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Area-Velocity Flow Meter - Greyline Instruments Inc.

Area-Velocity Flow Meter for Open Channels and Pipes - No Flume or Weir Required Area-Velocity Flow Meter Model AVFM 5.0 Display, Transmit and Totalize Flow




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Text of Area-Velocity Flow Meter - Greyline Instruments Inc.

Area-Velocity Flow Meterfor Open Channels and Pipes - No Flume or Weir RequiredArea-VelocityFlow MeterModel AVFM , Transmitand Totalize Flows andin Open ChannelPipesSimple -key Calibration5Three 4-20mA OutputsTwo Control RelaysMeasures Reverse FlowWorks in Irregular Channel ShapesArea-Velocity Flow MeterSubmersible Ultrasonic SensorMonitor flow through open channels, partially full sewer pipes andsurcharged pipesa flume or weir. Ideal for municipalwithoutstormwater, combined effluent, raw sewage and irrigation AVFM uses a submerged ultrasonic sensor to continuouslymeasure both Velocity and Level in the channel. The sensorresists fouling corrosion. The flowmeter can be,and abrasionconfigured with the standard submerged velocity-level sensor, orwith submerged velocity plus a separate non-contacting ultrasoniclevel flowrate and total flow on the large backlit LCD display andconnect to external devices with three 4-20mA outputs and twocontrol Velocity + Level to Monitor Flowwith an Ultrasonic SensorEasy to UseThe AVFM Area-Velocity FlowMeter measures bothandLevelVelocity to calculate flow in an openchannel or pipe. Calibration is simple:enter the pipe diameter or channeldimensions and the AVFM computes and displaysflow ultrasonic sensor mounts inside the pipe orthe bottom of a channelonwith a stainless steel mountingbracket (included) and a single screw into the bottom of the pipe or channel. No special compounds, tools orhardware are required. The sensor is completely sealed withorifices or ConditionsPipe orCareful selection of sensor mounting location results in best performance and maintenance-free operation. Avoid locationswhere sediment builds possible accuracy will result when tis notand where velocity is evenly distributed across thehe waterhighly or directionThe channel should not havechanges immediately upstream of the sensor mounting or channel slope should not exceed 3%.The AVFM can measure forward flow velocity up to 20 ft/sec (6 m/sec) and reverse flow up to 5 ft/sec ( m/sec). Theelectronics and software sample and averageto providereadings. Theflow rates continuouslystablesubmergedvelocity/leve l sensor will measure flow in partially full and surcharged pipes with pressure up to 10 psi. No special set-upor adjustment is required. Minimum recommended pipe diameter is 6 (150 mm).Alternate Sensor ConfigurationsThe standard sensor measures both velocity and level with a singlesubmerged probe. It is installedthe pipe or channel floor withinthestainless steel mounting bracket (supplied), or mounted with anoptional stainless steel band for round pipes modelsare available for special applications: a separate non-contactingultrasonic level sensor with a submerged velocity sensor can be extended up to 500 ft (150 m).Custom Channel ShapesCalibrate the AVFM for installation in irregular or compound channel shapesby entering the channel width at multiple level points through a simple of virtually any shape can e monitored with your choice ofbmeasurement 2-Million Point Data LoggerChoose the built-in data logger option if you want the AVFM to store time and date-stamped flow values at 10 second to 60 minute intervals. Daily flow reports areautomatically created where total, minimum, maximum and average flow rates aredisplayed on the LCD display. Transfer log files to any USB flash drive just by connectingto the logger's USB output. Windows software is included to display log files in graph andtable formats, change measurement units and generate flow reports. Export data to tographic or text file formats, or directly to Microsoft Flow Monitor forPartially Filled Pipes & Open ChannelsLEVELLOW PROFILENON-CONTACTINGULTRASONICSENSORFLO WVELOCITYSubmerged SensorMeasures Level And VelocityAVFM / 188 mm" / 164 mm" " / 278 mm10 / 254 mm"CONDUIT ENTRYLOCATIONSIDE / 130 mm"AVFM MeterGeneral SpecificationsChannel Types:Electronics Enclosure:Accuracy:Display:Programming:P ower Input:Outputs:Control Relays:Electrical Surge Protection:Operating Temp. (electronics):Approximate Shipping Weight:QZSensor02LVelocity Measurement Range:Level Measurement Range:Operating Temperature:Exposed Materials:Sensor Cable:Sensor Mounting:Temperature Compensation:OptionsData Logging:Sensor Cable:Sensor Cable Junction Box:Power Input:Enclosure Heater:Intrinsic Safety Barriers:Sensors:Sensor Mounting Area-Velocity Flow MonitorAVFMRound pipe, Rectangular, trapezoid egg,or custom shapesWatertight and dust tight NEMA4X (IP 66) polycarbonate with clear, shatterproof coverLevel: of Range. Velocity: 2% of Reading. Repeatability and Linearity: , backlit matrix - displays flow rate, totalizer, relay states, operating mode andcalibration menubuilt-in 5-key calibrator with English, French or Spanish language selection100-240VAC 50-60Hz (see Options), Watts maximum (with standard features)3Level andor 0-5VDC by menu selectionIsolated 4-20mA, 1000 ohm, (Flow,Velocity)2 Relays, form 'C' dry contacts rated 5 amp SPDT; programmable for flow proportionalpulse (sampler/totalizer), flow and/or level alarmSensor, 4-20mAand AC power inputoutputs-5 to 140 F (-20 to 60 C)10 lbs. ( kg) to 20 ft/sec ( to m/sec) and reverse flow to -5 ft/sec ( m/sec) in fluidscontaining bubbles or solids with a minimum size of 100 microns and a minimumconcentration of 75 ppm to act as acoustic reflectorsMinimum Head: 1 in ( mm). Maximum Head: 15 ft. ( m)5 to 150 F (-15 to 65 C)PVC, epoxy resin, polyurethane25 ft. ( m) submersible polyurethane jacket, shielded, 3-coaxialincludes MB-QZ stainless steel mounting bracketAutomatic, continuousProgrammable 2-million point data capacity, time and date stamped plus formatted flowreports including Total, Average, Minimum, Maximum and times of occurrence. IncludesUSB output to Flash Drives and Windows software50 ft. (15 m)submersible, continuous from Sensor - or splice up toor 100 ft. (30 m)totaloflength500 ft (150 m)Watertight NEMA4 steel with connection terminal strip9-3 VDC (2. W min., 6. W max.)255Thermostatically controlled - recommended for temperatures below 32 F (0 C)For Sensor mounting in Class I,II,III, Div. I,II, Groups C,D,E,F,G hazardous locationsSeparate non-contacting ultrasonic level sensor andvelocity sensorsubmergedStainless steel sensor mounting bands for pipes 6 to (150 tomm) diameter721800QVELOCITY/LEVEL SENSORZ02L4." " "16 mmSIDE VIEW25 ft / mcable " mmContact a Greyline sales representative in your area or phone one of our salesengineers. Describe your requirements and receive our prompt advantage of Greyline's applications experience. Phone 1-888-473-9546 foradvice and information on applications, installation or service for Greyline Greyline AVFM 5 Area-Velocity Flow Meter must meet your your application with a Greyline representative to arrange trialQuality of Materials and Workmanship - Each instrument manufactured by Greyline iswarranted against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one year fromdate of purchase. Refer to our limited warranty included with each to OrderApplications SupportNo Risk AppraisalThe Greyline GuaranteeRELIABLE MEASUREMENT AND CONTROLCanada: 16456 Sixsmith Dr., Long Sault, Ont. K0C 1P0Tel: 613-938-8956 / 888-473-9546 Fax: 613-938-4857USA:105 Water Street, Massena NY 13662Tel: 315-788-9500 / 888-473-9546 Fax: 315-764-0419Internet: E-mail: Area-Velocity Flow MeterwMeasure flow in ipes and open channels ofpany shapewIdeal where lumes or eirs are difficult tofwinstallwWorks with water level1" ( mm) tofrom15 ft ( m)wAuto-detects field installation of options includingdata logger and control relaysThe AVFM Area-Velocity Flow Meter includes a submerged ultrasonicsensor that is installed at the bottom of an open pipe or channel. Exposedmaterials are plastic so the sensor resists fouling and corrosion. It has nomoving parts and no orifices, ports or AVFM displays and totalizes flow. It includes t4-20mA outputshree(Flow, LevelVelocity), pluscontrol relays for level alarms or flowandtwoproportionate pulse output for samplers and chlorinators. It is easy tocalibrate with the built-in keypad and menu system. A built-in 2-million pointdata logger withoutput is optional. Intrinsic Safety Barriers for sensorUSBand cable installation in hazardous rated channels is also Open Channel Flow MonitorMeasures Velocity + Level to calculate FlowRecommended for:]Sewer Flow Monitoringand Reporting]Industrial Effluent]Stormwater Monitoring]Natural Streams]Irrigation Water

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