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ADI Electromagnetic Flow Meter Solutions System Theory and Typical Architecture of Industrial . Electromagnetic Flow Meters. The operating principle of the ...




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ADI Electromagnetic Flow Meter SolutionsSystem Theory and Typical Architecture of Industrial Electromagnetic Flow MetersThe operating principle of the electromagnetic flow meter is based on Faraday s law of electromagnetic induction. When the magnetic field direction perpendicular to the conductor cutting magnetic line is speed V, both ends of the conductor will be induced by a certain force E, and the liquid flow rate change can be calculated by detecting the value of the features of electromagnetic flow meters are no pressure loss and no impact from viscosity, fluid density, temperature, pressure, or conductivity, making it suitable for measuring pulp, slurry, and sewage with high electromagnetic flow meter system consists of power supplies, magnetic excitation, signal conditioning, analog-to-digital conversion, processor, display, keyboards, logic I/Os, and multiple communications like 4 mA to 20 mA, HART, Profibus, RS-485/RS-422/RS-232, Modbus, and Design Considerations and Major Challenges of IndustrialElectromagnetic Flow MetersTo appropriately design an electromagnetic flow meter system, designers must consider many different system requirements, including accuracy, bandwidth, and magnetic excitation site temperature environments are quite complex and sometimes even extremely adverse. Low temperature drift coefficient and low power consumption are very important for electromagnetic flow meters to withstand a wide working temperature range. ADI offers a complete portfolio such as precision amplifiers, precision references, precision analog-to-digital converters, and ARM core , EMC interference immunity, such as for ESD, EFT and surge, is a big challenge for electromagnetic flow meters. The high level ESD immunity components offered by ADI greatly help to improve its reliability and addition, the limited space inside electromagnetic flow meters requires dense systems. Therefore, the form factor has to be reduced to accommodate this. Recently, advances in integration have allowed system designers to migrate to smaller, lower power, lower cost solutions, with performance approaching that of larger systems. The challenge moving forward is to continue to drive the integration of these solutions while increasing their performance and diagnostic offers market tailored solutions to aid in the design process. These solutions feature our industry-leading technologies and offer a range of design options: from implementation of discrete components to fully integrated solutions and everything in Solutions from ADILeverage ADI amplifier, data conversion, signal processing, communications, and power technology and expertise to design high resolution, low noise industrial electromagnetic flow meter = K B V DK is instrument constantB is magnetic flex densityV is average fluid velocity across the pipeD is diameter of measurement (V)MAGNETIC FLEX DENSITY (B)EMF (E) Electromagnetic flow meter sensor output ranges can be as small as several tens of V with a certain common voltage. The output impedance is often higher than the M range. The front-end precision operational amplifier or instrumentation amplifier requires ultrahigh input impedance, very low leakage current, and excellent CMRR. Electromagnetic flow meter product maximum measurement range can be as wide as 1500:1, and the range for corresponding flow rate is m/s to 15 m/s. Measurement accuracy can be as high as of reading, which often requires a 16-bit to 24-bit analog-to-digital converter. Connectivity to different fieldbus protocols, such as HART, Profibus, Modbus, Foundation, RS-485/RS-422/RS-232, and wireless HART. Isolation needed between system power supply, central logic unit, communication, and I/Os. Isolation grade varies from 1 kV to kV. Portable electromagnetic flow meters require ultralow power MCU, amp, and ADC components. Higher frequency square wave excitation improves the flow of mud and noise immunity, but needs to be balanced with zero Signal ChainMain Product IntroductionTEMPERATUREMEASUREEMF SIGNALHMI4mA TO 20mAAC-TO-DC 110V/220VINTERFACESisoPOWERISOLATIONiCOU PLERISOLATIONISOLATEDDC-TO-DCPROFIBUSI/O RS-485/RS-422WIRELESSKEYBOARDSDISPLAYCOM MPOWERAC-TO-DCANALOG PROCESS POWERPROCESSORMCUAMPOPTIONALAUXADCAMPAMP MUXMAINADCREFLDODC-TO-DCDACEXCITATIONPOW ERGATE DRIVERPart NumberDescriptionKey FeaturesBenefitsADCAD7663 16-bit, 250 kSPS CMOS ADC35 mW @ 5 V, 16-bit no missing code, INL = 3 LSB, S/(N + D): 90 dB type @ 100 kHzFast throughput, serial or parallel interface AD7685 16-bit, 250 kSPS PulSAR ADC16-bit 250 kSPS no missing code, INL = 2 LSB max,4 mW @ 5 V/100 kSPSLow power, internal conversion clock, high throughput rate AD7682 16-bit, 4-channels, 250 kSPS, PulSAR ADC16-bit 250 kSPS no missing code, INL = LSB max, mW @ 5 V/250 kSPSUnipolar single-ended and differential, low power, single power with bipolar input, competitive price AD7192 24-bit 2 differential/4 pseudo channels, - ADC with kHz, ultralow noise, rms noise: 11 nV @ Hz (gain = 128), noise-free bits @ kHz (gain = 128), differential inputsUltralow noise, internal PGA, high precision - ADC Main ADC/Aux ADCAD7792/AD7793/AD7794/AD779516-bit to 24-bit, 3 differential to 6 differential channels, - ADC with Hz to 470 Hz, embedded 2 switchable current sources, reference, PGA, low noiseLow power consumption and designed for RTD/thermocouple temperature measureProcessor/MCUADUC7060Analog microcontroller (ARM7TDMI core)24-bit, 8 kSPS - ADC up to 10 ADC channels; 1-channel 14-bit voltage DAC outputs; 16-bit, 6-channel PWM; on-chip voltage reference, 10 ppm/ C and temperature sensor; programmable sensor excitation current sources, 200 A to 2 mA; up to 14 GPIO pinsHigh resolution, low power, and abundant resources 2 | ADI Electromagnetic Flow Meter SolutionsNote: The signal chain above is representative of a typical EM flow meter system. The technical requirements of the blocks vary, but the products listed in the table are representative ADI's solutions that meet some of those Product Introduction (continued)Part NumberDescriptionKey FeaturesBenefitsAMPAD8622Low power and precision op ampBandwidth = 540 kHz; VNOISE density= 11 nV/ Hz ; IB = 45 pA; ISY = 350 AVery low noise and low leakage current AD8667Low noise op ampBandwidth = 520 kHz; VNOISE density = 21 nV/ Hz ; IB = pA; ISY = 355 AExtremely low leakage current, battery po wered ADA4051-1Micropower and au to-zero op ampBandwidth = 125 kHz; VNOISE density = 95 nV/ Hz ; IB = 20 pA; ISY = 20 APerfect buffer for battery supply, co mpetitive price AD8220Instrumentation amplifierBandwidth = MHz; VOS= 1 mV; VNOISE density = 90 nV/ Hz ; IB= 25 pA; gain control interface = resistorNew generation for replacing classic AD620AD8226Instrumentation amplifierBandwidth = MHz; VOS = mV; VNOISE density = 2 V/ Hz ; IB= 27 nA; gain control interface = resistorGood performance and competitive priceAD8228Instrumentation amplifierBandwidth = 650 kHz; VOS= 50 V; VNOISE density = 15 nV/ Hz ; IB= 600 pA; gain control interface = pin strapExcellent temperature drift and low noiseAD8231Instrumentation amplifierBandwidth = MHz; VOS= 15 V; VNOISE density = 66 nV/ Hz ; IB= 500 pA; gain control interface = digitalDigital gain control with low offset voltageAD8276Difference amplifierWide input range beyond supplies; bandwidth: 550 kHz; low offset voltage drift: 2 V/ C maximum; low gain drift: 1 ppm/ C maximumLow cost solution for current source and RTD measurementDACAD5410/AD5420Current source DAC12-bit/16-bit resolution; 0 mA to 24 mA 0. 01% FSR TUE; 3 ppm/ C typical output drift; on-chip reference (10 ppm/ C maximum)Universal output DAC, supports HART co mmunicationAD5421Current source DAC16-bit resolution; mA to 24 mA; NAMUR-compliant alarm; TUE error: maximum; on-chip reference TC: 4 ppm/ C maximum, loop voltage range: V to 52 VLoop powered universal output DAC, supports HARTAD5660nanoDAC Single 16-bit, 5 ppm/ C on-chip reference; tiny 8-lead SOT-23/MSOP packagesTiny package and high performanceREFADR34xxVoltage referencesInitial accuracy: 0. 1% (maximum) maximum temperature coefficient: 8 ppm/ CSink low quiescent current: 100 A (maximum), low dropout voltageADR44xVoltage referencesIn itial accuracy: 0. 04% (maximum), temperature coefficient: 3 ppm/ C; voltage noise: V p-p type in Hz to 10 HzUltralow noise, high initial accuracy, and pe rfect temp drift Gate DriverADuM322xIsolated gate driverDual-channel isolated, kV rms; 4 A peak output current, V to 18 V output drive, output shoot-through logic protection; dc to 1 MHzOutput shoot-through logic protection, enhanced system-level ESD performanceADuM7234Isolated gate dr iverDual-channel isolated, 1 kV rms; 4 A peak output current, high frequency operation: 1 MHz maximum, narrow-body, 16-lead SOIC, 1 kV rms input-to-output withstand voltage1 kV rms input-to-output withstand voltage with competitive priceIsolatorADuM320xDual channel Digital kV rms; low power operation, 3 V/5 V level translation; high data rate: dc to 25 Mbps (NRZ) enhanced system-level ESD performance per IEC 61000-4-xDual dc-to-25 Mbps (NRZ) signal isolation channels, low power operationADuM140xQuad channel di gital kV rms; low power operation, 3 V/5 V level translation; high data rate: dc to 90 Mbps (NRZ), output enable functionHigh data rate: dc to 90 Mbps (NRZ), low power operationADuM744xQuad channel di gital isolators1 kV rms isolation rating, low power operation; bidirectional communication, up to 25 Mbps data rate (NRZ),3 V/5 V level translationLow power operation and competitive priceInterfaceADM2587EIsolated RS-485/RS-422 Half or full duplex, 500 kbps, 5 V or V operationIntegrated isolated dc-to-dc 15 kV ESD ADM2483Isolated RS-485 transceiverHalf-duplex, 500 kbps data rate, 5 V or 3 V operations (VDD1), low power operation: mA max, kV isolationLow power operation and competitive priceWirelessADF7023ISM bandFSK/GFSK /OOK /MSK /GMSK transceiver ICFrequency bands: 862 MHz to 928 MHz, 431 MHz to 464 MHz; ultralow power; ISM band, data rates supported, 1 kbps to 300 Kbps, single-ended and differential PAsISM band, data rate: 1 kbps to 300 kbps, very low power consumptionMUXADG1408Multiplexers4-chann el/8-channel, 15 V supply; maximum on resistance, up to 190 mA continuous current, rail-to-rail operationFully specified at 15 V/+12 V/ 5 VADG5408MultiplexersLatch-up proof construction, 4-channel/8-channel; 8 kV ESD rating, low on resistance(1 typical), Fully specified at 15 V, 20 V, +12 V, and +36 V, high switching speed, break-before-make switching action | 3Main Product Introduction (continued)PartNumberDescriptionKey FeaturesBenefitsPowerADP2300/ADP2301DC-t o-DC regulatorSingle nonsynchronous step-down dc-to-dc converter, A output, MHz frequency, input voltage range from V to 20 VSmall SOT23-6 package, few peripheral components, and small solution sizeADP1720Linear regulatorWide input voltage range: 4 V to 28 V, max output current: 50 mA, accuracy over line, load, and temperature: 2%, fixed V and V output voltage optionsWide input voltage range: 4 V to 28 VADP1612/ADP1613DC-to-DC regulatorVoltage input: V to V, output voltage: VIN to 20 V. pin-selectable 650 kHz or MHz PWM frequencyBoost dc-to-dcADP125Linear V input, 500 mA maximum output current, 1% initial accuracy, up to 31 fixed-output voltage options available from V to V; low quiescent current: 45 AExcellent load/line transient responseCircuits from the Lab Reference Circuits for Electromagnetic Flow Meter Solutions Complete High Speed, High CMRR Precision Analog Front End for Process Control (CN0213) 4 mA-to-20 mA Loop-Powered Temperature Monitor Using the ADuC7060/ADuC7061 Precision Analog Microcontroller (CN0145) Simplified 16-Bit, 4 mA-to-20 mA Output Solution Using the AD5420 (CN0098) 16-Bit Fully Isolated Output Module Using the AD5422 Single Chip Voltage and Current Output DAC and the ADuM1401 Digital Isolator (CN0065) Fully Isolated Input Module Based on the AD7793 24-Bit - ADC and the ADuM5401 Digital Isolator (CN0066) ADI Can Provide to Customers ADC ADIsimADC; - ADC register configuration assistant DAC ADIsimDAC AMP ADIsimOpAmp, ADIsimDiffAmp Power EVB and ADIsimPower Processor EVB emulation tools and some software 2011 Analog Devices, Inc. All rights reserved. Trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective Interaction Center Sample

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