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Endoscopic CO Regulation Unit OLYMPUS UCR

OLYMPUS UCR Endoscopic CO 2 Regulation Unit Exploiting CO 2’s ability to minimize luminal distension, the UCR features easy operation, a …




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OLYMPUS UCREndoscopic CO2 Regulation UnitExploiting CO2 s ability to minimize luminal distension, the UCR features easy operation, a selectable flow rate, and a compact designMain Features About 150 times faster than conventional air, carbon dioxide s rapid absorption properties keep abdominal distension and related pain to a minimum during the procedure and speed up recovery afterwards. Easy, reliable one-button start/stop operation, pressure display, and timer function to automate CO2 insufflation shutoff. Compact design allows the UCR to fit easily on an endoscopic workstation. Three controlled flow rate settings are available, by using the appropriate corresponding tubing. Tubes are dioxide is absorbed by human tissue about 150 times faster than conventional absorption of CO2 gasRight after insufflation* Sample image demonstrates absorption rate following CO2 insufflation. Individual results may vary. 2 minutes laterWith CO2 insufflationMedical gas pipeline adapter(MAJ-1084, MAJ-1085)Cylinder hose (PIN) (MAJ-1080)Cylinder hose (DIN) (MAJ-1081)Cylinder hose (ISO) (MAJ-1082)Endoscopic CO2 regulation unit (UCR)Gas tube (MAJ-1741)Low flow gas tube (MAJ-1742)Extra low flow gas tube (MAJ-1816)Water container(MAJ-902, MH-970)Endoscope(150 series, EVIS 140 series,EVIS EXERA 145/160 series,EVIS EXERA II 165/180 series, EVIS 240 series,EVIS LUCERA 260 series, OES 40 series)*1*1 Gastrointestinal videoscope/ fiberscope Duodenovideoscope/ fiberscope, Small intestinal videoscope, Colonovideoscope/ fiberscope, Sigmoidovideoscope, Gastrovideoscope are compatible. EVIS Sigmoidovideoscope PCF type S. Some products are not available in some for medicalgas pipelineMedical gaspipeline facilityCO2 gas cylinderSpecif icationsSystem ChartPower requirements DimensionsWeight100 120 V (USA), 100 240 V (Other areas)50/60 Hz40 VAWithin 10%125 (W) 300 (D) 150 (H) mm (housing dimensions) kgVoltage (AC)FrequencyInputVoltage fluctuationApplicable gasAir feeding pressure45 kPaCO2 gas for medical use (Connectable to CO2 cylinder or medical gas pipeline)Maximum pressure feedPrinted in Japan F1288SE-0908

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