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4" Min Lap 8" Min Rise. 1” Air Space 8d Nail. 22-Guage Galvanized Corrugated Metal Tie • Every Stud Horizontally • Every 24” Vertically. Brick Veneer




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BRICKCONSTRUCTIONDETAILSe n d i c o t t . c o mT Y P I C A L F O U N D A T I O N D E T A I L SC H I M N E Y C A P D E T A I LT Y P I C A L S E C T I O NA N D F L A S H I N G D E T A I LT Y P I C A L L I N T E L , J A M B A N D S I L L D E T A I L ST Y P I C A L E A V E D E T A I L S2-Hour Fire Rated Brick Veneer Wall AssemblyTypical brick veneer wall assemblies have fire ratings of up to 2 hours. The figure above shows a typical brick veneer wall assembly with a 2-hour fire I R E R E S I S T A N C E4"Min Lap8"MinRise1 Air Space8d Nail22-Guage GalvanizedCorrugated Metal Tie Every Stud Horizontally Every 24 VerticallyBrick VeneerOpen Headjoint Weepholes 24 CentersWick Weepholes 16 Centersor1/2 Cement PargingBituminous Water ProofingWall Base FlashingProject Flashing 1/2 Wood Studs @ 16 Centers HorizontallyGypsum BoardSheathingInsulationWeather Resistant Membrane(15# Building Felt)Sub FloorSole PlateFloor JoistHeaderSill PlateAnchor BoltFull Collar JointFoundation WallBRICKVENEERWALLTYPICAL BRICK MASONRYMORTAR JOINTSW E A T H E R I N G R E G I O N SE n d i c o t t R e c o m m e n d e d W e a t h e r i n g I n d e x e s i n t h e U n i t e d S t a t e sUsed to attach brick veneer to wood frame backupUsed to attach brick veneer to metal studsSame as (b)Used to attach brick veneer to structural steelUsed to attach brick veneer to concrete backupSame as (e)Used to attach brick veneer to masonry backupSame as (g)Severe WeatheringModerate WeatheringNegligible Weathering*Note: Endicott Clay Products does not recommend Struck, Flush, Raked or Extruded mortar joints.****adgbehcfadgbehcfT Y P I C A L T I E S F O R B R I C K V E N E E RE M P I R I C A L H E I G H T L I M I TA T I O N S F O R B R I C K V E N E E R Nominal Thickness of the Brick Veneer, in (mm) Stories Height at Plate, ft (m) Height at Gable, ft (m) 3 (75) 2 20 ( ) 28 ( ) 4 (100) 3 30 ( ) 38 ( )Endicott Clay Products Box 17Fairbury, Nebraska USA 68352402/729-3315 FAX: 402/729-5804Endicott Tile Box 645Fairbury, Nebraska USA 68352402/729-3323 FAX: has been building one success story after another all across the unique clays found only in Jefferson County, Nebraska, make it possible for Endicott to produce a wide variety of face brick, pavers, tile, thin brick and special shapes that are nationally recognized for their quality and aesthetic products are distributed throughout the United States. For literature, samples and the name of your nearest distributor, contact Endicott I N C E 1 9 2 0Try our new Masonry Designer and Virtual Mason now at FURTHER EXPLANATION REGARDING THE INFORMATION IN THIS BROCHURE, REFER TO BIA TECHNICAL NOTES ON BRICK CONSTRUCTION.

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