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Boma HPL Hawaiian pro line - ONSURF

Boma HPL Hawaiian pro line Info LINE :338/3458169 WWW.ONSURF.IT E-mail: Uomoon@gmail.com HPL Modello Prezzo Prezzo Scontato Boom HPL CARBON Wave 135-185cm SUPER ...




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Text of Boma HPL Hawaiian pro line - ONSURF

Boma HPLHawaiian pro lineInfo LINE :338 : HPL CARBON Wave 135-185cmSUPER OFFERTA !549 389,00 Boom HPL CARBON Freeride 150-200cm549 499,00 Boom HPL CARBON Slalom 170-230cm615 559,00 Boom HPL CARBON Giant Slalom 190-250cm648 589,00 Boom HPL CARBON Race 215-275cm769 699,00 Boom HPL CARBON Race 245-305cm835 759,00 Boom HPL Hybrid CARBON Race 215-275cm549 499,00

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