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Credit Card Size 3.505 x 2 - Plastic Card Factory

3.505 x 2.335 Bleed With Bleed Credit Card Size 3.375 x 2.125 Actual Trim Size Copyright © 2007- All rights reserved. Credit Card Size Important ! Bleed (orange area ...




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x BleedCredit Card x Actual Trim SizeCopyright 2007- All rights Card Size Important !Bleed (orange area) is the amount of artwork that falls outside of the printing bounding box. Make sure you don't have any important information in this area because 1/4" on all sides will be trimmed off. Due to variances in die cutting, it is not recommended to submit a card design with a "framed border". A Possible slight shift in die cutting will cause the printed frame border to appear off center. The safety area is the space where your layout, design, and content are safe from being cut. When providing print ready artwork, make sure your card design does NOT have rounded : Please remove trim lines (dotted line) from final artwork. Bleed must be included in final print ready artwork. Convert all fonts to more detail information on how to provide professional print ready artwork visit our web site at

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