paste family improving upon the industry standard GRN360 with excellent printing stability, enhanced heat resistance, reduced flux splattering, head-in-pillow elimination and tack ,s enhanced wetting capability significantly reduces BGA joint non-wet failures and improves upon the in-circuit probe pin testing ability of previous generation SeriesSpecially developed for large area die bonding or surface mounting of semicon-ductor washability reduce boids generated under bare SeriesDeveloped for stackable 3D component mounting processes and is our most advanced solder paste to volume transfer during dip SeriesNewly developed for dispensing excel-lence, DSR Pastes are compliant with a wide range of with various heating methods such as reflow ovens, rapid heating laser and hot air SeriesThe ECO Solder Paste M705-345F Series exhibits excellent post-reflow de-fluxing properties, while maintaining increased thermal resistance, reduced solder balls and very stable viscosity Paste Typical ECO SOLDER Paste productsFactor ProductsS70G Series374FS SeriesTVA SeriesDSR Series345F SeriesAlloyM705M705/M34M705M705M705 M34Flux content % content % grain sizeT y p e 3 2 5 4 5 m T y p e 4 2 5 3 6 m T y p e 5 1 5 2 5 m # 4 2 2 5 4 5 m K 1 5 2 5 m F 5 2 5 m A 5 1 5 m # 3 2 2 5 3 6 m # 2 1 1 5 2 5 m # 3 2 2 5 3 6 m # 2 1 1 5 2 5 m Viscosity 1901503070200FeaturesImproved SMT quality & productivityGood washability,reduce voidsConsistent volume transfer for POPExcellent dispensing & wettingExcellent finsh after 280 100 tNumber of failure bumps / 1 device Average 8 devices 050100150200250050100150200250300Time s Temp degC GRN360K2VS70G BGA wetting Improvement S70G & GRN360 Enhanced flux activation curveSMT pasteTVA Paste transfer conditionStable dispensibility on 20,000 pointsDispensing pointsDispenced volume mg/point 0 1 2 3 4 5 5000 10000 15000 20000 0 Needle s dia. : mm Needle s length : 15 mmClearance: mmDispensing pressure : MPaDispensing time : : 25 C DSR Result of continuous dispensingCleaning conditionsCleaning time 5minCleaning solutiontemp 60 CCH solventClean water AClean water BGlycol-ethylExcellent finish after cleaning 345F Appearance after cleaning Contact us for your selection of cleaning solution before saves enough activation for final ramp. M705-374FS Void Prevension Result X-Ray picture Test piece Solder M705 Reflow condition Slit square 12mm PH 150 180 C, 120secComponent NiAu plating/Si chip RF 245 CPeakPCB Ceramic PCB, above 220 C/45sec. Ni plating patternM705-374FSConventional Paste3FluxFlux chemically removes oxide film from the metal surface to be soldered, thereby exposing the solderable metal surfaces. Flux is therefore indispensable in all soldering processes, including soldering of PC boards and special metals. It requires high reliability and soldering properties that match the application. SMIC has a long experience in developing various types of flux, including PC board flux, all of which provide unrivaled application1) Flux must be applied by foaming, spraying, ) Use a stainless steel container for storing ) Preheating must be implemented in order to ensure the evaporation of solvent, heating of the PC board pad and parts electrode and activation of the ) Recommended preheating temperature is 100 - 130oC (at the soldering surface).Limit to 100 - 110oC to prevent PC board through-hole spreading is poor, set the temperature at around 120 - 130oC (at the soldering surface).3) Although the recommended preheating time is 30 - 60 seconds, solvent can be vaporized with longer preheating. Preliminary heating with hot air is also ) Set soldering temperature at 250 - ) For the wave soldering bath, set the soldering time between 3 - 5 seconds. Comparison of Wettability in Lead-Free Soldering and Zero-cross Time (by Temperature) Properties of Post-FluxSPARKLE FLUX ES SERIES Recommended soldering conditionsFluxTest equipment: SAT-5100 made by RHESCATest piece size: 30 x 5 x mmTest piece: Copper oxide plate (processed at 150oC for 60 min.)Dipping depth: 2 mmDipping speed: 15 mm/secM35 M705 63Sn-Pb M35 M705 63Sn-Pb time (sec.) (oC)240250260240250260Zero-cross time (sec.)Temperature (oC)SPARKLE FLUX ES SERIESES series Sparkle Flux is a post-flux developed for the Lead-Free soldering of PC boards. Lead-Free solder has rather poor solder wettability compared with existing Sn-Pb solder. However, solder bridges, icicles, blow holes and other problems in Lead-Free soldering can be reduced to a level equivalent to those of existing Sn-Pb solders with the use of the ES series Sparkle Flux. SPARKLE FLUX ESR SERIESESR series Sparkle Flux is a highly reliable post-flux. If existing flux for Sn-Pb soldering is used for Lead-Free soldering, a large number of solder bridges, icicles and blow holes may be generated. ESR series Sparkle Flux exhibits the highest degree of wettability among RMA type fluxes and produces excellent soldering results. Physical propertyProductsSolid contentChlorine contentSpecific gravity 20 C RemarksES-1061SP-215% bridging of ES-1061, good finish in through-holeES-10777% residueES-0307LS15% Ag content, Sn-Cu alloy, good wettability, good lusterless soldering Physical propertyProductsSolid contentChlorine contentSpecific gravity 20 C RemarksEZR-01S7% type, Low residueESR-250T415% type, best for both sides solid content type of ESR-250T4SPARKLE FLUX ESR [sec]FinishConventionalsolder Test conditionsLand dia. x (oval)Iron temp. 320 CSolder wire dia. alloy M705Feeding speed: 5mm/secFeeding volume : 7mmFlux Cored SolderSince SMIC developed its first flux cored solder SPARKLE SOLDER in 1955 in Japan, we have developed a number of flux cored solders for various alloys and our ECO SOLDER alloy, SMIC developed a type of flux cored solder with improved wettability, a drawback peculiar to Lead-Free SOLDER NEOSuperior WettabilityECO SOLDER NEO further improves workability over conventional solder. Faster soldering is achieved by refining flux fluidity for rapid initial wetting. Low solder and flux spattering make rework easier, while light yellow residue contributes to better SOLDER RMA08High reliability and clear finishECO SOLDER RMA08 is a highly reliable resin flux cored solder that complies with the former standard, QQ-S-571. It exhibits less solder ball spattering and has a transparent and colorless finish. The flux exhibits corrosion resistance and high insulation SOLDER HVPExcellent heat-resistant flux coredNewly improved heat resistant flux cored solder for exposed to long time at high-temperature. Very good solderbility for the parts of high heat capacity and slide-soldering over a wide temperature range at 300 C to 400 C (approx.), restraint solder ball or flux spattering. Transparent and clear finish makes good appearance after SOLDER MLBDeveloped for the non-contactHeating process Laser/Light Beam , MLB wire has excellent soldering characteristics while reducing flux splatter and lense contamination issues. A clear color residue resistant to thermal cycle cracking remains post-soldering. Low solder spattering of ECO SOLDER RMA08 Lead-Free flux cored ECO SOLDER: Specification and Features Wetting speed of NEO in comparison to conventional solderFlux Cored SolderTest method10 mm of solder was fed 50 times every 1 sec. agaist a soldering iron holded vertically toward a testing paper. The number of spatters on the paper was counted according to the distance from the center. Soldering iron temperature was cored solderSoldering iron5mmTest paperRMA08Conventional6543210300350400So lder ball spattering testTemperature C Number of spatters140120100806040200300350400Flux spattering testTemperature C Number of spattersRMA08ConventionalFactor ProductsECO SOLDERRMA08ECO SOLDERMLBECO SOLDERNEOECO SOLDERHVPAlloyPlease refer to the ECO SOLDERProducts Guide onpage diameter to content3%, 4%3%, 4%3%, 4%4%Halide or or resistance1 1011 over1 1011 over1 1011 over1 1010 overSpreadability77% M705 75% M705 79% M705 79% M705 FeatureClear finish andhigh reliabilityNon-contact heatingExcellent workabilityExcellent heat- resistant flux*Less than dia. are available on SOLDER PreformWith improvements in the performance and reliability of electronic equipment, the size of components and printed wiring boards are becoming smaller and their density is increasing. Our solder preform helps cope with such high-density ECO SOLDER Preform is available in various forms to match any application such as washer, ring, pellet, chip, disk or Coated MaterialsSurface mounted components are becoming downsized for high density on original coating method makes a solder coating practicable on Kovar or Nickel offer you package-sealing material and protective case on components with this new FluxesMicro soldering fluxes ideal for the soldering of our ECO SOLDER Ball. Various fluxes are available to match the method of cleaning and SOLDER BallSolder ball requirements include high purity and roundness. ECO SOLDER ball is widely used for soldering microscopic sections of crystal oscillators and diodes, as an electrode bump for hybrid ICs or power diodes in addition to the micro-soldering of BGA, MCM, CSP and flip Lead-Free ECO SOLDER ball exhibits excellent wettability though it contains no lead. Preform & Solder Ball Please inquire us for your own alloy, form and size (mm)Tolerance ( m) to 3 to 5 to 10 to 20 10 m type isavailable on request.*Micro balls less than dia. are available on methodFactorResin TypeWater-solubleThermo setting Resin TypeTransferTransferPrintingTransferPrin ting & TransferPrinting & TransferProductDELTALUX GTN-68DELTALUX 901KDELTALUX GTN-68PSPARKLE FLUX WF-6317SPARKLE FLUX WF-6307JOINT PROTECT FLUX JPK-8Solid Content 67% Viscosity Pa S 25 C 25209020201566 9kw ElectricityNitrogen34%DownWarm-upTime50% Down30minN2200L/min 35%Down Eliminates the use of stabilizing plate for ease of maintenance, but maintains smooth and stable wave for the best soldering process. High flow pressure provides sufficient solder in through-holes of multi layer boards and extremely reduces missing solder and bridges. Suitable for high thermal capacity devices allowing sufficient heat supply for soldering. Flow height can be easily set and maintained at 15mm or above. Conveyor handles different types of PCB carriers, pallets, and fixtures in selective soldering or thin PCB support process. Soldering process is visible through glass hood for better monitoring purpose. Standard touch panel operation allows changing among Japanese, English, or SPF2-300 Equipped with the new Cross-Nozzle Heating capability is improved, while reducing power consumption. Innovative heating structure delivers: Reduced nitrogen consumption Shortened warm-up time Improved cooling capability (chiller not required) New flux recovery system realizes higher recovery rate and easier maintenance Other highlights: Intelligent-standby mode Reflow profile measuring mode Compatible with the KIC SystemECOREFLOW SNR-825GTThe latest stable pressure flow soldering machine is most suitable for high quality lead-free solderingSMIC Automatic Soldering MachineNitrogen Ambient Reflow Oven for Lead-Free Soldering[ ]Soldering MachineNew Stable Pressure Flow SPF Soldering machineFeaturesFeatures 2013, SMICThe new Cross-Nozzle reduces power & nitrogen consumption while decreasing warm-up time. SNR-GT series contribute to your environmental and energy solutions with powerful functionalities.[ PAT. P ] SPF-300 Standard Specification Dimensions4,340 mm L 1,330mm W 1,560 m m H Board dimensions50 W 100 L mm to 300 W 450 L mm ConveyorAngle setting 5 Variable conveyor width by manual operation ControllerPLC / PC controlled touch panel Weight1,800 kg approx. solder included Conveyor height780mm Power requirement3-phase 200V PreheaterFar infrared rays panel heaters 5kW 4 OptionsUpper preheating unit, Chiller unit, PCB Warp prevention blade, Automatic solder feeding, High wave nozzle Solder bathHeaters : 12, Anti-splash heater 1 Solder M705E, 390Kg Design and specification are subject to change without notice for improvements of system performance. SNR-825GT Standard Specification Dimensions5,300mm L 1,240mm W 1,460mm H PCBWidth 50 to 250mm, Length 100 to 400mm Conveyor height900 20mm PCB process clearanceTop side 20 mm / Bottom side 10 mm Conveyor to m/min. Operation controlPLC / PC control Heat zonesHot air blowers, 8 zones OptionsPCB warp prevention mechanism, automatic conveyor, width adjust, in-out feeder, chiller unit, automatic oxygen concentration control, UPS, top-bottom labyrinth curtain, ECO-mode operation, traceability, conveyor direction made to order Power requirement200VAC, 100A, 3-phase Cooling unitTop and bottom blast cooling, 1 zone Design and specification are subject to change without notice for improvements of system in Japan Headquarters:Senju Hashido-cho 23, Adachi-ku, Tokyo 120-8555, Japan TEL: (81) 3-3888-5151, FAX: (81) 3-3870-3032 Sales Offices:Hanamaki, Akita, Sendai, Kohriyama, Hokuriku, Suwa, Nagoya, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Oita and Miyazaki Plants: Tochigi, Saitama, Tokyo and Hyogo Laboratories: Tochigi, TokyoOverseas AffiliatesEurope Senju Metal Europe GmbH Frankfurt, Germany TEL. (49) 69-2980150 Praha, Czech TEL. (420) 257-289-500 Senju Manufacturing (Europe) Ltd. Bucks, England TEL. (44) 1494-526-000 Senju Metal (Italia) Vicenza, Italy TEL. (39) 0444-380789North & South America Senju America Inc. Great Neck, New York, USA TEL. (1) 516-829-5488 Senju Comtek Corp. Campbell, California, USA TEL. (1) 408-963-5300 Chicago, Illinois, USA TEL. (1) 847-549-5690 San Diego, California, USA TEL. (1) 858-268-2437 Guadalajara, Mexico TEL. (52) 33-3770-2314 Senju Comtek do Brazil Ltda. Campinas, SP, Brazil TEL. (55) 19-3254-2572Asia Senju (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. Selangor, Malaysia TEL. (60) 3-5191 22 27 Senju Trading (M) Sdn. Bhd. Selangor, Malaysia TEL. (60) 3-5191 66 70 Senju (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Bangkok, Thailand TEL. (66) 2-633-8585 Senju Solder (Phils) Inc. Rozario, Cavite, Philippines TEL. (63) 46-437-2720 Senju Metal (Hong Kong) Limited. Kowloon, Hong Kong TEL. (852) 23 76 33 19 Senju Solnet Metal Co., Ltd. Shatin, Hong Kong TEL. (852) 26 82-2235 Senju Metal (Huizhou) Co., Ltd. Huizhou, China TEL. (86) 752-252-2605 Shenzhen, China TEL. (86) 755-2518-1171 Beijing Senju Electronic Materials Co., Ltd. Beijing, China TEL. (86) 10-5924-2990 Dalian, China TEL. (86) 411-8764-9298 Senju Metal (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Shanghai, China TEL. (86) 21-6235-0178 Suzhou, China TEL. (86) 752-252-2605 Senju Metal (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. Tianjin, China TEL. (86) 22-8396-3569 Senju Metal Korea Co., Ltd. Gyeonggi-do, Korea TEL. (82) 31-323-4347 Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Korea Branch Gyeonggi-do, Korea TEL. (82) 31-8005-5557 Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Taiwan Branch Kaohsiung, Taiwan, TEL. (886) 7-3985-201 Senju Metal Industry Co., Ltd. Kaohsiung Branch Kaohsiung, Taiwan, TEL. (886) 7-8152-8782013- 08-WEB AQDPrinted in Japan

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