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At the Restaurant - ESL Galaxy

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At the Restaurant - Ordering Food 1. you order Are ready? to ________________________________________ ____________ 2. soup I'd like a. Yes. onion small ________________________________________ ____________ 3. also the want sandwich I. chicken ________________________________________ ___________ 4. Do with sandwich drink want your? to something you ________________________________________ ____________ 5. tea, Yes. like I'd please some. ________________________________________ ___________ 6. you What for? I get can ________________________________________ ____________ 7. I'd like of bottle coke a large. ________________________________________ _____________ 8. coffee a. large and salad like I'd a ________________________________________ _____________ 9. cream or like Would? you cake ice ________________________________________ ____________ 10. a salad want you French or? fries Do ________________________________________ ________________________________________ ___ Answer: 1. ready Are you order? to 2. I'd like a soup. Yes. small onion 3. the want I also sandwich. chicken 4. want Do your with drink sandwich? you to something 5. tea, Yes. some like I'd please. 6. What for you? get can I 7. like large a of bottle I' d coke. 8. a coffee. and a I'd large like salad 9. like Would or cream? cake ice you 10. French you or want a salad? Do fries

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